Where to watch US Open Tennis Live on TV

US Open is one of the 4 Grand Slam tournaments which is also the final major tennis tournament of the year. The mega event is preceded by Australian Open, French Open and Wimbledon respectively. The 2021 US Open tennis will start on August 30 and come to the closure on September 12. The America based tournament also gets the most number of television or online viewers from it’s host country. This article will be a helping hand for the readers about where to and how to watch and stream US Open live in USA and Canada.

Which Channels to Broadcast US Open Tennis Live on US TV?

ESPN the mostly viewed and also the richest sporting network holds the broadcasting right of US Open matches live within United States. Since 2015, they are the lone televising network in the country. The popular TV network airs the matches live in English language through ESPN and ESPN2. They also broadcast some of the matches and specially the outer court coverage through their online streaming platform ESPN+.

ESPN and ESPN2, both the sister channels are available through majority of the cable operators in the country. Satellite TV users will also found them in DirecTV and Dish Network. On the contrary, viewers will have to subscribe ESPN+ to enjoy the coverage provides through it. The streaming media is purchasable both in monthly and yearly package. The monthly package has a subscription fee of 5.99 US Dollar while the yearly package makes the viewers pay 49.99 US Dollar for 12 months service.

US Open Live Broadcasting TV Channels in Canada:

TSN currently owns the broadcasting right of US Open live in Canada. TSN the number one sports specialty network in Canada, broadcasts all the US Open matches live inside the country in English language. The network uses 5 channels: TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5 to deliver the matches live to the Canadian watchers. However, the company’s French language version network RDS holds the French language broadcasting right and airs the schedules live through RDS and RDS2. All these channels are available through most of the cable TV providers as well as satellite TV provider: Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct.

Chart of US Open Broadcasting TV Channels in USA and Canada:

Country Broadcasting TV Channels Satellite TV Providers
United States of America ESPN, ESPN2 DirecTV, Dish Network
Canada TSN1, TSN2, TSN3 TSN4, TSN5 Shaw Direct, Bell Satellite TV
RDS Shaw Direct, Bell Satellite TV

How to Stream US Open Matches Live in United States?

US tennis lovers have got plenty of options to watch US Open matches live via online streaming. We’ve already mentioned you about ESPN+, the subscription only online streaming platform of ESPN. Viewers can also catch the ESPN network broadcasting matches live through WatchESPN. It just need TV subscription to ESPN and doesn’t demand any extra fee.

You can also watch the matches through Bet365.Com as the legal online betting platform offers all the matches live to it’s users. Firstly, you need to register or login with your id and pre-fund it by depositing 10 US Dollar or more. Then you can stream the matches live by keeping the balance in your id or even without balance if you had a settled bet less than 24 hours ago. Apart from these, there are plenty more sources which provide the actions live in US. All the sources are listed in a chart below with the TV channels and facilities they provide and the costs.

Online Streaming Source Available US Open Broadcasting TV Channels Cost
WatchESPN ESPN, ESPN2 and Others (If needed) TV Subscription to ESPN Network
fuboTV ESPN, ESPN2 and Others (If needed) 59.99-79.99 US Dollar Per Month, Add On “Sports Plus” for 11 Dollar More
Sling TV ESPN, ESPN2 and Others (If needed) 30 USD Per Month (Sling Orange or Sling Blue), Add On “Sports Extra” for 10 More USD
AT&T TV Now ESPN, ESPN2 and Others (If needed) Package Starts from 59.99 US Dollar Per Month
YouTube TV ESPN, ESPN2 64.99 USD Per Month
Hulu+ Live TV ESPN, ESPN2 and Others (If needed) 54.99 USD Per Month
ESPN+ 5.99 USD Per Month, 49.99 USD Per Year
Bet365.Com Needs Deposition of 10 USD or More

Ways to Watch US Open Matches Via Online Streaming in Canada:

Canadian viewers also can catch the US Open tennis actions live via various online streaming sources.

  • TSN GO: TSN provides the English language matches online via TSN App and TSN Direct. TSN App requires cable TV subscription to TSN and doesn’t demand extra cost meanwhile TSN Direct can deliver you the action without any subscription to TSN TV network. Packages are available in daily, monthly and 6 months lengthy package. The packages cost 4.99 CAD, 19.99 CAD as well as 99.95 CAD respectively.
  • RDS GO: The French language version of the matches via RDS App and RDS Direct. RDS App is just similar to TSN App, requiring TV subscription and no more extra cost. On the contrary, RDS Direct is similar to TSN Direct, doesn’t need TV subscription and is purchasable as daily and monthly package. The cost is also as same as of TSN Direct.
Online Streaming Media Available TV Channels Cost
TSN App TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Demands TV Subscription (No Extra Cost)
TSN Direct TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Daily Subscription Fee $4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee $19.99 CAD, 6 Months Subscription Fee $99.95 CAD.
RDS App RDS, RDS2 Demands TV Subscription (No Extra Cost)
RDS Direct RDS, RDS2 Daily Subscription Fee $4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee $19.99 CAD.


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