Where to watch Premier League 2021-22 Live on US TV

English Premier League which is shortly known as the EPL is the most popular domestic football competition not only in the rest of the world but also in the United States. The competition with more than 5 billion followers around the planet also attracts more than a million viewers within the US territory and that’s the case in the most of the games. According to statistical reports, NBC averaged as many as 831,379 watchers during the latest season of the Premier League. In this article we will give you the complete guideline of how to watch English Premier League in the United States.

How to watch EPL on TV in English Language in US?

NBC Sports Group does have the broadcasting right of the English Premier League within the US territory. They own this exclusive right until the end of the ongoing 2020-21 campaign. Although the television viewers can only enjoy 3 games live back in England, the fans in the USA can watch all 10 games of a game week live via various channels of NBC network. That means the EPL lovers in America can enjoy all the 380 fixtures in a season live on TV. NBCSN broadcasts the majority of the premier league fixtures in the US. However, the other fixtures are televised live via CNBC meanwhile the Saturday lunch time clash (Evening game in UK) is broadcast through NBC.

Match Day Match Time (Eastern Time) Broadcasting TV Channel
Friday Afternoon (2:45-4:45pm) NBCSN
Saturday Early Morning (7:45-9:45am) NBCSN
Saturday Morning (10am-Noon) NBCSN
Saturday Lunch Time (12:30-2:30pm) NBC
Sunday Morning (8:30-10:30am) NBCSN
Sunday Morning (11am-1pm) NBCSN
Monday Afternoon (3-5pm) NBCSN

Where to watch EPL on TV in Spanish Language in USA?

You’re an EPL lover living in the US but English ain’t the first choice language for you? Searching for Spanish commentary of the EPL games? Well, no problem. Here’s the solution for you. The EPL games are broadcast in Spanish language through Universo as well as Telemundo. Universo which used to be known as the mun2 televises 1 or 2 games on every Saturdays. On the contrary, Telemundo broadcasts 1 or 2 Games on every Sunday Mornings.

Match Day Match Time (Eastern Time) Broadcasting TV Channel
Saturday Based on the Cruciality of the Game Universo
Sunday Early Morning and Morning Telemundo

Here’s the chart of the number of games you can watch every week and throughout the whole season on different networks.

Network Number of Games in a Season Language
NBC Sports Group Channels (NBCSN, NBC, CNBC) 380 Matches English
Universo Around 60-70 Matches Spanish
Telemundo Around 60-70 Matches Spanish

How to watch EPL via Online Streaming in America?

Although almost all the English Premier League clashes are available live on broadcasting networks, the modern day fans are switching their first choices from cable TV network to online streaming platforms. It’s because of the flexibility of these sources as they neither need any cable nor any satellite TV subscription.

The fans in the US can catch half of each weekend’s action live via Peacock Premium. If you are not familiar to this, let me know you that, it’s the paid subscription service of NBC. This newly launched platform has replaced the previous one named NBC Sports Gold for the online streaming of the most popular league in the planet within US. The mentioned platform streams 4 to 5 fixtures every weekend and a total of 175 encounters throughout the campaign.

However, the most popular online streaming option is fuboTV. It will help you get access to NBCSN, CNBC, ESPN, ESPN2, FS1, FS2, FOX Soccer Plus, FOX Deportes and plenty more other channels as well. You can catch 6 Premier League encounters on every game week which means it helps you streaming around 60% match of the entire season. fuboTV costs 54.99-74.99 USD per month and offers you as many as 32 soccer channels including 18 Spanish language based ones.

The other online streaming options to enjoy EPL fixtures are:

  • Sling Blue: Sling Blue costs 30-45 USD. It streams 23 soccer based channels including 9 Spanish language based signals.
  • Hulu Live: Hulu Live costs 54.99-60.99 US Dollar per month and helps you getting access to 11 soccer channels. Among them 1 is Spanish language signal.
  • YouTube TV: It is the another source of catching some of the EPL actions live via online.

The number of matches you can catch on various platforms every weekend and throughout the season:

Online Streaming Platform Number of Games Streamed Every Week Number of Games Streamed Throughout the Season
Peacock Premium 4 to 5 Matches 175 Matches
fuboTV Around 6 Matches Around 220-230 Matches

The Ways to watch Specific Clubs’ Games Live in USA:

If you are looking for platforms that streams the matches live in the club based system, then you can follow the Club TV Channels. Almost all the EPL giants have club TV channels which are available in the US soil. You can catch all the Chelsea games live via Chelsea TV which is available via fuboTV. If your favorite club is any of these: Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal or Tottenham, you can watch their games live through MUTV, LFC TV, Arsenal TV and Spurs TV respectively. All these channels are available via B/R Live.

Club TV Channels Representative Club Available Via
MUTV Manchester United F.C. B/R Live
LFC TV Liverpool F.C. B/R Live
Arsenal TV Arsenal F.C. B/R Live
Chelsea TV Chelsea F.C. fuboTV
Spurs TV Tottenham Hotspur B/R Live

How Can I Catch Premier League Fixtures Live on Radio in America?

The American EPL lovers can listen the commentary live through Radio as well. The live broadcasts through Radio is available on talkSPORT on Tune-In. However, one can also listen the match commentary on Sportsworld program. This program is aired through BBC World Service. The listeners can catch the BBC World Service program via BBC Website, Stitcher or Tune-In.

Where Can I Find the Highlights of the EPL in United States?

If somehow you have missed the live action of the premier league then you can watch the highlights via NBCSN as the channel broadcasts Goal Zone. It is a highlight show that helps you catching up the goals you have missed. Apart from these, you can also watch the missed action later via online streaming platforms as well.

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