Where to watch Italian Serie A 2021-22 Live on TV

Serie A Live on TVSerie A the Italian top flight domestic soccer competition has millions of followers in United States of America, just like it has got in the rest of the planet. However, the league didn’t use to attract the fans in the US as much as EPL, Bundesliga or La Liga used to. But with the arrival of Portuguese super star Cristiano Ronaldo, it has gained much more viewers in the last couple of years. Nevertheless, if you are a Serie A fan and currently living in America, then here is the perfect direction for you as this article will make you clear about where to and how to watch, listen and stream Serie A live within United States territory.

Where to Watch Serie A Live on TV in English Language in United States?

Popular sporting network ESPN currently owns the broadcasting right of Serie A in United States. The network televises the Italian highest tier soccer league in America both in English as well as in Spanish. The company won the race of televising Serie A in US back in 2018-19 season. They will enjoy the right until the end of the ongoing 2020-21 campaign. Generally, the network broadcast only one game every weekend through ESPN, ESPN2 or ESPNEWS. The mentioned channels air the “Match of the Week” in English language meanwhile the other 9 matches are streamed through ESPN+.

The Ways to Watch Serie A Matches Live on TV in Spanish and Italian Language in US:

ESPN Deportes airs the Serie A games live in Spanish language within the US region. The cable TV channel broadcasts around 40 matches throughout the entire season. Just like the other ESPN group channels, it also most often televises one game in a week.

However, if you are looking for the games to be broadcast in Italian language, then put your eyes on RAI International as the cable TV network holds the right to air the games in Italian language via Dish and DIRECTV.

How to Watch from UK?

Premier Sports, Sky and Virgin Media can be you platform to enjoy Serie A from United Kingdom.

Chart of Number of Serie A Matches Broadcast or Streamed through Different Channels and Platforms:

Group / Network Cable TV Channel / Streaming Service No. of Game Per Match Week No. of Game Throughout the Entire Season Language
ESPN ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNEWS 1 (Match of the Week) 38 English
ESPN ESPN Deportes Generally 1 Around 40 Spanish
ESPN ESPN+ Average of 9 More Than 340 English
RAI International (via DirecTV, Dish) RAI Italia Approximately 3-4 Around 130 Italian

How Can I Watch Serie A Live Via Online Streaming in United States?

As I have mentioned it earlier, ESPN+ the subscription only online streaming service of ESPN, streams 9 out of 10 encounters in an average per week. In fact, the online streaming platform streams more than 340 matches throughout the entire season. It is quite cheaper as it only costs 5.99 US Dollar per month. However, if you subscribe it in yearly basis, then it will cost you just 49.99 USD for 12 months period. ESPN+ will be the best platform for the viewers to catch the Serie A actions live.

RAI Italia televises 3-4 games per week in Italian language and you can get access into it through another source named fuboTV. This versatile option will cost you 64.99-79.99 US Dollars but will give you plenty of channels and options to enjoy soccer. Apart from these, you can also enjoy 7 days free trial before subscribing it.

Cost Chart for Catching Serie A Actions Live in America:

Source or Service Type of Source Cost Advantage
ESPN+ Online Streaming Source 5.99 US Dollar per Month; 49.99 US Dollar per Year Streaming of More Than 340 Serie A Clashes Live
fuboTV Online Streaming Source 64.99-79.99 US Dollar per Month 105-155 Channels, 7 Days Free Trial
Dish TV Cable TV Network 89.99 US Dollar per Month 290+ Channels

How to Enjoy Serie A Live Coverage Via Radio in USA?

If you are a Serie A lover and also a radio listener then you can enjoy the live as well as the weekly commentary of the Italian top flight by turning on Channel 85 on SiriusXM. However, the AS Roma fans can also enjoy things through Roma Radio via Tune-In App.

Where to Find Coppa Italia Matches Live in America?

ESPN+ also streams the select Coppa Italia fixtures live in USA. Although it doesn’t stream all of the clashes but you can find the important encounters of this cup competition via this online streaming service. The Coppa Italia Final, the most important match of this tournament is televised through ESPN and ESPN Deportes in English and Spanish language. Apart from this, ESPN+, ESPN Deportes+ and RAI Italia also streams the title deciding fixture live in United States in English, Spanish and Italian language respectively.

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