Where to watch NHL Live on US TV

NHL Live on US TVNational Hockey League is one of the 4 major popular American sporting competitions. NHL has millions of viewers across United States and Canada. After the gradual increasing in the average number of per game viewers since 2016 up to 2019, in 2020 the number has been rapidly decreased due to Corona virus pandemic. From 2016 up to 2019, the average number of per game television watcher was 3.9 million, 4.7 million, 4.8 million and 5.33 million. But last season the number came down to 2.15, less than half of the previous campaign. In this article we will inform you about where to and how to watch and stream NHL actions live on US and Canadian TV.

Which Channels to Air the NHL Matches Live on US TV?

During April, 2011, the NHL authority and NBC and thenceforth Versus Channel made a 10 years mega deal worth 2 billion US Dollars. The contract saw the NBC Sports and Versus Channel which is currently known as NBCSN, gaining the broadcasting right of NBL matches on US TV. The 10 years contract will run through to 2020-21 campaign. Apart from these television networks, some other networks also televise some contents as well.


The Versus Channel was renamed as NBCSN back on January 2, 2012. The channel airs at least two regular season games or more per match week. It mainly televises the games on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights. There has been an exclusive weekly window with the flagship of Wednesday Night Hockey. The weeknight play off fixtures are also broadcast through this channel. However, those playoff games are unexclusive for the opening round but since the beginning of the 2nd round, those become exclusive ones to NBCSN. Apart from these, the 2nd and 3rd match of the Stanley Cup Final are also aired through this channel as well. The channel is available through most of the cable TV providers in US, satellite TV providers Dish and DirecTV and also through AT&T U-verse, Google Fiber as well as Verizon FiOS.


NBC generally broadcasts the special games on special occasions including most of the crucial games of the Stanley Cup Final. NBC’s broadcasting schedule includes: Black Friday’s Thanksgiving Showdown game, Winter Classic and Stadium Series games, National Hockey League All Star Game. In addition to these, NBC also televises Sunday afternoon late season matches, weekend afternoon or Saturday night playoff fixtures. Moreover, the 1st, 4th, 5th and 7th games of the Stanley Cup Final are also available through this channel.

NHL Network:

The Hockey specialty channel mainly airs the Monday and Friday fixtures of this competition. However, occasionally, it also televises the occasional Sunday clashes as well. It also simulcasts Canadian networks CBC and Sportsnet based Hockey Night in Canada generally on Saturday nights. By the way, the simulcast can be subject to black out, if a regional network carries the coverage of the same fixture.


CNBC delivers the Stanley Cup Playoffs Overflows to the Ice Hockey fans in the country. Viewers can find the channel through most of the cable TV providers, satellite TV providers Dish Network, DirecTV and C-Band (in USA) and also through Shaw Direct (in Canada). Among the Internet Protocol TVs, Google Fiber, Verizon FiOS, AT&T U-verse, CenturyLink Prism TV (in USA), Bell Fibe TV, Bell Alliant Fibe, VMedia (in Canada) gives access to this channel.

USA Network:

Just like it’s sister channel CNBC, USA Network also televises the Stanley Cup Playoffs Overflows.

Chart of NHL Broadcasting TV Channels in United States:

Broadcasting Network or Channel Broadcasting Details
NBCSN Two or More Regular Season games per match week on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday nights; Exclusive Weekly Window of Wednesday Night Hockey; Weeknight Playoff Fixtures (Unexclusive in First Round, Exclusive from 2nd Round); 2nd and 3rd Match of Stanley Cup Final.
NBC National Hockey League All Star game; Thanksgiving Showdown (Black Friday) match; Late season Sunday afternoon games; Playoff games on weekend afternoon or Saturday nights; 1st, 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th game of Stanley Cup Final.
NHL Network Monday, Friday games; Occasional Sunday matches; Simulcasts of Hockey Night in Canada.
CNBC Stanley Cup Playoffs Overflows.
USA Network Stanley Cup Playoffs Overflows.

Where to Enjoy NHL Matches Live on Canadian TV?

