Where to watch PSL 2021 Live on US TV

PSL Live in US TVPakistan Super League is the major domestic T20 competition of Pakistan, arranged by PCB. Due to the sponsorship reason, the tournament also known as HBL PSL. After being established in 2015, the competition has gained much attraction from the cricket lovers across the globe. It has also got so many followers from the North American region, specially from the immigrant Pakistanis who are currently living in US and Canada. Keeping the 6th edition of this competition on sight, we will give you the crucial info about where to and how to watch PSL actions live on TV in North American region.

Where to Watch HBL PSL 2021 Matches Live on TV in US and Canada?

Americans have got plenty of sporting networks broadcasting various sports all 7 days in a week. But unfortunately in case of cricket, the number of option is very few. Willow TV network is the only television network that provides cricketing actions all 24 hours a day and all 7 days in a week. Thus it is the broadcasting home to the most of the international as well as domestic cricket competitions in US.

Willow TV network holds the televising right of HBL PSL fixtures live in United States. The cricket specialty service acquired the right in 2018 replacing Yupp TV and airs all the PSL fixtures live through Willow Cricket or Willow Xtra. The network also currently holds the broadcasting right of the PSL within Canada. Canadian viewers can enjoy the live PSL actions through Willow Canada who gained the right back in 2019 by replacing Sportsnet.

How Can I Catch the PSL Actions Live Via Online Streaming in United States?

Cricketgateway had the online broadcasting contract which has later been provoked. If the contract hadn’t been cancelled, they would have enjoyed the right in many parts of the world including US and Canada. However, with that agreement being dismissed, viewers in USA can catch the live PSL actions through online streaming via Willow’s online streaming platform Willow Premium. The service has a monthly subscription fee of 9.99 US Dollar. In addition to this, users can also purchase it on yearly basis by paying 60 USD for 12 months service. Willow TV network is also available through various Internet Protocol television providers. Fans can watch the channels through those sources as well.

Willow TV Providers:

Viewers in America can watch Willow TV network through various satellite and cable TV providers as well as IPTV. The sources are mentioned below:

Source Name Packages and Channel Number  Source Type
Sling TV Hindi, Tamil, Urdu, Bangla, Telugu Package IPTV
Optimum TV Optimum TV Sports and Hindi Package, Channel Number 1171. Cable TV
Verizon FiOS Sports Pass. Channel Number 806. Cable TV
Google Fiber Premium and Sports Package. Channel Number 244. IPTV
Spectrum Spectrum TV Gold Package. Cable TV
Prism TV SD Version Channel Number 668. HD Version Channel Number 1668. IPTV
Dish Network Willow Channel SD/HD Auto Channel Number 712, HD Version Channel Number 9997. Willow Xtra Channel Number 772. Satellite TV
Altice One Channel Number 239 and 1171. Cable TV
Xfinity Available. Cable TV

When to Watch the PSL Matches Live in United States?

Pakistan Super League features 34 matches in an entire season. Among them 30 matches are played in the double round robin stage where all the 6 sides face other 5 opponents in turn and they meet each other twice. After the end of the double round robin stage 4 top of the table sides qualify for the Qualifier and Eliminators which are followed by the final. Previously the tournament used to be held in United Arab Emirates due to security issue but since the 2020 edition it is taking place entirely in Pakistan.

Generally a game day features two games where the day game starts at 2 or 3 pm local time. Then the night game usually have a starting time of 7 or 8 pm local time. Thus the viewers in US and Canada can watch the day games during late night or dawn meanwhile the night games of the PSL will be available live in North American region during their mornings. The upcoming edition of the PSL has been scheduled to be played during February and March, 2021. However, the fixture hasn’t been finalized yet.

PSL Matches Time Chart in North American Region:

Round Date Match Start Time (USA)
Double Round Robin Late February – Mid March (TBD) 4 am or 5 am ET (Late Night or Dawn)
9 am or 10 am ET (Morning)
Qualifier Late March (TBD) 9 am or 10 am ET (Morning)
Eliminator 1 Late March (TBD) 9 am or 10 am ET (Morning)
Eliminator 2 Late March (TBD) 9 am or 10 am ET (Morning)
Final Late March (TBD) 9 am or 10 am ET (Morning)


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