NFL+ Review (2022): What to Expect from the NFL’s New Streaming Service

nfl+ review

NFL+ was announced earlier in the year and it has finally officially launched just ahead of the 2022 season. If you’re looking for more info on it, check out our NFL+ review below where we reveal all the details you need to know about the new service.

If you’re a football fan, there’s a good chance that you’re going to want NFL+.

With NFL+, you’ll have access to full game replays on-demand, live local and national games via your mobile devices, live out-of-market preseason games, and a stacked on-demand library including a selection of NFL Films and NFL Network shows.

NFL+ is essentially a replacement for the US version of the now-defunct NFL Game Pass service, while also adding the live local game streaming on mobile devices that was offered to Verizon customers in prior seasons.

NFL+ will be offering content through the football season and throughout the entire year.

NFL+ lives within the NFL app, meaning you’ll be able to access it on just about any streaming device, smart TV, mobile device, or computer. So, you can take your pick of watching content on the big screen or using your mobile device.

Some content will only be available on your mobile devices (in-market live games), but other content, such as anything on-demand or the OOM preseason games, should be available on any compatible device.

With a price point of just $4.99 a month or $29.99 per year (limited time, regularly $39.99/year) for the Basic package, it could end up being a great option for cord cutters who want to watch NFL games without cable! You can also try NFL+ free for 7 days to test it out yourself at no cost.

The following questions will be answered in our NFL+ review: 

  • What is NFL+?
  • What Can NFL+ Offer Sports Fans?
  • What Devices are Compatible with NFL+?
  • What Features Come with NFL+?
  • How Does NFL+ Work?
  • How Much Does NFL+ Cost?
  • NFL+ Pros & Cons
  • FAQ
  • Is NFL+ Worth It?

The sections below can help you determine if NFL+ is right for you… 


What is NFL+?

nfl plus

NFL+ is a new streaming service that offers some live content during football season and tons of on-demand content you can watch whenever you want. This includes full game replays on-demand, live in-market games via your mobile devices, live out-of-market preseason games, and a stacked on-demand library including a selection of NFL Films and NFL Network shows.

Like all streaming services, there is no contract involved with NFL+ so you can cancel whenever you want.

For some fans that might mean subscribing only during football season, while others may want to take advantage of annual pricing to enjoy NFL+ content all year long.


What Can NFL+ Offer Sports Fans?

NFL+ can offer you nearly endless amounts of football! This service runs year-round.

During the preseason, you’ll have access to stream NFL preseason games live if they’re out-of-market.

When the regular season starts, you’ll be able to use your mobile device to watch local and national games live on your phone or tablet.

All regular season games will also be available on-demand.

When it’s not football season, you will have access to on-demand NFL Network shows, NFL Films library, documentaries, analysis, game replays, and more.

If you love football, NFL+ should be right up your alley.


What Devices are Compatible with NFL+?

NFL+ will work with almost all streaming devices, as it will reside within the main NFL app.

That means you’ll be able to access NFL+ on Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, smart TVs, gaming consoles, Apple and Android phones and tablets, computers, and more.

But remember, during the regular season the live local and national games are only available on mobile devices.


What Features Come with NFL+?

Here are some features that might make NFL+ worth the consideration for football fans:

In-Market Local Games

If you’ve cut the cord and don’t own an antenna, watching your favorite local sports can be tricky. This is especially true if you live in an area without easy access to local content. NFL+ ensures that you get the chance to watch in-market local games using your mobile devices. This means you have a steady spot to watch your weekly games and you won’t need cable to do it.

An On-Demand Library

Most services offer an on-demand library, but this one is filled with more content than an NFL fan will know what to do with. You’ll have full game replays for the season, an NFL Films library, select shows from NFL Network, and more! Just the game replays alone will be enticing enough for some fans, but the NFL Films library is definitely a nice addition. All of this content is available without ads.

Full and Condensed Game Replays

One of the coolest parts of NFL+ is the option for the condensed game replay. This replay option removes all the filler between plays and shortens the length of the game to just 45 minutes.

Watch Live Out of Market Preseason Games

If your team isn’t local, watching preseason games can be all but impossible. Well, that was before NFL+, anyway. Now, with NFL+, you’ll have access to live out-of-market preseason games so you can keep tabs on your favorite teams. This is an excellent part of the service and it gives fans that much more content to enjoy.


How Does NFL+ Work?

NFL+ is pretty similar to other sports streaming services. You can sign in on a streaming device that is connected to the internet and access everything they have to offer.

For some things, like live in-market games, you’ll need to specifically sign in on your mobile device.

