How to Watch Vitality T20 Blast Online without Cable

watch vitality t20 blast onlineT20 Blast is the annual top level domestic T20 competition in England and Wales. The tournament is currently known as Vitality Blast due to sponsorship reason. The competition is not franchise based and is different from the likes of IPL, BBL, CPL, PSL and BPL on basis of format. The competition often provides high scoring thrillers and that’s the main attraction of this competition. And with so many English sensational shorter format cricketers in action, it  has got viewers from all the cricket-loving regions. Here we will discuss about the proper online streaming platforms, best VPN options along with the worldwide broadcasters of the Vitality T20 Blast.

How to Watch Vitality T20 Blast Live through Online Streaming from Different Countries?

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You will get many contents about streaming options of the Vitality Blast but just a few of them provide accurate information. Here we will provide you detailed info so that you can stream it from almost any country in the planet.

United Kingdom and Republic of Ireland:

In England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, the on TV broadcasting rights have been owned by Sky Sports. The network will televise a total of 20 fixtures through it’s dedicated cricket channel Sky Sports Cricket for the 2021 campaign. Their schedule will feature 13 group stage games while all the 4 quarterfinals along with the 3 final’s day fixtures will also be aired through it. Viewers who do have TV subscription to Sky, can stream the actions live through the Sky Go app. The app is completely free for the TV subscribers and won’t charge them any single penny. It’s accessible through all modern devices as well and viewers can catch the actions through: tablets, phones, laptops, desktops as well as consoles. By the way, their TV package must include Sky Sports channels or at least the Sky Sports Cricket channel through it’s standalone add-on.

Sky Sports Cricket standalone plan add-on is the cheapest way to catch the T20 Blast and other cricketing actions through Sky. The add-on currently charges 18 GBP per month, but along with the basic Sky Signature (26 GBP per month), it costs a total of 44 GBP per month. However, this option only suits the cricket lovers and the real sports lovers would love to add-on all the Sky Sports channels. It would make them pay an extra 26 GBP per month and along with the Sky Signature it costs a total of 52 GBP per month. Various other plans include the Sky Sports channels and comes at cheaper rate but those are on contracts. (Sky TV + Sky Sports) package charges 43 GBP per month for 18 months on contract.

(Sky TV + Sky Sports + BT Sport) also includes BT Sport and charges 67 GBP per month but on a contract of at least 18 months. Very similarly, the (Sky Sports + BT Sport + Movies) combo pack comes at 74 GBP per month for 18 months. And one can cancel out BT Sport and get the (Sky Sports + Sky Movies) pack at 50 GBP per month and yes obviously on an eighteen month contract. Apart from these, new users will have to pay 20 GBP more as the one-off cost for set up. The one-off cost is as much as 29.95 GBP for the ones who are to add BT Broadband. Thus, any of those alluded packages would see the viewers in UK and Ireland to watch the 20 broadcasted T20 Blast fixtures live.

Yeah, the broadcasted fixtures will be available to the cord cutters in UK as well. They can catch those 20 fixtures through Sky’s streaming only service NOW. It provides access to all the Sky Sports Channels any time the users ask. It’s compatible with TV, laptop, gaming consoles and plenty of other devices and thus ensures flexibility. NOW offers 2 subscription plans. The diurnal plan will let the users stream specific matches within 24 hours period and charges 9.99 GBP per day. Contrariwise, the monthly plan provides service throughout the month and makes the users pay 33.99 GBP. One can have full HD viewing experience in stead of it’s as usual 720p view, by upgrading to NOW Boost. The upgradation costs additional 3 GBP per month and ensures simultaneous streaming on up to 3 screens in stead of the default 2.

Well, for all those games, which won’t be broadcasted nationally, viewers have to go through another option. All the non-broadcasted games throughout the campaign will be streamed live through ECB Match Center. Any UK resident can stream those actions completely free, without paying a single penny. They just need to visit the official website through and sign up with their name, gender, email and postal code. The process will ask for a password and a security answer. By completing the sign up process they can log in and stream all those non-broadcast matches. However, after getting logged in, click on Vitality Blast – Live option which will lead you to all the ongoing matches. Then select and click the match you wanna watch and play it. That will be enough to let you catch the actions live. As we have said it earlier, it won’t cost you any single penny.

New Zealand:

The T20 Blast broadcasting rights in New Zealand is exclusive to Spark Sport. The platform will provide live and on-demand coverage from the Vitality T20 Blast while it will also stream coverage from New Zealand Black Caps, White Ferns, EPL, Copa America 2021, NBA, NFL, MotoGP, Formula 1, English Cricket Season and plenty more. In fact, it will stream at least 21 T20 Blast matches for the 2021 campaign with a minimum of 14 selected group stage matches, 4 quarterfinals and the final’s day coverage live.

