NFL is officially broadcast by NBC Sports, Fox Sports, NFL Network, ESPN and CBS in United States. West One Sports, Tune In and SiriusXM radio stations have right to provide live commentary. FuboTV is one of the best apps to subscribe and enjoy all NFL games in one platform.

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Week 1
Thursday, September 9
Cowboys vs Buccaneers 8:20 pm NBC
Sunday, September 12
Steelers vs Bills 1:00 pm CBS
Jets vs Panthers 1:00 pm CBS
Jaguars vs Texans 1:00 pm CBS
Cardinals vs Titans 1:00 pm CBS
Chargers vs Washington FT 1:00 pm CBS
Eagles vs Falcons 1:00 pm FOX
Vikings vs Bengals 1:00 pm FOX
49ers vs Lions 1:00 pm FOX
Seahawks vs Colts 1:00 pm FOX
Browns vs Chiefs 4:25 pm CBS
Dolphins vs Patriots 4:25 pm CBS
Packers vs Saints 4:25 pm FOX
Broncos vs Giants 4:25 pm FOX
Bears vs Rams 8:20 pm NBC
Monday, September 13
Ravens vs Raiders 8:15 pm ABC, ESPN
Week 2
Thursday, September 16
Giants vs Washington FT 8:20 pm NFLN
Sunday, September 19
Saints vs Panthers 1:00 pm FOX
Bengals vs Bears 1:00 pm FOX
Texans vs Browns 1:00 pm CBS
Rams vs Colts 1:00 pm FOX
Broncos vs Jaguars 1:00 pm CBS
Bills vs Dolphins 1:00 pm FOX
Patriots vs Jets 1:00 pm CBS
49ers vs Eagles 1:00 pm FOX
Raiders vs Steelers 1:00 pm CBS
Vikings vs Cardinals 4:05 pm FOX
Falcons vs Buccaneers 4:05 pm FOX
Cowboys vs Chargers 4:25 pm CBS
Titans vs Seahawks 4:25 pm CBS
Chiefs vs Ravens 8:20 pm NBC
Monday, September 20
Lions vs Packers 8:15 pm ESPN


  • All the times are according to the ET (Eastern Time).
  • You will have to add 4 hours to determine the GMT of the game.
  • Thursday night fixtures will be aired on FOX Sports, NFL Network and Amazon.
  • The Noon and Afternoon fixtures of every Sunday will be televised via FOX Sports and CBS Sports.
  • The Sunday night (8:20 pm) games will be broadcast on NBC Sports.
  • Monday night fixtures will be aired on ESPN.