Where to watch French Ligue 1 Live on US TV

Ligue 1 live on US TVLigue Un (1), France’s premier division soccer competition is one of the major 5 domestic football competitions in Europe. Despite being among the top European league, Ligue 1 has comparatively lesser number of followers across the planet as well as in US. However, the likes of Neymar, Mbappe, Di Maria, Payet, Depay still attract good number of people to watch the league. Last season, two representatives from this competition featured in the UEFA Champions League’s Semifinal stage which has been a great sign for the league’s reputation. In this article we will give you complete guideline of where and how to watch, listen and stream Ligue 1 in United States of America.

Where to Watch Ligue 1 Live on TV in United States?

beIN SPORTS networks (Doha, Qatar based) holds the broadcasting right of French Ligue Un (1) within United States territory. They are the only broadcaster of this competition in America. So you can watch the French top flight soccer competition in US by putting your eyes across beIN SPORTS group channels as well as online streaming platforms. In fact, beIN SPORTS televises a little number of game every match week. Generally, it airs the Paris Saint Germain games in English language. However, if there is a La Liga encounter at the very same time, then the match is shown live via beIN SPORTS Connect.

Some of the Ligue 1 fixtures are also broadcast through beIN SPORTS en Espanol in Spanish language. But in most cases, beIN SPORTS as well as beIN SPORTS en Espanol televises the French Ligue 1 fixtures in Delayed time. The firstly mentioned cable TV Channel airs the games in English meanwhile the later mentioned one broadcasts those in Spanish.

How can I Catch the French Ligue 1 Actions Live via Online Streaming in US?

Online Streaming is the best way to enjoy the French Ligue 1 actions live. Because most of the fixtures are streamed live by beIN SPORTS’ online streaming service beIN SPORTS Connect. This subscription only streaming service streams vast majority of the French top flight encounters live in America. That means even if your favorite team is anything but PSG, you still can watch your favorite side’s league clashes live through this platform. The mentioned online streaming service will cost you only 19.99 USD for a month. However, you can get it in much more cheaper rate. If you subscribe it annually, you will have to pay just 179.99 US Dollar for 12 months.

The Sources through which One can Watch the Ligue 1 Matches Live are:

  • fuboTV: One of the most popular sources to watch soccer live in US. It costs 64.99-79.99 US Dollar per month and provides 105+ and 155 channels respectively including 32 soccer channels. It also provides 7 days free trial before subscribing.
  • Fanatiz: Fanatiz is another good option watch Ligue 1 games live. It will give you access to beIN SPORTS Connect and will cost you 7.99 USD for a month. It also gives free trialing benefit of a week.
  • Sling TV: beIN SPORTS as well as beIN SPORTS en Espanol both the channels along with plenty more Spanish signals are available through this platform.
  • Vidgo: Helps you getting access to ESPN group and FOX Sports networks channels.
  • Sling World Sports: Gives you so many options to watch soccer for just 10 USD per month.

Online Streaming Sources Chart for Watching Ligue 1 Live with the Amount of Cost:

Source or Service Benefits Cost
beIN SPORTS Connect Ligue Un’s Official Online Streaming Service in US 19.99 US Dollar per Month, 179.99 US Dollar per Year
fuboTV HD Quality (in stead of SD), 7 Days Free Trial, More than 105+ Channels 64.99-79.99 US Dollar per Month
Sling TV 7 Days Free Trial 10 US Dollar per Month
Fanztiz Plenty of Options is Much More Cheaper Rate, HD Quality (in stead of SD), 7 Days Free Trial 7.99 US Dollar per Month
Sling World Sports 7 Days Free Trial 10 US Dollar per Month
Vidgo 7 Days Free Trial 14.99 US Dollar per Month (For Latino Streaming Plan)

Ligue 1 Live Coverage and Match Commentary for Radio Listeners in America:

The radio listeners in the US can listen the French Ligue 1 actions live through SiriusXM FC. This radio station provides the French tp flight fixtures live coverage, commentary and experts analysis on regular basis. Apart from this, Tune-In radio is also the occasional broadcasters of this competition.

Radio Station Type Events
SiriusXM FC Regular Radio Coverage Live Coverage, Match Commentary, Experts Analysis
Tune-In Occasional Radio Coverage Live Match Commentary

Where to Find French Soccer Cup Competitions Live in US?

Coupe de France and Coupe de la Ligue, both the top level cup competitions of French football are streamed through beIN SPORTS Connect. However, not all the matches of these competitions are streamed. But a good number of clashes specially the games of the top flight giants’ are streamed through this platform.

Cup Competition’s Name Online Streaming Platform
Coupe de France beIN SPORTS Connect
Coupe de la Ligue beIN SPORTS Connect


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