Users can subscribe it for just 24.99 NZD per month. The subscription doesn’t require any long term contract, users can watch it on Live, pause and rewind basis. They can catch the actions at home and also on the Go. Subscribers can add Spark Sport on selected Spark mobile and broadband plans and can get a 5 NZD monthly credit. The service also offers a free trial facility of 7 days to the fresh new users. And yes, viewers can get access and watch the actions on a range of devices. The other advantages provided by the platform will be: HD at no additional cost and 24/7 streaming of content. Meanwhile, users can switch between devices anytime as well.


In India, the rights have been gained by country’s popular streaming platform Fancode. It will stream more than 19 fixtures live and viewers can catch those actions through the web or the app. The Vitality Blast Tour Pass currently offering a 50% discount on subscription and viewers can subscribe it for just 39 INR. And with that little cost, they can stream no less than 19 selected matches including the 4 quarterfinals and the final’s day actions. Viewers who have interests on other sports and other cricket events can get the Unlimited Live Stream Passes as well. They can enjoy 100+ live matches each month from various competitions. The Monthly Pass charges 129 INR but currently it’s offering a 23% discount and is available at just 99 INR per month.

In addition to these, one can get the best value by subscribing the Yearly plan. It will guarantee more than 500 matches across 20+ competitions including Vitality Blast, MLB, Spice Isle T10 Super Smash, International cricket series featuring West Indies against South Africa, Australia, Pakistan and many more events. Normally, the yearly plan charges INR 999 but currently it’s coming at just INR 399 for the entire year! Can you believe that? It means viewers can stream all those sports actions at just INR 399 throughout the year with an average of INR 33.25 per month. All of these passes ensures ad free experience for the viewers along with HD quality streaming. The subscribers can cast to their television as well.


Viewers across the globe can enjoy the T20 Blast actions just through a few platforms. Some of the non-broadcasted fixtures are available through the Vitality T20 Blast Official YouTube Channel and through specific county club’s YouTube Channels. For those matches, the viewers in any country, doesn’t need a VPN. But if somebody wanna catch all of those non-broadcasted matches or the fixtures which are not available simply on YouTube, they need to use a VPN.  Thus, the easy suggestion that we provide to the competition’s global audience will be as follows:

To watch any of the non-broadcasted fixtures, viewers just need to use a VPN. Even with the weakest of VPN, they can connect to a UK server and can sign up to the ECB Match Center page by visiting it and fulfilling the required processes. Visit the official website through > Sign up with your name, gender, email and postal code > Provide your pass word and security answer > Confirm activation through your email ID > Log in > click on Vitality Blast – Live > click on your desired match > Play it. As we have said it earlier, the process doesn’t require any strong VPN and you can make it done even for free with a weaker VPN option. By the way, if you already have subscription to any renowned VPN, then you can definitely use it. But the Sky broadcasted matches can’t be streamed live through the ECB Match Center site.

Thus, to watch the broadcasted fixtures one must use a strong VPN and connect to a UK server to stream Sky Sports Cricket or have to buy a subscription of Sky’s streaming service NOW. But the option we would recommend will be, to find an Indian server and then purchasing a Tour Pass subscription of Fancode for just INR 39 (may cost up to INR 78) and stream 19+ broadcasted fixtures along with all the knockout stage games live. This option will cost you just an additional 0.54 USD (may cost up to 1.07 USD) excluding the VPN charge to cover the entire broadcasted coverage of the competition! That’s how easy it is! (For readers convenience, INR 39 = 0.535 USD; INR 78 = 1.07 USD).

Vitality T20 Blast Online Streaming Platforms and Cost:

Country or Region Online Streaming Platform Cost
United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) and Republic of Ireland Sky Go App (20 Broadcasted Matches including all Knockout Stage Games) Sky Go is Free for Sky subscribers, Sky Sports Cricket add-on costs 18 GBP er month, all Sky channels add-on cost 26 GBP per month; various other plans available on contract
NOW 9.99 GBP per day, 33.99 GBP per month (upgrading to NOW Boost cost 3 GBP per month)
ECB Match Center (Non-Broadcasted Matches Only) Free; Asks Sign Up with your Email ID
New Zealand Spark Sport (At least 21 Broadcasted Matches including all Knockout Stage Games) 24.99 NZD per month; 7 Days Free Trial
India Fancode Tour Pass (19+ Broadcasted Matches including all Knockout Stage Games) INR 39 (up to 78 INR)
Fancode Monthly Pass (Broadcasted Matches Available within a Month period) INR 99 (up to INR 129)
Fancode Annual Pass (19+ Broadcasted Matches including all Knockout Stage Games) INR 399 (up to INR 999)
Global Fancode Tour Pass using a Indian server via a strong VPN (Broadcasted Matches); Sky Sports Cricket, NOW using a UK server via a VPN can also do as well INR 39 (0.535 USD) but may charge up to INR 78 (1.07 USD) + VPN Charge
ECB Match Center using any VPN with a UK server (Non-Broadcasted Matches Only) Free access to ECB Match Center; but the VPN may cost a bit

Which Vitality T20 Blast will be Broadcasted on TV or through Streaming Services in 2021?