NHL includes as many as 7 Canadian teams and is pretty much popular in Canada. Rogers Communications holds the broadcasting right of this competition matches in Canada. The company earned the right for 12 years starting from 2014-15 season through to 2025-26 campaign. The deal cost the popular company $5.232 billion but made them the only rightsholder in the country. Whatever, millions of viewers watch the NHL actions live across various television networks in the country. In fact, the NHL games are televised through at least 6 different TV networks in 4 different languages on national level and also through some other channels on local level.


Sportsnet is the main and the most popular broadcasting network of NHL matches in Canada. They televise Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights, Scotiabnak Wednesday Night Hockey, Roger Hometown Hockey on Sunday nights. They also share a portion of Stanley Cup Playoffs early round games along with CBC. In addition to this, all the matches from the Conference Finals onward are simulcast through this network channels. Apart from these, Sportnet’s various regional channels also broadcast the games of various Canadian NHL clubs on local level within specific regions.

CBC Television:

The network airs multiple games of Hockey Night in Canada on Saturday nights. CBC also shares a portion of the early round Stanley Cup Playoff games with Sportsnet. Moreover, it simulcasts all the fixtures from the conference finals onward as well. It airs all those fixtures in English language.


CityTV also televises multiple games of Hockey Night in Canada during the Saturday nights in English language.

TVA Sports:

The French language specialty service broadcasts 20 regular season games featuring Montreal Canadiens. It also airs the side’s playoff appearances as well in French language. It televises the games generally on Saturday nights.

Omni Television:

The network owned by Rogers Communications, also provides the select games of Hockey Night in Canada. You can watch the Punjabi version commentary of the select games through this channel. So many Punjabis living in Canada, would choose to enjoy the Hockey actions through this channel.


APTN which is broadly known as Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, simulcasts select Hometown Hockey Games. The network which earned the right just since 2019, airs the matches on Plains Cree language.


The Sports Network holds the regional broadcasting right of various Canadian NHL sides through various channels. It airs the Montreal Canadiens games through TSN2, Winnipeg Jets games through TSN3, 26 Toronto Maple Leafs games via TSN4 as well as Ottawa Senators games via TSN5. The network delivers all these games to the local fans in English language.


The number one French language specialty channel in the country also serves as the local level broadcaster of the competition. Regional viewers can find the Montreal Canadiens games on RDS while the Ottawa Senators games are available through RDS or RDS2. The network is suitable for the French language users as it broadcasts all these games live in French language.

Chart of NHL Broadcasting TV Channels in Canada:

Broadcasting Networks Broadcasting TV Channels Type or Level of Broadcasting Match Commentary Language Broadcasting Details
Sportsnet Sportsnet, Sportsnet One, Sportsnet National Level Broadcasting English Hockey Night in Canada (Saturdays), Wednesday Night Hockey, Hometown Hockey (Sundays), Stanley Cup Playoff Early Round Games, Simulcast of All Games from Conference Finals Onward
Sportsnet Pacific, Sportsnet Ontario, Sportsnet West Local Level Broadcasting English Regional Broadcasting of  Vancouver Canucks, 16 Games of Toronto Maple Leafs, Edmonton Oilers respectively
CBC Television CBC Sports National Level Broadcasting English Multiple Games of Hockey Night in Canada (Saturdays), Stanley Cup Playoff Early Round Games, Simulcast of All Games from Conference Finals Onward
TVA Sports National Level Broadcasting French 20 Regular Season Games and Playoff Appearances of Montreal Canadiens
CityTV National Level Broadcasting English Multiple Games of Hockey Night in Canada (Saturdays)
Omni Television National Level Broadcasting Punjabi Select Games of Hockey Night in Canada
APTN National Level Broadcasting Plains Cree Simulcast of Select Hometown Hockey Games Games
TSN TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Local Level Broadcasting English Regional Broadcasting of Canadiens, Jets, Maple Leafs (26 Matches) and Senators Games respectively
RDS RDS, RDS2 Local Level Broadcasting French Regional Broadcasting of Canadiens and Senators Games

NHL Regional Broadcasting Channels:

National Hockey League features 30 teams including 7 from Canada and 23 from United States. Each team makes different regional broadcasting deals with respective regional television networks. The whole chart has been presented below:

