Where to Watch Finalissima Live on US TV

Finalissima 2022 will be the match played between UEFA Euro 2020 winner Italy and Copa America 2021 champions Argentina. Many soccer lovers know it as the “CONMEBOL–UEFA Cup of Champions” or “Artemio Franchi”. Whatever, Italy vs Argentina or simply the Finalissima 2022 will take place on the 1st of June, 2022. London’s famous and iconic Wembley Stadium will enjoy the privilege to host this fixture. 86k fans will be lucky enough to witness it right from the ground while millions of others will have to watch it from home. In this content, we will reveal how and where to watch the 2022 Finalissima live on US TV. People may also love to search it as “Italy vs Argentina 2022 live on US TV”. FINALISSIMA TV SCHEDULE 2022.

Where to Watch 2022 Finalissima Live on US TV

Viewers in America can enjoy this battle of prestige between Italy and Argentina through a number of TV channels and streaming platforms.

Italy vs Argentina 2022 Live English Language Coverage:

Fox networks have confirmed that it has gained the right to air the 2022 Finalissima live on US TV. Viewers can enjoy the coverage with the English language commentary through the networks Fox Sports 1 or shortly FS1. Hence, Fox Sports 1 will be one certain option to catch the action live within the United States. Fans can watch it on their TVs or may also catch the actions online. The ones who have TV subscriptions to the Fox networks channels can enjoy the coverage live through online streaming via the network’s free streaming platform foxsports.com or Fox Sports App. Fox’s TV subscribers can enjoy the actions via these platforms without paying any extra charge. However, this convenience is just for the ones with Fox’s TV subscriptions.

ViX will also show Argentina vs Italy live in America.

2022 Finalissima Spanish Language Coverage:

To be honest, it’s still not sure which channel is gonna broadcast the 2022 Finalissima live in America. However, the expected options are Fox Deportes, TUDN, Univision, Universo, or Telemundo. It’s safe to say any 1 channel among these 5 alluded channels will provide the Spanish language coverage of the Finalissima 2022 live within the US boundary. By the way, as soon as the confirmation comes, we will declare you the Spanish language US broadcaster of the game right here. ARGENTINA NATIONAL SOCCER TEAM TV SCHEDULE.

Where to Watch Finalissima Live on US TV

How to Watch 2022 Finalissima Live on US TV through Online Streaming?

Online streaming has become the most popular way to catch soccer actions live especially in developed countries. Most US-based fans love to enjoy sporting actions in this way. Well, there are plenty of options at the moment to provide coverage through online streaming. Apart from the broadcasting network’s streaming sites or apps, viewers who don’t have TV subscriptions at home can enjoy actions via various cord-cutting services. FS1 is available through almost every top cord-cutting service in the country.

FS1 is contained by fuboTV, Hulu+ Live TV, DirecTV Stream, Sling TV (Blue or Combo), YouTube TV, as well as Vidgo. Hence, if you use any of these services, you’ll be able to stream the Finalissima 2022 between Italy vs Argentina.

Finalissima Online Streaming Options:

Platforms/Sources Cost
Fox Sports App, foxsports.com No additional charge is required for TV subscription holders
fuboTV 69.99 US Dollars per month (7-day free trial facility)
DirecTV Stream 69.99 US Dollars per month
Hulu+ Live TV 69.99 US Dollars per month
YouTube TV 64.99 US Dollars per month
Sling TV (Blue or Combo) “Blue” costs 25 USD per month, Combo charges 50 USD per month
Vidgo 50 USD per month

Recommended Streaming Platform:

If you already own a cable TV subscription which means if you have Fox networks channels at home, you can watch the actions without any additional fee through foxsports.com and Fox Sports App. However, if you are a cord-cutter then you can catch through any of the above-alluded options by subscribing to the particular platform. If you are already a user of any cord-cutting service then you can simply watch through it. But if you are not an existing customer and searching for a service to subscribing then you may require some guidelines.

Our Cord-Cutting Recommendation:

First of all, if you are looking for a cost-friendly option then Sling Blue will be a good choice for you as it comes at just 35 USD per month. However, the package doesn’t contain many of the soccer channels but in that case, you may go for the combo pack which will charge you $50 for a month.

By the way, if you are a true sports enthusiast or a true soccer fan then you may go for the fuboTV. In the US, it’s possibly the best cord-cutting service for sports lovers. It contains a galore of sports channels and will guarantee you unlimited sports events throughout the month. But with the club football season not being run in June, one may find it costly if he doesn’t catch the international friendlies or qualifiers on regular occasions. But if you have ideas to catch Argentina’s all upcoming fixtures then you will not regret subscribing to fuboTV.

Moreover, there is a ninja technique to catch the Finalissima free. If you are a fresh new fubo user, then you can enjoy its 7-day free trial facility before subscribing to it. And in this way, you can activate the free trial just before the Finalissima and can enjoy the action without paying any fee. If you truly like this service then you may subscribe to it later on.

Finalissima 2022 Details

The match will take place on June 1, 2022. Wembley Stadium located in the English capital city of London will host this fixture. The match will start at 7:45 pm BST or local time or 2:45 pm EDT.

Day June 1, 2022
Starting Time 7:45 pm BST, 2:45 pm EDT
Venue Wembley Stadium, London, England
Capacity 86,000


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