We’ve mentioned the term “broadcasted matches” a number of time in this contents. Let’s see which matches will be broadcasted nationally through Sky Sports in UK and Ireland. We’ll also present you the matches broadcast by Fancode in India and Spark Sport in New Zealand.

Date Fixture Broadcasters (with respective Countries)
June 09, 2021 Worcestershire vs Nottinghamshire Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 10, 2021 Middlesex vs Surrey Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 11, 2021 Northamptonshire vs Worcestershire Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 12, 2021 Sussex vs Hampshire Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 15, 2021 Durham vs Nottinghamshire Spark Sport (NZ), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 16, 2021 Leicestershire vs Birmingham Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 17, 2021 Durham vs Lancashire Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India)
June 17, 2021 Derbyshire vs Northamptonshire Spark Sport (NZ)
June 18, 2021 Essex vs Gloucestershire Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 19, 2021 Somerset vs Glamorgan Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 22, 2021 Gloucestershire vs Kent Spark Sport (NZ)
June 25, 2021 Surrey vs Middlesex Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
June 28, 2021 Kent vs Somerset Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
July 02, 2021 Yorkshire vs Lancashire Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
July 17, 2021 Lancashire vs Yorkshire Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
July 18, 2021 Final group game (fixture TBC) Sky Sports (UK and Ireland)
August 24, 2021 1st Quarter-final Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
August 25, 2021 2nd Quarter-final Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
August 27, 2021 3rd Quarter-final Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
August 27, 2021 4th Quarter-final Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
September 18, 2021 (Final’s Day) 1st Semifinal Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
2nd Semifinal Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
Final Sky Sports (UK and Ireland), Fancode (India), Spark Sport (NZ)
  • Matches not available on Sky Sports will be considered as non-broadcasting matches and will be available through ECB Match Center.

Which VPN is the Best Option to Watch Vitality T20 Blast from Any Country in the World?

To watch the crucial Vitality T20 Blast fixtures from most parts of the world, VPN is a must use option. Without a VPN one can’t catch the knockout stage fixtures along with broadcasted group stage fixtures in most of the countries. Thus one must choose the best possible VPN option to make sure that he doesn’t miss any delivery of his desired fixtures.

Express VPN:

  • Widely considered as the fastest, most reliable and user friendly VPN in the world.
  • It has a minimum of 160 server locations and also more than 3000 server networks in no less than 94 countries.
  • Gives 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Provides 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Delivers live 24 hours customer support.
  • It has a monthly subscription fee of 12.95 US Dollar. But the more lengthy package ensures more cost effectiveness. Half yearly plan comes at 59.95 USD at less than 10 USD per month in an average. The yearly plan charges 99.95 USD and provides a total of 15 months service and the average rate drops below 7 USD per month!
  • We definitely mark it as the best VPN right now and if you want the top service, we would suggest you to subscribe it.


  • Almost close to Express VPN on basis of performance.
  • 6 simultaneous connections.
  • Provides 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Has around 5 thousand server network in at least 59 countries.
  • Better option for the ones who wanna spend lesser.
  • It’s monthly subscription fee charges 11.95 US Dollar. But with the increasing length of service, the rate comes down. The 1yearly and 2-yearly plans cost an average of 4.92 USD per month and 3.71 USD per month respectively.

Note: The two alluded options are better for Sky broadcasted matches which won’t be available on ECB Match Center. But for non-broadcasted matches available through the official site, viewers may even connect and stream with a weaker VPN option and won’t have to spend big (or not at all in some countries or cases) behind VPN.

Process of Streaming T20 Blast with VPN from My Country or Anywhere in the World:

  • Buy a subscription from any of the mentioned VPN providers.
  • Download and install the VPN program your VPN company provides.
  • Use the VPN credentials to log in.
  • Find the server’s list and connect to a UK server to stream Sky Sports Cricket or an Indian server to stream through Fancode Tour Pass (monthly or annual pass also applicable) subscription.  For non-broadcasted matches, stream through ECB Match Center site (detailed processes described in the Global online streaming options).
  • Launch your streaming app or open a clean instance of your browser.
  • Log into your account and stream the live action from action packed Vitality T20 Blast.

Vitality T20 Blast Worldwide Broadcasters:

Country or Region Broadcasters
United Kingdom (England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland) Sky Sports Cricket (20 Matches), ECB Match Center (Non-Broadcasted Matches)
India Fancode (19+ Broadcasted Matches)
Republic of Ireland Sky Sports Cricket (20 Matches), ECB Match Center (Non-Broadcasted Matches)
New Zealand Spark Sport (At least 21 Matches)
Indian Sub-Continent (India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, Maldives) Vitality Blast Official YouTube Channel or County Clubs’ YouTube Channel (Selected Non-Broadcasted Matches); Other Non-Broadcasted Matches available through ECB Match Center via VPN; Broadcasted Matches available through Fancode Tour Pass, Sky Sports Cricket or NOW via VPN
Europe (excluding UK and Ireland)
Southeast Asia
Middle East and North Africa
South America
Central America
USA, Canada and Rest of North America
South Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa
Central Asia


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