Team(s) Broadcasting TV Networks Country Match Commentary Language
Anaheim, Arizona, Carolina, Columbus, Dallas, Detroit, Los Angeles, Florida, Minnesota, Nashville, St. Louis, Tampa Bay FOX Sports Networks United States of America English
Boston NESN United States of America English
Buffalo, New Jersey, New York Islanders, New York Rangers MSG United States of America English
Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto (partial), Vancouver Sportsnet Canada English
Chicago, Philadelphia, San Jose, Washington NBC Sports Regional Networks United States of America English
Colorado Altitude Sports United States of America English
Montreal, Ottawa, Toronto (partial), Winnipeg TSN Canada English
Montreal, Ottawa RDS Canada French
Pittsburgh, Vegas AT&T SportsNet United States of America English

How to Watch Out Of Market NHL Games on TV?

NHL offers two subscription based services to enjoy the live out of market NHL fixtures in both the countries. Viewers within United States can enjoy the out of market actions live through NHL Center Ice. The package is available through so many cable and satellite television providers in America. The subscribers can watch up to forty out of market NHL fixtures in a week, live via this package. The Canadian broadcasts are available through this service and viewers in United States can catch the Sportsnet or CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada with this package. It also provides NBC’s out of region matches as well. If a game is broadcast only through TVA Sports in French language and that doesn’t have any English language live broadcasting schedule on any other networks, then the game will be available through this service. However, NHL Center Ice doesn’t feature the following games:

  • Nationally televised games in United States, which are available live either through NBC, NBCSN or NHL Network. However, subscribers get the NHL Network free along with the NHL Center Ice. But the ones who have subscribed it via either Verizon FiOS or Time Warner Cable, won’t enjoy this advantage.
  • HD feeds of the matches originating on MSG, MSG+, MSG Western New York, MSG2, and MSG+2 on Dish Network won’t be included in this package.
  • RDS and RDS2 French language broadcasts of Montreal Canadiens matches, if there is any English language broadcast along with it.
  • OTA broadcasts when it is not the only broadcasting option for a specific game.

However, the Canadian service is known as NHL Centre Ice and offers NHL regular season and select playoff matches outside regional watching area using US based national and local TV networks.


NHL Center Ice United States and NHL Centre Ice Canada, both the services are available through plenty of cable and satellite TV providers in USA and Canada respectively. The sources through which the packages are available, has been presented below in a chart:

Country Out-Of-Market NHL Games Service or Package Cable or Satellite TV Providers
United States of America NHL Center Ice Bright House Networks, Comcast (part owner), Charter Communications, Cable Vision, Cox Communications (part owner), iN DEMAND, Dish Network, DirecTV, Verizon FiOS, Adams Cable, Blue Ridge Communications, Midcontinent Communications, Frontier Communications, Summit Broadband, Time Warner (part owner), RCN.
Canada NHL Centre Ice Eastlink Cable, Northwestel, Tellus Optik TV, Tellus Satellite TV, Bell Aliant, Access Communications, Shaw Direct, Bell Satellite TV, Rogers Cable, Shaw Cable, Cogeco Cable, SaskTel maxTV, Westman Communications, Videotron, Vianet.

How Can I Catch the NHL Actions Live Via Online Streaming in United States?

Viewers in America can catch the NHL actions live through various online streaming platforms. NHL.TV is a good platform for the NHL followers in US for watching specific teams games. Although the games are subject to blackout, it is still enough to deliver the users plenty of hockey actions live and on demand. Through this service the users will have access to following teams games:

  • Boston Bruins
  • Chicago Blackhawks
  • Los Angeles Kings
  • Pittsburgh Penguins
  • Winnipeg Jets

Positive features of this service includes:

  • You can choose the play by play commentator you want to listen
  • Streaming across multiple platform is possible
  • It also provides extra camera angle as well

Negative features of this service:

  • Pretty much expensive
  • Subject to blackouts (location based)
  • Doesn’t provide free trial facility
  • Users can’t watch the the archived games from the previous campaigns any more


NHL.TV has various sign up options. Users can either subscribe the monthly pass or for the full season service they can purchase the season pass. However, the season pass is of two types. One features just a specific single team games, known as the Single Team Pass. The other one features games of multiple NHL sides (mentioned above), named All Access Pass. Monthly Pass has a subscription fee of 24.99 US Dollar. Specific team lovers can purchase the Single Team Pass by paying 115.99 US Dollar per year. While the All Access Pass will make the viewers pay 144.99 US Dollar per year. However, new customers were given 25% to 35% off, on annual subscriptions during the holiday promos.


