Where to watch NBA Live on US TV

NBA Live in US TVNBA is the 2nd most popular competition in United States just after NFL. An average of 7.5 million viewers within US watched the NBA finals in 2020. Actually, the number has been less than half the number of viewers watched the competition finals back in previous couple of years. In an average, 15.14 million, 17.7 million, 20.4 million and 20.2 million watchers from USA enjoyed the NBL finals actions live in 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016 respectively. In this article, you will get all the necessary information about where and how to watch and stream NBA matches live on US and Canadian TV.

Which Channels to Broadcast the NBA Games Live on US TV?

NBA made a media right contract extending deal with ABC, Turner Sports and ESPN back in October, 2014. The deal saw the National Basketball Association authority to receive 24 billion US Dollar in 9 years period with 2.7 billion per year basis. This mega deal ranks 2nd among the most expensive media right deals in the world, falling just behind to NFL. In addition to this, it was on par with the media right deal of English Football on Television. Nevertheless, it will run through 2016-17 to 2024-25 NBA season.


ABC will deliver 19 regular season games including the double and triple header on Christmas Day, Saturday night or Sunday afternoon late season encounters. The popular network also televises a few of the first and 2nd round clashes mostly on the weekend afternoons. However, the most crucial fact is that, ABC holds the broadcasting right of NBA finals through to 2025.


The most popular and highest earning sporting network in the planet televises as many as 82 regular season fixtures. Their programming includes mostly the double headers on Wednesday and Friday nights along with occasional Sunday night and Monday night encounters. They also broadcast up to 30 play off clashes including many of the first two round games. The network will enjoy the right of broadcasting two conference semifinals along with one conference final per campaign up to 2025.


TNT airs 67 regular season matches and most of them are Thursday night doubleheaders. The network also televises All Star weekend as well as around 45 play off fixtures. Just like ESPN, their play off schedule includes many of the first two round encounters, two conference semifinals and one of the conference finals. TNT too holds the right through to 2025.


The NBA specialty channel televises the highest amount of games which is as much as 106 regular season ones in number. Their scheduling includes Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday night fixtures along with 9 post season matches.

NBA National TV Broadcasters Chart In USA:

Broadcasting TV Network Number of Available Games Broadcasting Match Day and Special Games Right Description
ABC 19 Regular Season Games, A Few (Unspecific) Play Off Games, 7 Match Series of NBA Finals. Christmas Day Double or Triple Header, Late Season Saturday Night or Sunday Afternoon Games, A Few First or 2nd Round Play Off Games, NBA Finals.
ESPN 82 Regular Season Games, Up to 30 Play Off Matches. Wednesday and Friday Nights Doubleheaders, Occasional Sunday and Monday Night Games, Many First and 2nd Round Play Off Matches, Two Conference Semifinals, One of the Conference Finals.
TNT 67 Regular Season Games, Up to 45 Play Off Matches. Thursday Night Doubleheaders, All Star Weekend, Many First and 2nd Round Play Off Matches, Two Conference Semifinals, One of the Conference Finals.
NBA TV 106 Regular Season Fixtures, 9 Post Season Encounters. Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday Night Matches.

Local TV Broadcasters of NBA:

Some of NBA games aren’t available through national television channels. Those games can be found via local broadcasting stations or regional networks. These games are subject to blackouts outside of the certain marketing area. Apart from these, the selected non-exclusive regular season games and first round play off games which are nationally broadcast through TNT, ESPN and NBA TV are also aired via regional broadcasting networks. These games’ national broadcastings are blacked out within certain area (local team’s marketing area) to ensure the advantage of regional broadcasters inside that specific region.

Chart of Team Based Regional Broadcasting Networks:

Team Regional Broadcasting Network
Houston, Utah AT&T Sportsnet
New York MSG
Denver Altitude Sports
LA Lakers Spectrum Sports
Atlanta, Brooklyn, Charlotte, Cleveland, Detroit, Dallas, Indiana, LA Clippers, Memphis, Miami, Milwaukee, Minnesota, New Orleans, Oklahoma City, Orlando, Phoenix, San Antonio FOX Sports Network (Including Yes Network)
Boston, Chicago, Golden State, Philadelphia, Portland, Sacramento, Washington NBC Sports Regional Networks
Toronto (Canada) Sportsnet and TSN (Shared)

Where to Enjoy NBA Matches Live on Canadian TV?