For on-demand content and other options, you can use any compatible streaming device that NFL+ allows.

After sign in, you can search or browse for the content you want to watch, make your selection, and sit back and watch!

Signing Up for NFL+

Signing up for NFL+ is easy. Just visit the website and fill in some basic information, add your payment information, and make an account.

You can try NFL+ free for 7 days to see if it’s something you want to pay for.

You’ll have the option to choose between a monthly or annual plan.

Remember, NFL+ will reside within the main NFL app, so that’s where you’ll go to sign in and watch whatever content is available after you’ve subscribed.


How Much Does NFL+ Cost?

NFL+ offers two different plans, each with both monthly and annual pricing options. Here’s the breakdown of NFL+ pricing:

  • Basic– $4.99 monthly or $29.99 per year (limited time, regularly $39.99/year) for those who sign up for the annual plan.
  • Premium–$9.99 monthly or $79.99 per year for those who sign up for the annual plan.

Here’s a breakdown of the difference between the plans:

NFL+ Basic Package

For $4.99 per month or $29.99 per year (limited time, regularly $39.99/year), you get:

  • Live out-of-market preseason games across your devices
  • Live local regular season games on your phone or tablet only
  • Postseason games on your phone or tablet
  • Live primetime games on your mobile devices
  • Live game audio for every team and every game
  • On-demand NFL library with no commercials

NFL+ Premium Package

For $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year, you get all of the features listed above plus:

  • Full game replays across all devices without ads
  • Condensed commercial-free game replays across all devices
  • Coaches films ad-free


NFL+ Pros & Cons

NFL+ is a new streaming service, so there are bound to be some kinks to work out. Still, this isn’t the first NFL streaming service to be available, so you can expect that it will be worth looking at, from the jump. If you’re curious about the good and bad parts of NFL+, here are some pros and cons to consider.

Pro: No Ads for On-Demand Content!

One of the most annoying parts of any paid service, in my opinion, is dealing with ads. While some services like Hulu, allow you to purchase a more expensive no-ads plan, NFL+ saves you the time by offering one plan with no advertising included.

Pro: All Football all the Time

Previous NFL streaming services offered the service during the football season and that was it. While it makes sense that would be the case, in the offseason, a football fan still might want some content. NFL+ offers everything you might want by giving you preseason and postseason content, along with other football-related films and documentaries. So, even when a live game isn’t available, you’ll have something to watch on NFL+. On-demand replays can also be viewed in Condensed mode, which cuts down the game time by showing only scoring drives and relevant plays. It takes a game down to about 45 minutes with no commercials.

Pro: Tons of Content

NFL+ is going to offer sports fans a lot of football. You’ll have access to live in-market games and also full game replays on-demand. Other on-demand content will include the NFL Films Library and select NFL Network shows. You’ll also have live access to out-of-market preseason games, and live Game Audio. This is just some of what you can expect to find with NFL+.

Con: Live In-Market Games are Only Available on Mobile Devices

If a game is airing on your local networks, NFL+ gives you an opportunity to watch that game through the service. However, you’re limited to watching through mobile devices. This is similar to the chance to watch in-market games that Verizon once offered. If you’re paying for the service and live games are offered, it would be nice to see them available on all platforms.



What is NFL+?

NFL+ is a year-round way to enjoy NFL based content. During the football season you will have access to live in-market games, audio, and more. There’s also an on-demand library filled with additional content, documentaries, and game replays. You will be able to stream this content at home or from just about anywhere, permitting you have access to the internet and a compatible streaming device.

How much is NFL+?

NFL+ costs $4.99 a month or $29.99 per year (limited time, regularly $39.99/year) for the Basic plan and $9.99 per month or $79.99 per year for the Premium plan.

Can you watch all games on NFL+?

Yes and no. With NFL+, you can watch live in-market games on your mobile devices during the regular season, live preseason games on any device, and game replays on-demand on every device. So, while you can watch all games from across the league on demand after they’ve finished, the only ones you can watch live during the regular season are the ones airing in your local market and only on your mobile devices.

Does NFL+ have a free trial?

NFL+ offers a 7-day free trial.

What devices are compatible with NFL+?

NFL+ will be available on a wide variety of streaming devices. You should be able to watch on mobile devices, tablets, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Fire TV, and other select streaming devices.


Is NFL+ Worth It?

Chances are, if you’re a diehard football fan and you’ve cut the cord, NFL+ will be a great option for you.

While the service is still brand new, we do know that it’s going to give you access to live in-market games, out-of-market content, on-demand games, audio, and more.

Click here to try NFL+ free for 7 days.

Have any questions about our NFL+ review? Drop a comment below.

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