How to Watch Coppa Italia Online without Cable

Watch Coppa Italia OnlineCoppa Italia is the single elimination domestic soccer cup competition in Italy. The competition is thrilling due to it’s knockout style and often provides fixtures which go to the wire. On the other hand, Supercoppa Italiana is the one match final taking place between the champions of Serie A and the winner of the Coppa Italia. Thus the competitions certainly feature the superstars of Italian football and fans definitely love to watch the alluded tournaments. In this content, we will give you proper idea about how to watch Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana legally through online streaming, the best VPNs to watch from anywhere and also the worldwide broadcasters of those competitions.

How to Watch Coppa Italia Live through Online Streaming from Different Countries?

Previously people used to watch soccer matches mainly on television. But with the progression of technology viewers turned towards the online streaming options due to it’s flexibility and compatibility. Like most other soccer competitions, the Italian domestic soccer cup competition fixtures are also available through various online streaming websites and apps. Lets see which platforms are bringing the encounters to your door in your region.

United States of America:

World’s richest sports broadcasting networks ESPN acquired the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana broadcasting rights in United States in 2018. The multi year deal will see the matches streamed via the network’s subscription only streaming service ESPN+ while a few number of matches will be televised on ESPN’s linear TV channels. Viewers can watch as many as 24 Coppa Italia fixtures live through ESPN+ featuring the sides from the top tier Italian soccer competition. However, the Coppa Italia final and the Supercoppa Italiana will be televised on ESPN or ESPN2 or ESPNEWS in English language. Meanwhile the Spanish language presentation of the two mentioned fixtures will be available on ESPN Deportes.

Viewers can catch most of the matches through ESPN+ which is available at just 5.99 US Dollar per month. It also has an annual subscription plan which makes the users pay 59.99 US Dollar. The service previously used to charge 4.99 USD per month and 49.99 USD per year but it was slightly increased by the authority. Apart from the single subscription plans, ESPN+ can also be purchased through a bundle package. The bundle features Hulu and Disney+ along with ESPN+ and the entire bundle charges 13.99 US Dollar per month. Although, ESPN+ doesn’t provide any free trial facility, it guarantees the users loads of soccer actions as it is home to many soccer competitions.

To watch the final of the Italian Cup and the Super Cup, users will have to keep their eyes on ESPN network channels. ESPN and ESPN2 are available through the starting packages of all the 5 major streaming media in the country: fuboTV, Sling TV Orange, AT&T TV, Hulu+ Live TV and YouTube TV. fuboTV, YouTube TV and Hulu+ Live TV, each has a base package costing 64.99 US Dollar per month while AT&T TV comes at 69.99 USD per month. Sling TV Orange is the cheapest among all, coming at just 35 USD per month.

Hulu+ and YouTube TV’s starting packages also feature ESPNEWS while fubo and Sling Orange users need to add on fubo Extra and Sports Extra respectively for an additional 8 USD per month and 11 USD per month to get access to the mentioned channel. AT&T TV users can get access to the channel through the Choice package which charges 84.99 USD per month. Spanish language users can enjoy the Spanish commentary version of the Coppa Italia final and the Supercoppa Italiana through ESPN Deportes. The channel is available through: fuboTV (base package), Hulu+ Live TV (Espanol Add-on for additional 5 USD per month), AT&T TV (Ultimate package: 94.99 USD per month), Sling TV Orange (Best of Spanish TV for additional 6 USD per month).


DAZN holds the broadcasting rights of both Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana within Canadian territory. The ever-growing over the top streaming service streams numerous sports events in the country along with the mentioned competitions. Viewers can enjoy the selected matches of the Italian cup competition through this platform which is pretty much affordable. Users can enjoy the matches both live and on-demand. The service has monthly and annual subscription plans. The monthly plan is available at 20 Canadian Dollar while the annual plan comes at 150 Canadian Dollar.

Fresh new users can also enjoy the 30-day free trial facility for the very first month. DAZN Canada is compatible with a big number of devices. The list includes: Android Phone & Tablet, Amazon Fire Tablet, iPhone and iPad, Samsung Smart TV, Roku TV Player, LG Smart TV, Apple TV 4th Generation, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, Xfinity, Vizio TV and various gaming consoles.

United Kingdom and Ireland:

BT Sport has the exclusive broadcasting of the Italian soccer cup competitions within United Kingdom as well as in Republic of Ireland. Thus the viewers in England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland can watch the actions live both on TV and through online streaming. The BT Sport Monthly Pass is the best possible option to watch the games online. It ensures all of BT Sport. The service is contract free and let the users cancel it whenever they want. It also doesn’t require any TV or Broadband subscription to BT. Viewers within UK can subscribe it for just 25 GBP per month. However, in Republic of Ireland, users can enjoy the Monthly Pass via Now TV at just 17 GBP per month. It is compatible with: Laptop, Desktop, Gaming Console, Mobile, Tablet and Smart TV.

