Where to watch CPL T20 2021 Live on TV

Caribbean Premier League which is shortly known as the CPL, is the domestic T20 competition arranged by Cricket West Indies. The tournament started it’s journey back in 2013. The upcoming 2021 edition will be the 9th one in the competition history. CPL takes place during the 2nd half of the calendar, generally in August-September or September-October. This league has got plenty of fans across the world including US, because of the power hitting and entertaining Caribbean style of cricket. This article will reveal all the information about where to and how to watch Caribbean Premier League matches live in United States and Canada.

Which Channels will Broadcast the CPL Matches Live on TV in United States?

CPL T20 Live on TVJust like most of the other franchise based T20 domestic competitions, CPL is also broadcast through Willow TV network in US. The cricket specialty network is the broadcasting home of the CPL matches in United States and also in Canada. The familiar network also televises the home matches of West Indies National Cricket Team within US territory. Whatever, viewers in America can enjoy the CPL fixtures live on television through Willow Cricket and Willow Xtra. In addition to this, the Canadian followers of the CPL, can watch the competition games live on TV through Willow Canada.

Willow TV Providers:

Willow TV is available through number of cable and satellite television providers as well as IPTV. The sources through which you can get access to Willow TV in United States, are given below.

Cable TV Providers:

  • Spectrum: You can find Willow through Spectrum TV Gold Package.
  • Verizon FiOS: Available through Sports Pass. Represented by Channel Number 806.
  • Optimum TV: Represented by Channel Number 1171 and Available through Optimum Hindi and Sports Pack.
  • Altice One: Represented by Channel Number 239 as well as 1171.
  • Xfinity


  • Sling TV: Sling TV contains Willow through it’s Hindi, Bangla, Urdu, Telugu and Tamil packages.
  • Google Fiber: Users can find Willow through Premium and Sports packages and they need to press channel number 244 to turn it on.
  • Prism TV: Both SD and HD versions are available, respectively on channel number 668 and 1668.

Satellite TV Provider:

  • Dish Network: Dish Network, the popular satellite television providers also contain Willow network channels. Willow Cricket Auto SD/HD version represented by channel number 712, while HD version is represented by Ch-9997. You can also find Willow Xtra on channel number 772 as well.

How to watch from UK?

Now TV daily and Sky Sports can be your platform to enjoy CPL.

How Can I Catch the Hero CPL Actions Live Via Online Streaming in US and Canada?

Caribbean Premier League actions can also be watched live through online streaming both in US and Canada. US fans can catch the actions via Willow’s online streaming platform Willow Premium. The service has monthly as well as yearly plans. Thus you can purchase the service as either monthly or annual package. The 30 days long monthly package does have a subscription fee of 9.99 US Dollar while the 12 months lengthy yearly package will make you pay 60 US Dollar.

DAZN the popular Over The Top broadcaster, has the online broadcasting right in Canada as well as United States. It provides both Live and On Demand service to the users. Viewers can catch each and every CPL fixture live through this platform. DAZN also has monthly and yearly plans, costing 20 Canadian Dollar and 150 Canadian Dollar respectively. However, to enjoy the service in United States, new users will have to pay 19.99 US Dollar per month. But the old subscribers (who subscribed the service before March 2019) will enjoy the offer pricing as they just need to pay 9.99 US Dollar for the same one month lengthy service. Apart from these, one can also purchase the service on annual plan which will make him pay 99.99 US Dollar.

Chart of Caribbean Premier League Online Streaming Options in United States and Canada:

Country Over The Top Broadcaster or Online Streaming Source Number of Available Matches Monthly Subscription Fee Yearly Subscription Fee
Canada DAZN All the Matches Throughout the Season 20 Canadian Dollar 150 Canadian Dollar
United States of America Willow Premium All the Matches Throughout the Season 9.99 US Dollar 60 US Dollar
DAZN All the Matches Throughout the Season 9.99 US Dollar (Old Subscribers Prior To March); 19.99 US Dollar (Subscriber Since March 2019) 99.99 US Dollar

When to Watch CPL Matches Live in America?

Caribbean Premier League generally takes place during August-September or September-October. Different matches have different starting times, but most of the games start at 10 am, 2:15 pm and 5:30 pm local time. As there is only one hour time difference between the Caribbean region and USA, the North American cricket lovers don’t have to suffer to maintain schedule to catch the live CPL actions, which is highly unlikely in case of most other cricket leagues.

Game Type Match Starting Time (Local Time) Match Starting Time (USA and Canada)
Morning Games 10 AM Local Time 9 AM ET
Afternoon Games 2:15 PM Local Time 1:15 PM ET
Evening Games 5:30 PM Local Time 4:30 PM ET
  • Note: The chart above has been created based on the starting time of the matches of the latest edition of CPL. Some of the matches may have different starting time as well.

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