Where to watch BPL T20 Live on TV

BPL Live on TVBangladesh Premier League the most popular domestic cricket competition of Bangladesh, is known as the BPL. It is the 16th most attended premier league in the world. The craziness of the Bangladeshi people for the game of cricket, has taken this league to another level. In fact, the fans are the most important feature of this tournament. Due to quite a large number of Bangladeshis currently living in the North American region, the league has also got so many followers from the US region. In this content, we will reveal all the info about how to and where to watch BPL matches live on US TV.

Which Channels to Follow to Watch BPL Matches Live on US TV?

BPL is definitely one of the mostly watched cricket leagues in the planet and is available to the cricket lovers in US and Canadian region through both TV and online streaming. Willow TV network claimed the broadcasting right of the Bangladesh Premier League within United States and Canada, back in 2017. They televise all the games of this competition live through their network channels. In USA, the games are broadcast live through Willow Cricket and Willow Xtra. Meanwhile, the live actions are available to the Canadian viewers through Willow Canada.

Country Broadcasting TV Channel Match Commentary Language
United States of America Willow Cricket, Willow Xtra English
Canada Willow Canada English

Where Can I Find Willow TV?

Willow TV is available through so many satellite and cable TV providers as well as IPTV. You can find it via the following sources:

  • Sling TV (IPTV): Part of Tamil, Hindi, Bangla, Telugu, Urdu Packages.
  • Dish Network (Satellite TV Provider): Willow Cricket (SD/HD) Auto Ch-712, HD Version Ch-9997. Willow Xtra Ch-772.
  • Optimum TV (Cable TV Provider): Part of Optimum TV Sports pack and Hindi pack. Ch-1171.
  • Prism TV (IPTV): SD Version Ch-668, HD Version Ch-1668.
  • Verizon FiOS (Cable TV Provider): Available via Sports Pass package. Ch-806.
  • Google Fiber (IPTV): You can find it through Premium and Sports package. Ch-244.
  • Altice One (Cable TV Provider): Represented by Channel Number 239 and 1171.
  • Spectrum (Cable TV Provider): Available via Spectrum TV Gold Package.
  • Xfinity (Cable TV Provider): Also available through this cable TV provider.

Ways to Catch the BPL Actions Live through Online Streaming in United States:

Cricket lovers can also catch the BPL actions live through online streaming in US and Canada. Popular online streaming platform Hotstar owns the online streaming right of this competition in the mentioned countries. In America, Hotstar US provides live action of all the BPL games. The service charges 9.99 US Dollar per month while it’s yearly subscription fee is only 49.99 US Dollar. Additional taxes will be applied for both the services.

In Canada, Hotstar Canada plays the very similar role and costs 12.99 Canadian Dollar per month to the viewers. However, the Users can also purchase the annual package by paying 49.99 Canadian Dollar only. Just like in America, viewers in Canada will also have to pay extra taxes to enjoy the service. The annual service charge has been reduced by the authority in both the countries as the 12 months service charge used to be 99.99 USD in USA and 79.99 CAD in Canada respectively.

Apart from the mentioned sources, viewers in US can also enjoy the live action through Willow’s digital streaming platform Willow Premium. This service also costs 9.99 USD for a month while the yearly subscription fee of the platform is 60 US Dollar.

Chart of BPL Fixtures Online Streaming Sources in North America:

Online Streaming Platform Cost Per Month Country
Hotstar US 9.99 US Dollar and Taxes United States of America
Hotstar Canada 12.99 Canadian Dollar and Taxes Canada
Willow Premium 9.99 US Dollar United States of America

When to Catch the BPL Actions Live in United States?

BPL takes place during the latest part of the year generally in November-December. The participating 7 teams come face to face with each other twice in the double round robin stage that consists of 42 matches. Then the top 4 sides feature in the eliminator and two qualifiers before the best 2 sides make it to the final. Except the game day of the 2nd qualifier and the final, all the other game day features two game per day. The day games have a staring time of 1:30 pm local time (except 2 pm on Fridays). On the contrary, the night games have a starting time of 6:30 pm local time (except 7 pm on Fridays).

Eliminator and the 1st Qualifier usually scheduled to be played on the same day, respectively at day and night. The final is generally fixed to take place on a Friday and starts at 7 pm local time. American viewers can catch the local day games actions live during late at night. And the local night time fixtures are available live during early mornings at the United States.

Bangladesh Premier League Matches Time Chart For American Viewers:

Round Game Day Match Start Time (USA)
Double Round Robin Saturdays to Thursdays 2:30 am ET (Late Night)
7:30 am ET (Morning)
Fridays 3 am ET (Late Night)
8 am ET (Morning)
Eliminator Random 2:30 am ET (Late Night)
Qualifier 1 Random 7:30 am ET (Morning)
Qualifier 2 Random 7:30 am ET (Morning)
Final Friday 8 am ET (Morning)


  • The chart has been made according to the previous 2019-20 edition of the competition. Thus, there can be some changes in the upcoming edition which will take place in 2021. But we expect things to be quite similar to the latest edition of this competition.
  • A huge time difference of 11 hours, makes the local day games available at late nights in the US and the local night games during the early mornings.

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