However, UK based viewers can enjoy the BT Sport contents including Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana various other ways as well. BT TV users can add-on BT Sport pack for an additional 10 GBP per month while BT Broadband users can add-on with an additional 16 GBP per month. Nevertheless, Sky, Virgin Media or TalkTalk users can still add on BT Sport with their respective options. If you are a Sky subscriber, then you can add on BT Sport for an extra 29.99 GBP per month.

Germany, Austria:

German and Austrian soccer lovers can watch the actions from the Italian cup competitions through the very popular OTT streaming service DAZN. The service will provide the selected fixtures in these regions live and on-demand. It is such a handy platform to subscribe, as it offers a plenty of other soccer competitions within the mentioned areas. However, users can purchase the service pretty much cheaply as well. The monthly subscription plan costs 11.99 Euro in both of these countries, while the annual plan is available at just 119.99 Euro, in an average of 10 Euro per month. And, if you are a new customer, then it will also offer you 30 days free trial to check out everything before you purchase the plans.


In Switzerland, both the Italian cup competitions broadcasting rights are owned by blue Sport. The popular platform will stream the select matches from the Coppa Italia and the only Supercoppa Italiana fixture in the country. The subscription of the service costs 29.90 Francs per month with a minimum of 6 months subscription. The platform includes as many as 45 sports channels and provides plenty of live sporting actions. However, it asks for a 3 months notice period for terminations. Swisscom blue subscribers can also watch specific soccer matches on pay-per-view basis. In that case, they will have to pay 9.90 Francs for watching a single game.

Brazil, Japan:

Japanese viewers can watch the likes of Cristiano Ronaldo, Romelu Lukaku, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and many others featuring in the Italian cup competitions through DAZN. The popular OTT streaming service show the selected matches live and on-demand. The service is available at just 1750 JPY per month in the country. However, the NTT Docomo mobile users can enjoy the service at a discount price of 980 JPY per month. Like rest of the countries where DAZN is available, in Japan, the fresh new users can enjoy a month lengthy free trial facility. The service which is usable on 2 devices at the very same time, is compatible with: Android and iOS devices, Smart TVs from Samsung, LG, Panasonic, Android TV, Philips and Sony, Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick, desktops, laptops, and also through gaming consoles.

DAZN also holds the Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana broadcasting rights in South American country Brazil. The service charges R$19.90 per month in the country and streams a plenty of soccer competitions live and on-demand. It also provides a 30-day of free trial to the new subscribers as well.


Oh! And it’s once again DAZN which holds the Italian cup fixtures broadcasting rights in Spain. The service pattern and free trial facility is all same like the previously mentioned countries. The only difference is in the pricing. The service charges 9.99 Euro per month while it’s annual subscription plan is available at 99.99 Euro.

Indian Sub-Continent and Other Unsold Markets:

In many parts of the world including the Indian sub-continent where the broadcasting rights weren’t sold, viewers can stream the mentioned competition matches through Serie A Official YouTube channel. The streaming is free and the matches will be available in English language commentary version. However, highlights of those fixtures are available in all the territories.

The Chart of Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana Online Streaming Options and Cost:

Country or Region Online Streaming Options Cost
United States of America ESPN+ 5.99 USD per month, 59.99 USD per year
Disney+ Hulu and ESPN+ Bundle 13.99 USD per month
fuboTV (base package + fubo Extra add on for ESPNEWS) 64.99 USD per month + 8 USD per month for add-on
Hulu+ Live TV (base pacakge + Espanol Add-on for ESPN Deportes) 64.99 USD per month + 5 USD per month for add-on
Sling TV (Orange + Sports Extra for ESPNEWS + Best of Spanish TV for ESPN Deportes) 35 USD per month + 11 USD per month + 6 USD per month for add-on
AT&T TV (Base Package / Choice package for ESPNEWS / Ultimate package for Deportes) 69.99 USD per month / 84.99 USD per month / 94.99 USD per month
YouTube TV (base package) 64.99 USD per month
Canada DAZN 20 CAD per month, 150 CAD per year
United Kingdom BT Sport Monthly Pass 25 GBP per month
BT Sport Pack add-on for BT TV or BT Broadband users Add-on costs an additional 10 GBP per month for BT TV users and 16 GBP per month for BT Broadband users
BT Sport Pack add-on for Sky subscribers Add-on costs an extra 29.99 GBP per month
Republic of Ireland BT Sport Monthly Pass via Now TV 17 GBP per month
Germany DAZN 11.99 Euro per month, 119.99 Euro per year
Austria DAZN 11.99 Euro per month, 119.99 Euro per year
Switzerland blue Sport blue Sport costs 29.90 Francs per month (minimum 6 months subscription); Swisscom blue users can watch single match on PPV for 9.90 Francs per match
Japan DAZN 1750 JPY per month, 980 JPY per month for NTT Docomo mobile users
Brazil DAZN R$19.90 per month
Spain DAZN 9.99 Euro per month, 99.99 Euro per year
Unsold Markets Serie A Official YouTube Channel Free

