Where to Watch Bundesliga Live on US TV

Bundesliga the highest tier soccer competition in Germany is also the 2nd most watched domestic football league in United States. With a combination of young as well as veteran US Men’s Team representatives in it, the competition has gained large number of followers in the recent years. Upcoming super stars of US football team like Gio Reyna, Tyler Adams, Josh Sargent along with experienced Timothy Chandler and John Brooks featuring in this league helped the competition becoming that much attractive to the Americans. In this article, we will help you getting overall direction of where and how to watch Bundesliga live on US TV.

Where to Watch German Bundesliga Live in English Language in United States?

Watch Bundesliga Live on US TVESPN+, the subscription only streaming service of ESPN holds the broadcasting right of German Bundesliga within US territory. They have owned the bragging right with the starting of the 2020-21 campaign. However, it has been a 6 year long deal and they will enjoy the right until the end of the 2025-26 season. The streaming platform replaced FOX Sports Network who used to broadcast Bundelsiga clashes within USA in English language. ESPN+ will stream almost every Bundesliga game throughout the season, which is more than 300 in number. However, ESPN Network based channels ESPN and ESPN2 will televise select Bundesliga game (4 or more throughout the campaign) Live in English language in USA.

The Ways to Watch German Bundesliga Fixtures Live in Spanish Language in America:

People who are searching for the options where they can enjoy the Bundesliga actions live in Spanish language, should do nothing but do the same process by subscribing ESPN+. This streaming platform of ESPN, will also broadcast the most (almost all) of the fixtures live in Spanish language as well. That sums up that, Univision group channels UniMas as well as TUDN will not televise the German top tier league competition game any more. Apart from this streaming platform which is expected to stream more than 300 matches live in Spanish, ESPN Deportes will also televise select matches (4 or more) in the entire season.

The Chart of Number of Bundesliga Fixtures Available Via Different Sources:

TV Channel or Streaming Platform Type of Source No. of Games Broadcast throughout the season
ESPN+ Subscription Only Online Streaming Service More than 300 Matches
ESPN, ESPN 2 Cable TV Network 4 or More Matches
ESPN Deportes Cable TV Network 4 or More Matches

How Can I Watch Bundesliga Live via Online Streaming in US?

Unlike other leagues, Bundesliga has to be watched through online streaming in US soil. As I have mentioned earlier, the home to Bundesliga in United States, ESPN+ itself is an online streaming platform. You can get access to it by subscribing it for only 5.99 US Dollar per month. Oh Yes! It’s definitely much cheaper than you would have expected. However, one can also purchase it as the part of the Disney+ bundle for just 12.99 USD per month. In that case, apart from ESPN+, one will also get access to Disney+ and Hulu.

The fixtures which will be broadcast through cable TV network ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Deportes, can be watched live via fuboTV and Sling Orange. fuboTV costs 54.99-74.99 USD per month and offers more than 32 soccer channels including 18 Spanish signals. On the other side, Sling Orange costs 30 USD per month and gives you access to 23 soccer signals. These two sources also offer free trial which can be a very much interesting thing for the potential new subscribers.

Online Streaming Source or Service Cost per Month Available Competitions
ESPN+ 5.99 US Dollar More than 300 Bundesliga Matches, 2 Bundesliga, German Super Cup Final
Sling Orange 30 US Dollar Select Bundesliga Matches, DFB Pokal
fuboTV 54.99-74.99 US Dollar Select Bundesliga Matches

How to Listen Bundesliga Match Commentary Live on US Radio?

You can also listen the live commentary of the Bundesliga encounters via Radio. Talksport 2 delivers free coverage of the mentioned competition via Tune-In. Apart from this, select number of German Bundesliga matches are broadcast via Sirius XM FC on it’s satellite radio network.

Where Can I Find Other German Soccer Competitions Live in United States?

DFB Pokal, the most prestigious cup competition in German football can be watched live through WatchESPN and Sling Orange. The German Super Cup Final is available live either on cable TV network ESPN or online streaming service ESPN+. To assure you, the super cup final is played between the previous season’s Bundesliga title winner side and the DFB Pokal Cup champions.

Competition Name Type of Source Available Via
DFB Pokal Online Streaming Service WatchESPN, Sling Orange
German Super Cup Final Cable TV Network or Online Streaming Service ESPN or ESPN+
2. Bundesliga Online Streaming Service ESPN+

The clashes of 2 Bundesliga the 2nd tier competition of Soccer in Germany, are also expected to be streamed through ESPN+.

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