  • Smart TVs (Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV)
  • Mobile Devices (iOS, Android)
  • Computers (Mac OSX; Windows 10, 8.1, 7)
  • Other Devices (Xbox One, Chromecast, Roku, PlayStation 4)

Chart of NHL Online Streaming Platforms in America:

Online Streaming Platforms Available TV Networks or Channels Cost Facility or Negative Sides
fuboTV NBC, NBCSN, NHL Network, USA Network Monthly Subscription Fee starts from 59.99 US Dollar, Fubo Extra Package 5.99 USD (Add On), Sports Plus Package 10.99 USD (Add On) 7 days free trial, All national level on TV games are available
Sling TV NBC, NBCSN, NHL Network Standalone Package 30 USD (20 USD for first month), Combined Package 45 USD (35 USD for first month), Sports Extra 10 USD (Add On) 3 days free trial, Pretty much cheaper
Hulu+ Live TV NBC, NBCSN, USA Network Monthly Subscription Fee 54.99 US Dollar 7 days free trial, Doesn’t include NHL Network
YouTube TV NBC, NBCSN, USA Network Monthly Subscription Fee 64.99 US Dollar 7 days free trial, Doesn’t include NHL Network
NHL.TV Monthly Pass Costs 24.99 USD, Single Team Pass 115.99 USD, All Access Pass 144.99 USD No Free Trial Facility, But users can Cancel the subscription within 5 days

Ways to Catch the NHL Actions Live Through Online Streaming in Canada:

NHL lovers in Canada can also catch the live NHL actions through online streaming. There are two great platforms for the Canadian viewers to watch the competition fixtures online. One of them is suitable for in market games and the other one is perfect for out of market games.

In-Market Games:

Suppose someone is a Montreal Canadiens fans and live in Montreal, that makes him an in-market viewer. In his case, he should opt Sportsnet NOW, the online streaming platform of Sportsnet. The platform is free for the ones who have TV subscription to Sportsnet. However, the ones who don’t have TV subscription to the Sportsnet networks channels, can still purchase the service and enjoy the actions live. The monthly package of the service costs 19.99 Canadian Dollar. However, the SN NOW+ service delivers much more actions and also has more sign up options. The service’s weekly, monthly and annual packages cost 9.99 CAD, 27.99 CAD and 249.99 CAD respectively.

Out-Of-Market Games:

NHL Live is a perfect platform for the Canadian NHL lovers. If someone lives in Montreal and want to watch the games of Vancouver, then NHL Live will be the perfect platform for him. It will provide more than a thousand national and out-of-market games throughout the campaign. NHL Live features various packages, each of them has different subscription fees. The packages with the costs are mentioned below in a chart:

Package Name Subscription Fee Details
Full Season Pass (Regular Price) 199.99 Canadian Dollar per Season More than a thousand national and out-of-market matches
Full Season Pass (Early Bird Price) 179.99 Canadian Dollar per Season Same package as the one purchased for the regular price but just on a discounted price for the early subscribers
Half Season Pass 129.99 Canadian Dollar per Season Complete action of first 3 months of the season, Less number of games than the full season pass
Stanley Cup Playoff Pass 74.99 Canadian Dollar per Season All the playoff matches and also the last month of the regular season
Monthly Pass 29.99 Canadian Dollar per Month All the national level and out-of-market matches within one month period
NHL (Out-Of-Market) French Package 59.99 Canadian Dollar  per Season Regional French language games televised through RDS networks (within Montreal Canadiens and Ottawa Senators region); 60 Montreal Matches and 54 Senators Games, A total of 112 NHL fixtures

NHL on Radio:

The radio lovers in America can also listen the NHL actions and live coverage via radio.

  • Westwood One through the NBC Sports Radio division airs the Stanley Cup Finals.
  • Sirius XM satellite radio also simulcasts the NHL games in America.

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