Which VPN is the Best Option to Watch Coppa Italia from Anywhere?

VPN is such an option which lets the viewers stream almost every soccer competition from almost any part of the planet. Very similarly, viewers can stream Coppa Italia and Supercoppa Italiana from almost every country in the world through Virtual Private Network. There are plenty of options but we will suggest you the following ones:

Express VPN:

  • Express VPN has at least 160 server locations in a minimum of 94 countries.
  • It has no less than 3000 server networks.
  • Single subscription covers as many as 5 simultaneous connections.
  • Ensures 30-day money back guarantee.
  • Provides live 24 hours customer support.
  • Enables the users to connect even in most restricted countries like Russia or China.
  • It is definitely the most reliable and user friendly as well as the fastest VPN in the world.
  • Accessible via Android phone, iPhone, tablet, laptop, Xbox, PlayStation and plenty more.
  • Users can get the monthly subscription for 12.95 US Dollar. However, it’s semi annual and annual subscription comes at 59.95 USD and 99.95 respectively. The yearly subscription gives a total of 15 months service with the extra 3 months totally free.
  • It is probably the best VPN in the world and gives premium quality service thus we have no confusion to suggest you to subscribe Express VPN.


  • It has around 5 thousand server network in no less than 59 countries and more than 1,7k server only within US.
  • Single subscription covers 6 simultaneous connections. Thus the users can use it on laptop, streaming devices, mobile and more. And yes, all at the very same time!
  • Money back guarantee within 30 days.
  • It is almost as good as Express VPN o basis of performance.
  • By the way, NordVPN is a better option on basis of pricing, as it is cheaper than it’s counterpart. It has a monthly subscription fee of 11.95 US Dollar. However, Currently, the 1-year plan of the service is available at just 4.92 USD per month while the 2-years plan costs 3.71 USD per month.

Process of Streaming Coppa Italia & Supercoppa Italiana with VPN from My Country or Anywhere in the World:

  • Buy a subscription from any of the mentioned VPN providers (either Express VPN or NordVPN).
  • Download and install the VPN program your VPN company provides.
  • VPN credentials will be needed to get logged in.
  • Find the server’s list and connect to a UK server to stream BT Sport or a US server to stream ESPN networks channels or an unsold market regions server to stream Serie A Official YouTube channel.
  • Then open a clean instance of your browser or launch your streaming app.
  • Finally, log into your account and stream the live action from the Italian soccer cup competitions.

Worldwide Broadcasters:


Country or Region Broadcasters
Italy RAI
Albania, Kosovo SuperSport
Austria, Germany, Spain DAZN
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia (Balkans) Sport Klub
Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia Sport TV
Denmark, Norway TV2 Sport, NENT
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova Setanta Sports
Finland YLE
Georgia Adjarasport
Greece Cosmote Sport
Ireland, United Kingdom BT Sport
Finland NENT
Poland TVP
Portugal Sport TV
Romania Look Sport
Russia Match TV
Slovenia Sport TV, Sport Klub
Sweden C More, NENT
Switzerland blue Sport
Turkey TRT Spor

Outside Europe:

Country or Region Broadcasters
Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela (South America) DirecTV Sports
Bolivia Tigo, DirecTV Sports
Brazil, Japan DAZN
Canada DAZN
Caribbean DirecTV Sports, Flow
Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras Tigo
China PPTV
Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan Setanta Sports
Israel Charlton
Indonesia TVRI, Telkom Indonesia
Puerto Rico ESPN, DirecTV Sports
Mexico ESPN
Singapore StarHub
Sub-Saharan Africa StarTimes
Tajikistan TV Varzish, Setanta Sports
United States of America ESPN (linear channels and ESPN+)
Unsold Markets (including Indian Sub-Continent, New Zealand and Many Other Countries) Serie A Official YouTube Channel
  • The mentioned broadcasters will enjoy the rights at least until the end of the 2020-21 campaign. Many of them may retain the rights for the upcoming cycle while others journey may come to an end.

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