The Sports Movie Your State is Most Obsessed With Mapped

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Americans love sports movies. Whether it’s rooting for the underdog team to make the big comeback or cheering on the boxer as he takes on his rival, we get hooked by sports movies because they represent so much more than just a game. They often represent the power of the human spirit to overcome physical, mental, and emotional obstacles. And in some cases, sports flicks just give us a good laugh.

But did you know your favorite sports film might be influenced by where you live? Sounds crazy, but it’s true.

Using data from IMDb, we put together a list of the 200 most popular sports movies of all time. We then worked with the team at Mindnet Analytics and used Google Trends data to identify which sports movie each state was most interested in relative to other states.

The results might be more shocking than the Little Giants’ 99-yard game-winning touchdown on their fumblerooski trick play.


Noteworthy Findings

  • Some of the sports movies that multiple states across the US are obsessed with include Bull Durham, Happy Gilmore, and Rocky.
  • Not surprisingly, the state of Pennsylvania loves Rocky Balboa as the film series is set in Philadelphia.
  • Similarly, North Carolina is obsessed with Bull Durham, a movie depicting a minor league baseball team in Durham, North Carolina.


The Sports Movie Each State is Most Obsessed With (List)

Want to see the findings for each state in list form? Here they are below:

Alabama: Bull Durham
Alaska: Million Dollar Baby
Arizona: Rounders
Arkansas: Point Break
California: Rush
Colorado: Happy Gilmore
Connecticut: School Ties
Delaware: Bend It Like Beckham
District Of Columbia: Rocky
Florida: Miracle
Georgia: Higher Learning
Hawaii: Kickboxer
Idaho: Chariots Of Fire
Illinois: Higher Learning
Indiana: Hoosiers
Iowa: Field Of Dreams
Kansas: Bull Durham
Kentucky: He Got Game
Louisiana: He Got Game
Maine: The Greatest Game Ever Played
Maryland: Rush
Massachusetts: Fight Club
Michigan: School Ties
Minnesota: Happy Gilmore
Mississippi: Little Giants
Missouri: Higher Learning
Montana: The Blind Side
Nebraska: Caddyshack
Nevada: Rush
New Hampshire: The Natural
New Jersey: He Got Game
New Mexico: The Karate Kid
New York: Rocky
North Carolina: Bull Durham
North Dakota: Coach Carter
Ohio: Happy Gilmore
Oklahoma: Varsity Blues
Oregon: Point Break
Pennsylvania: Rocky Balboa
Rhode Island: The Fighter
South Carolina: School Ties
South Dakota: The Wrestler
Tennessee: Miracle
Texas: Bring It On
Utah: The Natural
Vermont: The Mighty Ducks
Virginia: Rocky
Washington: Invincible
West Virginia: We Are Marshall
Wisconsin: North Dallas Forty
Wyoming: The Longest Yard


Do you share the same favorite sports movie as your state? Let us know by commenting below.

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