Although not as much as from USA, NBA attracts quite a huge number of fans from Canada. Canadians have a special affection for this game and specially the Toronto Raptors games are incredibly popular in the country. The Toronto Golden State series of NBA Finals’ Game 1 had an average 3.3 million viewers throughout the match with more 4.1 million adding on during the end, making it a massive total of 7.4 million viewers! This number proves how much popular the Raptors games are to the Canadians. In Canada, the NBA TV broadcasting right is shared by more than one network.


The number one sports specialty service in Canada, The Sports Network primarily broadcasts the Toronto Raptors games in English language through TSN and it’s sister channel TSN2. It also televises a good number of non-Raptors matches as well. The network is supposed to air as many as 148 Regular season matches which is quite a large amount. Apart from these, Canadian viewers can also watch NBA Summer League, NBA G League as well as WNBA through this network.


Sportsnet holds the broadcasting right of select matches of Raptors along with WNBA. The network televises the games through Sportsnet, Sportsnet One and Sportsnet 360.

NBA TV Canada:

The NBA TV’s Canadian section also shares the right and generally broadcasts the select NBA games. It also simulcasts various games from US based broadcasters and specially through it’s US counterpart channel. The English language broadcasting network also shares the media right of NBA Summer League, NBA G League and WNBA with TSN. Viewers can also watch ancillary Toronto Raptors contents including match encores through this network.


Reseau Des Sports the number one French specialty network in the country, airs the TSN broadcasting Raptors games along with select NBA playoff games as well as NBA finals. The only difference for this network is that, it televises the clashes in French language. Thus, the French language users within Canada, can turn on RDS to enjoy the Toronto Raptors fixtures in their very own and favorite language.

NBA Broadcasting TV Channels Chart In Canada:

Broadcasting Network and TV Channels Featuring Competition Special Game Right Description
TSN (TSN, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5) NBA, NBA Summer League, NBA G League, WNBA Toronto Raptors Games, 148 Regular Season Matches, Non-Raptor Games
Sportsnet (Sportsnet, Sportsnet One, Sportsnet 360) NBA, WNBA Select Toronto Raptors Matches
NBA TV Canada NBA, NBA Summer League, NBA G League, WNBA Select NBA Games, Simulcasts Various Games Mostly From NBA TV USA
RDS NBA Toronto Raptors Games, Select Playoff Matches, NBA Finals

How to Catch the NBA Actions Live Via Online Streaming in United States?

The 2nd mostly viewed sporting competition in United States is not only available through national or regional broadcasting TV channels but also through various online streaming platforms. American viewers have got number of options through which they can catch the actions live and in some cases, on demand.

YouTube TV:

One of the best sources to watch the national and regional on TV NBA games live. YouTube TV gives access to all the national level NBA broadcasting TV channels: ABC, TNT, ESPN and NBA TV. Thus you can watch all the national level on TV games by purchasing the monthly service by paying 64.99 US Dollar. You can also enjoy the out of market games by purchasing the bundle package with adding on NBA League Pass with YouTube TV. The platform also provides 7 days free trial facility to the potential new subscribers.

Hulu+ Live TV:

Another great source for the American viewers to catch the NBA actions live. This source contains TNT, ESPN, ABC and NBA TV and costs only 54.99 US Dollar per month. Just like YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV also offers a free trial advantage of 7 days. Watchers can add on NBA League Pass and enjoy the out of market actions as well.

AT&T TV Now:

This platform also includes all the 4 national level NBA broadcasting networks. It’s monthly subscription fee ranges from 59.99 to 129.99 US Dollar and provides 7 days free trial to the newer customers.

Sling TV:

Sling TV’s Orange package includes ESPN and TNT and the package has a monthly subscription fee of 30 US Dollar. However, users can add on “Sports Extra” for 10 more USD and get the facility of watching ABC and NBA TV. Sling also used to give 7 days free trial but now giving 3 days free trial facility. Nevertheless, users can enjoy the out of market actions as well by adding on NBA League Pass with it as a bundle package.

NBA League Pass:

NBA League Pass is the platform to watch the Out Of Market NBA games. It gives you simultaneous streaming and provides access to 40 Out Of Market games in a week. Users can watch multiple games at the same time through this platform and also provides single team packages for the specific team lovers. But if you are to watch the on TV games as well, you can purchase the bundle package as the NBA League Pass can be added on with YouTube TV, Sling TV and Hulu+ Live TV. Apart from these, NBA League Pass can be added on with satellite provider Dish Network and DirecTV, cable provider Spectrum, Xfinity, Fiber service Verizon FiOS as well as on-demand streaming service Amazon prime.

