Cricket Commentators Salary: How Much They Each Earn

Cricket Commentators Salary

Cricket fans know that the commentators play a pivotal role in the viewing experience, bringing the game to life with their insightful analysis, captivating storytelling, and unique perspectives. But beyond their voices and expertise lies an often unexplored aspect of their profession – their earnings. In this guide, we dive into the financial side of cricket commentary, detailing the salaries of these essential figures in the cricket broadcasting world.

From seasoned veterans known for their in-depth game knowledge to charismatic newcomers adding fresh energy to the commentary box, we explore the range of earnings across this diverse field.

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Cricket Commentators Salary

Commentators Broadcaster Fee Per match  Fee Per series Annual Salary
Sanjay Manjrekar ESPN Star Sports $2,500 $55,810 $1 million
Harsha Bhogle ESPN Star Sports & ABC $2,500 $50,000 $1 million
Sunil Gavaskar ESPN Star Sports $2,500 $50,000 $1 million
Sourav Ganguly ESPN Star Sports $2,500 $50,000 $1 million
Shane Warne Sky Sports, N ESPN Star Sports $2,000 $58,000 $1 million
Ian Bishop Sky Sports $2,000 $52,000 $900,000
Mark Nichola Sky Sports $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Geoffrey Boycott Sky Sports $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Michael Vaughan Sky Sports $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Ian Botham Sky Sports $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Mike Atherton Sky Sports $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Alan Wilkins Sky Sports $4000 $50,000 $850,000
David Lloyd Sky Sports $4000 $50,000 $850,000
Ian Chappell ESPN Star Sports $2,500 $40,000 $700,000
Mike Haysman TEN Sports $1,000 $45,000 $700,000
Russel Arnold TEN Sports $1,500 $45,000 $700,000
Waqar Younis TEN Sports $1,500 $45,000 $700,000
Rameez Raja TEN Sports $2,200 $45,000 $700,000
Waseem Akram ESPN Star Sports $1,500 $35,000 $600,000
Mark Richardson Sky Sport  $1,500 $30,000 $560,000
Pommie Mbangwa TEN Sports $1,000 $40,000 $500,000
Shaun Pollock SuperSport $1,500 $30,000 $400,000
Athar Ali Khan Independent Television $1,000 $15,000 $350,000

The world of cricket commentary is predominantly populated by former international cricketers, with notable figures such as Sourav Ganguly and Sunil Gavaskar from the Indian cricket team, and Shane Warne, who played for Cricket Australia. Currently, Warne is a commentator for Sky Sports and stands out as one of the highest-paid commentators, earning a match fee of $2,000.

In the upper echelon of cricket commentary earnings, approximately five commentators receive annual salaries of $1 million, while others earn less than this amount. Specifically, Sky Sports commentators are compensated with a match fee of $4,000, and their annual salaries typically hover around $850,000, with Ian Bishop being an exception, earning $900,000 per year.

In contrast, local commentators generally receive lower compensation than their international counterparts, with annual earnings capped at around $350,000. The fees for league and club matches are also lower compared to international cricket. However, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is an exception, offering remuneration comparable to international cricket standards for its commentators.

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