Where to watch ICC World Cup 2023 Live on US TV

ICC Cricket World Cup is the biggest as well as the most prestigious platform of world cricket which takes place in every 4 years. The world has witnessed 12 editions of this competition so far and the upcoming 13th edition will take place in 2023. ICC WC is watched by millions of fans across the world including North America. So many immigrant sub-continental people are the main viewers of this tournament in the US region. In this content, we will give you direction of how to and where to watch ICC CWC 2023 live on US TV.

Which Channels Will Televise the ICC CWC 2023 Games Live in United States?

ICC World Cup Live on TVWillow TV is the broadcasting home to United States for most of the cricket competitions around the planet. They televise large number of ICC events, international bilateral series as well as domestic T20 competitions. In fact, Willow will provide all the matches of all the ICC events live in US and Canada for more than 8 years since 2015 to 2023. The list includes ICC Cricket World Cup, Women’s World Cup, T20 World Cup, Under 19 WC and many more.

Viewers in United States can enjoy all the ICC CWC 2023 fixtures live through Willow Cricket and Willow Xtra. Very similarly, Willow Canada will air all the games live to the fans within Canada. The network also televised all the CWC games in both the countries back in 2015 and 2019.

Country Broadcasting TV Channels
USA Willow Cricket, Willow Xtra
Canada Willow Canada

Where to Find Willow TV?

If you are a fresh new viewer of Willow TV or have recently shifted in the North American regions and searching for cricket specialty networks, then it’s might be the question spinning around your head. Well, nothing to worry at all. Willow is quite a popular as well as familiar network. Thus you can get it through so many cable or satellite television providers and IPTV. Have a look at the sources below which provide Willow network channels in US:

  • Dish Network (Satellite TV): Willow Cricket SD/HD Auto Ch-712, HD Version Ch-9997. Willow Xtra Ch-772. Also available as part of Hindi Elite Pack, Hindi Mega Pack, Bangla Mega Pack, Urdu Pak Mega Pack, Tamil Mosaic Pack, Punjabi Mega Pack and Telugu Package.
  • Optimum TV (Cable TV): Sports and Hindi pack. Ch-1171.
  • Spectrum (Cable TV): Spectrum TV Gold package.
  • Verizon FiOS (Cable TV): Sports Pass. Ch-806.
  • Altice One (Cable TV): Channel Number 239 and 1171.
  • Xfinity (Cable TV)
  • Sling TV (IPTV): Hindi, Urdu, Bangla, Telugu, Tamil package.
  • Prism TV (IPTV): SD Version Ch-668, HD Version Ch-1668.
  • Google Fiber (IPTV): Premium and Sports pack. Ch-244.

How Can I Catch the ICC CWC Actions Live Via Online Streaming in US and Canada?

You aren’t fond of television? You feel comfortable with your handset or love to watch via online streaming? Well, no problem. You can definitely catch all the Cricket World Cup matches live through online streaming. Hotstar has the streaming rights in both United States and Canada. The popular platform will deliver you all the fixtures live. US based cricket lovers can catch the actions through Hotstar US. The service demands only 9.99 US Dollar for a month and provides you galore of live cricketing actions. However, users can also purchase it on annual plan in a rather cheaper rate by paying just 49.99 US Dollar for 12 months period.

Hotstar Canada provides the very same service to the Canadians. It asks for 12.99 CAD per month while the annual subscription fee is as cheap as 49.99 CAD. By the way, all the Hotstar services and plans ask for additional taxes which needs to be paid by the users. But it shouldn’t discourage you purchasing the services cause they are quite cheap accordance to the amount of live actions they provide. And more importantly they would have cost you more but the authority reduced the subscription fee in both the countries. This helps you saving as much as 50 USD (in US) and 30 CAD (in Canada) every year.

In addition to this, Americans can also enjoy the live actions through Willow Premium the digital streaming platform of Willow. This service also costs as same as the two previously mentioned ones (except the taxes) per month. However, the annual subscription fee is a bit higher than those two as it makes you pay 60 USD for one year service.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Online Streaming Options and Cost:

Online Streaming Platform Monthly Cost Country
Hotstar US 9.99 US Dollar + Taxes United States of America
Willow Premium 9.99 US Dollar United States of America
Hotstar Canada 12.99 Canadian Dollar + Taxes Canada

When to Watch the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 Actions Live in United States?

Although the fixture hasn’t been finalized yet, ICC informed that, the competition will take place during October and November in 2023. Actually the tournament was to be played from 9 February to 26 March but the authority shifted the date due to the corona virus pandemic. 10 team will qualify for the final competition. For the first time, India will host the entire tournament itself. Thus we expect the day games to start at 9:30 am local time while the day-night games should begin at 2:30 pm local time. Due to huge time difference of 10 hours and 30 minutes, North American viewers will catch the live actions at 11 pm (-1 day) and 4 am respectively.

Round Date Match Start Time (USA)
Round Robin October – November 11 pm ET (-1 Day) (Mid Night)
4 pm ET (Late Night)
Semifinals Late November 4 pm ET (Late Night)
Final 26th November 4 pm ET (Late Night)


  • The chart has been created based on the previous cricket world cup hosted by India in 2011. Thus there might be some changes made by ICC. But we firmly believe, there won’t be much change in the time table.
  • Due to enormous time difference between the host country and the US region, the Day games will actually start even before the clock hits midnight in America (-1 Day). The Day Night fixtures will be available live during late night in the US.
  • We will update all the dates and times here, as soon as ICC publishes the final fixture.

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