The negative side of this service is that, national and regional level broadcasting games are subject to blackouts. Regional blackout means if you live within the same market area of any specific side, you can’t watch that teams games unless you have purchased the bundle that includes the streaming source which provides those games. On the contrary, National blackout means the games aired on ESPN, ABC, TNT and NBA TV won’t be available. But you can catch those actions by having cable TV subscription to those channels or as I have mentioned previously, by adding on various streaming platforms like YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV or Sling TV.

The Pricing of this service is updated throughout the season. Currently it’s annual league pass costs 49.99 USD while the annual team pass makes you pay 24.99 USD. Monthly league and team pass has subscription fee of 10.99 USD and 4.99 USD respectively. Users can also purchase the league pass on weekly basis by paying 4.99 USD.

NBA Online Streaming Options Chart in America:

Streaming Media Available TV Channels Add On Options As Bundle Cost
YouTube TV ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV NBA League Pass 64.99 US Dollar Per Month
Hulu+ Live TV ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV NBA League Pass 54.99 US Dollar Per Month
AT&T TV Now ABC, ESPN, TNT, NBA TV N/A 59.99-129.99 US Dollar Per Month
Sling TV ESPN, TNT, NBA TV (Add On), ABC (Add On) NBA League Pass 30 US Dollar Per Month (Add On “Sports Extra” for $10 More)
NBA League Pass N/A YouTube TV, Hulu+ Live TV, Sling TV Updated Pricing Throughout The Season

Ways to Watch NBA Live Through Online Streaming in Canada:

Online streaming has been a popular way to enjoy sporting actions specially to the people who love to have flexibility and the ones who don’t have cable TV subscription. There are plenty of options to watch NBA Live and also On Demand via online streaming. The actions are available both in English and French language. If you are to catch NBA actions live through online streaming from Canada, then read the following guidelines.

TSN Direct:

TSN Direct is the online streaming platform of TSN and gives accessibility to all the 5 TSN Channels. The Sports Networks is the primary broadcasters of the Toronto Raptors games in Canada and also a good number of Non-Raptors fixtures. Thus you can watch those games live through this platform even if you don’t have cable TV subscription to TSN. Users can purchase the service on diurnal, monthly and 6 months package by paying 4.99 CAD, 19.99 CAD and 99.95 CAD respectively.


Sportsnet’s online streaming media SN NOW delivers as many as 41 Raptors game throughout the season along with plenty more various sporting actions. The service is purchasable on weekly and monthly basis. The 7 days lengthy weekly plan has a subscription fee of 9.99 Canadian Dollar meanwhile the monthly package makes the users pay 19.99 Canadian Dollar.

NBA League Pass Canada:

The platform for enjoying the out of market NBA games in Canada. The service provides 7 days free trial to the new subscribers and can be purchased on monthly and annual basis. It’s monthly service charges 28.99 Canadian Dollar meanwhile the standard yearly subscription fee is 139.99 CAD. However, the pricing is subject to change and the authority updates it throughout the season. By the way, you can’t watch the Raptors games through this standalone service. In addition to this, the national level broadcastings games are also unavailable through this service.

RDS Direct:

RDS Direct is the online streaming platform of RDS. It provides the NBA games live on French language. In fact, this is the only streaming platform through which the Canadian viewers can enjoy the NBA games in French language. RDS Direct gives accessibility to RDS and RDS2. The service can be purchased on daily and monthly basis. The 24 hours lengthy daily package costs 4.99 CAD meanwhile the 30 days lengthy monthly plan charges 19.99 CAD.

NBA Online Streaming Options Chart For Canadian Viewers:

Online Streaming Media Available TV Channels Cost
TSN Direct TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Diurnal Subscription Fee 4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD, 6 Months Subscription Fee 99.95 CAD
Sportsnet NOW Sportsnet, Sportsnet One, Sportsnet 360 Weekly Subscription Fee 9.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD
RDS Direct RDS, RDS2 Diurnal Subscription Fee 4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD
NBA League Pass Canada Monthly Subscription Fee 28.99 CAD, Annual Subscription Fee 139.99 CAD (Subject To Change)

NBA On Radio:

ESPN Radio airs the NBA actions live via Radio in United States. It generally delivers the radio lovers one games from each Sunday afternoon as well as Thursday night. Apart from these it also broadcasts the post season coverage including all the Conference Finals as well as the NBA Finals. The schedule has been listed below:

  • One Game from each Sunday Afternoon
  • One Game from each Thursday Night
  • All the Conference Finals
  • All the NBA Finals

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