Chicago Fire Players Salary 2022

Chicago Fire SalaryEastern Conference member Chicago Fire is a very decent team in MLS competition. The side with comes up high protection in the defensive center. Not only that, but the front line is also very tough. This time the team is in full gear and make sure to do something new this year. The newcomer was hired for a high demanding salary and the old players also paid a big amount. Well, let’s check out the Chicago Fire Players Salary 2022. CHICAGO FIRE FC TV SCHEDULE.

Robert Beric is the highest-paid footballer on the Chicago fire team as he was paid about $2 million in base salaries. Along with an extra $168,100 his total compensation is $2.19 million. The forward will release his contract this year. Elliot Collier accumulated the second-highest-paid soccer team. He is also paid $136,333 out of his contract. Defender Francisco Calvo’s total compensation is about $672,600 along with $72,600 extra income. Przemysław Frankowski is the one who paid a big hit of his extra compensation. His out income is about $211,687 while his base salary is $450,000. Here we have tabled the Chicago fire players’ salary information below.

Chicago Fire Players Salary 2022

Players Base Salary Extra paid Total Salary
Robert Beric (FW) $2 million $168,100 $2.2 millon
Elliot Collier (FW) $1.14 million $136,333 $1.27 million
Francisco Calvo (DF) $600,000 $72,600 $672,600
Przemysław Frankowski (MF) $450,000 $211,687 $661,687
Johan Kappelhof (DF) $549,999 $27,834 $577,833
C. J. Sapong (FW) $475,000 $475,000
Nicholas Slonina  (DF) $320,000 $320,000
Bobby Shuttleworth (GK) $174,999 $16,875 $191,874
Jonathan Bornstein (DF) $240,000 $23,200 $263,200
Boris Sekulic (DF) $150,000 $8000 $158,000
Kenneth Kronholm (MF) $87,996 $63000 $150,996
Micheal Azira (MF) $140,000 $6625 $146,625
Fabian Herbers (FW) $135,000 $135,000
Miguel Navarro (DF) $112,000 $120,000
Djordje Mihailovic  (MF) $111,000 $3600 $114,600
Brandt Bronico (MF) $84,999 $5625 $90,624
Gabriel Slonina (GK) $60,000 $14,800 $74,800
Jeremiah Gutjahr (MF) $56,000 $14000 $70,000
Andre Reynolds II (DF) $56,250 $8000 $64,250.
Mauricio Pineda (MF) $50,000 $10,0000 $60,000
Wyatt Omsberg (DF) $57,225 $57,225
Connor Sparrow (MF) $54,504 $54,504
Alvaro Medran (MF)

Here we have seen, Most of the Chicago football players earn extra compensation along with a good base salary. The signing contract of the soccer team is very close to finishing the previous contract. Most of them are going out of the contract this season. They need to extend the contract as soon as possible. They can also jump from the side. Whatever the fact is certain, the club pays a standard salary to their soccer. MLS is a very popular game in America. And also a great source for soccer to bag money from the competition. Every year the MLS players pocketed a big amount. There are some guys who jumped from La Liga or some other big-league competition. However, The team always tries to pay the players according to their efforts. The players who consisted in the club also refer to a high amount in the transfer market. 

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