Where to watch MLB 2021 Live on US TV

MLB Live on TVBaseball is a very much popular American sports and Major League Baseball the biggest platform of the game is one of the top 5 mostly watched sporting competition in the United States. Reports suggest that, as per 2019, more than 68 million fans attended the Major League Baseball games meanwhile an average of 237 thousand fans watched the New York Yankees games. There are nearly 170 million fans who would call themselves MLB fan. In this article we will discuss about the ways of watching MLB actions live on television and via online streaming in United States and Canada.

Which Channels to Follow to Enjoy the MLB Matches Live on US TV?

Major League Baseball matches are broadcast through plenty of national television broadcasting networks within US. Popular sporting networks ESPN, FOX Sports, FS1, TBS as well as MLB Network, all these channels broadcast many of the fixtures live nationwide on different timeslots.


The latest deal between ESPN and MLB will see the number one sporting network in the planet paying approximately 700 million US Dollar to the authority. The deal took place on August, 2012 and will last 8 years. The network broadcasts opening day and exclusive coverage of Sunday night, Monday night as well as Wednesday night games. It also provides occasional broadcasts on various holidays such as Memorial Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. It also enjoys airing any end of season tiebreaking game as well as one Wild Card Game.


The FOX Sports network made a deal of paying around $500 million a year, making the contract worth 4 billion US Dollar for 8 years, lasting through to 2021 season. However, the company extended the right up to 2028 which was to be ended after 2021. The popular terrestrial network televise 12 Saturday afternoon games, All Star game as well as World Series.


The all sports channel of the FOX network, will provide you live broadcasting of 40 Saturday afternoon fixtures, two Division Series along with 1 League Championship Series.

MLB Network:

The baseball specialty network holds the broadcasting right of Thursday night encounters since 2009. It will deliver 26 non-exclusive MLB Network Showcase matches along with 2 Division Series per campaign. It also simulcast various other fixtures from local broadcasters.


Just like FOX, Turner Broadcasting System also agreed the long term 8 years deal back in September, 2012, which guaranteed them the broadcasting right up to 2021 in exchange of 2.8 billion USD for 8 years averaging more than 300 million per annum. During September, 2020, the company also renewed the contract to extend their right through to 2028. TBS air the Sunday afternoon clashes. Their post season coverage consists of 1 Wild Card Game and 2 Division Series along with one League Championship Series. The network enjoys specialty in case of the latest mentioned post season coverage as FOX doesn’t have the right to air this one.

Chart of MLB Broadcasting TV Channels in United States:

Broadcasting Network or TV Channel Time Slot Description
ESPN Network (ESPN, ESPN2) Sunday Night, Monday Night, Wednesday Night Opening Day, Exclusive Coverage of the Mentioned Time Slots, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Home Run Derby, Potential Tiebreaking Games, 1 Wild card Game.
FOX Sports Saturday Afternoon, Saturday Night 12 Saturday afternoon games, All Star game, World Series.
FOX Sports 1 Saturday Afternoon 40 Saturday afternoon fixtures, 2 Division Series, 1 League Championship Series.
TBS Sunday Afternoon, Tuesday Night Primetime (Since 2022) Mentioned Time Slot Games, 1 Wild Card Game, 2 Division Series, 1 League Championship Series.
MLB Network Thursday Night 26 non-exclusive  MLB Network Showcase matches, 2 Division Series, Simulcast Games from Local Networks.

How Can I Stream MLB Games Live Via Online Streaming in US?

Although plenty of actions are available live on US TV, viewers can catch those games through various online streaming sources. This options are ideal for the ones who love to watch games on mobile or other devices rather than TV and loves to have flexibility. Various sources YouTube TV, Sling, Hulu+ Live, AT&T TV give access to the MLB broadcasting networks and you can watch the games live through those sources by purchasing their packages.

Apart from these, the out of market MLB games are also available via MLB.tv, an American subscription based audio and video service. Subscribers can purchase “MLB.tv All Team” package by paying 121.99 USD an catch the entire actions of 162 match season of all the MLB teams. However, due to the shortened season in 2020 because of Corona virus pandemic, the service only cost 59.99 USD this season. In addition to this, “MLB.tv Single Team” package which delivers the actions, stats and live DVR control of a particular MLB side, charged only 49.99 US Dollar for shortened 60 games season in 2020 (generally 93.99 USD for Full Season). Currently the popular streaming platform is offering monthly Off-season package for 24.99 US Dollar. By purchasing you can watch every game (full game archive) on demand, of the 2020 season.

Major League Baseball Online Streaming Platforms List in America:

Online Streaming Platform or Service Available Matches Cost
YouTube TV All the Nationally Broadcast Matches Via ESPN, FS1, TBS and MLB Network. Monthly Subscription Fee 64.99 US Dollar.
Sling All the Nationally Televised Matches Via ESPN, FS1, TBS and MLB Network. Sling Orange or Sling Blue Standalone package 30 USD per month or combined 45 USD. Add on “Sports Extra” for $10 more.
AT&T TV Now All the Nationally Aired Matches Via ESPN, FS1, TBS and MLB Network. Package starts from 59.99 US Dollar per month.
Hulu+ Live TV Nationally Broadcast Games Via ESPN, FS1 and TBS. Monthly Subscription Fee 54.99 US Dollar.
MLB.tv All Team Live Games and Highlights of All the MLB Teams. 162 Game Season Subscription Fee 121.99 USD. For the 60 Game Shortened Season in 2020, it costs 59.99 USD.
MLB.tv Single Team Live Games and Highlights of Particular MLB Teams. 162 Game Season Subscription Fee 93.99 USD. For the 60 Game Shortened Season in 2020, it costs 49.99 USD.
MLB.tv Offseason Package Full Match Archive of any On Demand Game of 2020 Season. Monthly Subscription Fee is 24.99 US Dollar for complete on demand highlight of 2020 season.

Where to Enjoy the MLB Games Live on Canadian TV?

Major League Baseball is pretty much popular in Canada as well and attracts quite a large number of viewers from the US neighbor. Canadian watchers can catch the MLB actions live through various television networks. The games are available both in English as well as French language.

English Language Broadcasting:

Sportsnet holds the national broadcasting right of MLB games in Canada. The owner company of Sportsnet, Rogers, are also the owner of Toronto Blue Jays, the only Canadian representative side in the MLB. Thus the network delivers all the Blue Jay games as well as related programs throughout the campaign. It also televises, FOX Saturday Baseball, the All Star Game as well as the post season through MLB International, FOX and TBS. Apart from these, the network also provides the simulcast of other MLB games from US regional sporting networks. However, the actions are available in English language through Sportsnet and it’s sister channels Sportsnet One and Sportsnet 360.

TSN the number one sports specialty network in Canada, also televises select MLB games live in English language. Previously, they used to air 25 Toronto Blue Jay games per season. But in 2010, they traded those games with Sportsnet and started televising ESPN’s Sunday Night Baseball via TSN2. However, in 2014 another deal happened which saw The Sports Network airing all the Baseball programs of ESPN as they got the license to broadcast the Monday Night Baseball and Wednesday Night Baseball as well since that year.

French Language Broadcasting:

TVA Sports the French language partner of Sportsnet generally broadcasts the select Blue Jay matches along with other US based sides’ select matches in French language within Canadian territory. They share the same number of French version post season games with RDS.

RDS also airs the MLB games live in French language inside Canada. The number one French specialty network in the country, provides the French version coverage of the ESPN’s MLB broadcasting games. The viewers can watch Sunday Night Baseball, Monday Night Baseball as well as Wednesday Night Baseball actions via this network. As we have mentioned earlier, RDS shares the very same number of French version post season games with TVA Sports. Apart from these, the network also airs the World Series as well.

MLB Broadcasting TV Networks Chart For Canadian Viewers:

Broadcasting Networks Available Actions Broadcasting Language
Sportsnet, Sportsnet One, Sportsnet 360 All the Toronto Blue Jay Games and Related Programs, FOX Saturday Baseball, All Star Game, Post season, Simulcast Other Games from US regional networks. English
TVA Sports Select Toronto Blue Jay Matches, Select Matches of other US based MLB sides, 50% French Version coverage of Post season. French
TSN, TSN2 Sunday Night Baseball, Monday Night Baseball, Wednesday Night Baseball. English
RDS, RDS2 Sunday Night Baseball, Monday Night Baseball, Wednesday Night Baseball, 50% French Version coverage of Post season, World Series. French

Ways to Watch the MLB Games Live Via Online Streaming in Canada:

Even if you don’t have cable or satellite TV subscription, you still can catch the MLB actions live and on demand through various online streaming platforms. Viewers can enjoy the actions through the following sources or platforms.

DAZN Canada:

The popular sporting streaming platform in Canada, started containing MLB network since 2018. As you know, MLB network is the baseball specialty network that televises baseball actions or programs all 24 hours in a day and all 7 days in a week. Viewers can watch the highlights of all 30 MLB sides as well as 1 live game per match day through MLB Network via DAZN Canada. The service also offers 30 days free trial to the potential new subscribers. One can purchase the service on monthly or annual basis by paying 20 Canadian Dollar per Month or 150 Canadian Dollar for 12 months service. And yes, the service also guarantees you plenty more actions from various sports live and on demand.

Sportsnet NOW:

the online streaming platform of Sportsnet is perhaps the best platform to enjoy MLB games live via online streaming in Canada. The service is free for the ones who have TV subscription to Sportsnet networks. However, users also can purchase their online service even if they don’t have the TV subscription. The service has two sections: SN NOW as well as SN NOW+. Viewers can enjoy the Toronto Blue Jay Games along with more than 150 other MLB fixtures through both of these services. Apart from these, you can also watch the All Star Game, the post season as well as the World Series via both SN NOW and SN NOW+.

SN NOW has a monthly subscription fee of 19.99 CAD. On the contrary, SN NOW+ provides more sing up options. Users can purchase either the weekly, monthly or annual plan. Their 7 days weekly pass costs 9.99 CAD while the monthly plan will make you pay 27.99 CAD. But you can enjoy the cheapest rate if you purchase the annual plan by paying 249.99 CAD, in an average of 20.83 CAD per month.


This platform gives access to every out of market team games except Toronto Blue Jays inside Canada. In fact, the Blue Jay matches are subject to black out within Canada due to national television broadcasting rules. Generally, the service has a subscription fee of 121.99 USD for 162 games seasons. But in 2020, the shortened season pass costs 59.99 USD. The games are available one HD and 60fps. Apart from these, the service also provides 7 days free trial to the potential new customers.

Chart of MLB Online Streaming Options in Canada:

Online Streaming Platform or Service Cost Facility
DAZN Canada Monthly Subscription Fee 20 CAD, Yearly Subscription Fee 150 CAD 30 Days Free Trial.
SN NOW Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD Probably the Best Online Streaming Platform to Watch MLB in Canada.
SN NOW+ Weekly Subscription Fee 9.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 27.99 CAD, Yearly Subscription Fee 249.99 CAD
MLB.TV Generally for 162 Games Season 121.99 US Dollar, For Shortened 2020 Season 59.99 US Dollar 7 Days Free Trial.


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