MLB Umpires Salary 2021

Major League Baseball is the major American sporting competition with the most number of matches. Despite the allocation of lower match fees for the MLB umpires comparing to the other major tournaments, the huge number of matches helps the MLB officials earning big. This article will help you know how much the MLB umpires get as their match fees and how much they make annually. It will also help you if you do have a desire to become a baseball umpire.

For the 2020 season, the MLB umpires had agreed to a substantial pay cut of 30% due to COVID-19. but they will continue to be paid based on a pro-rated share of games they’ve worked. All the facilities which are attached will be available.

MLB Umpire’s Annual Salary Chart:

Description Salary
Highest Annual Salary of Professional MLB Umpires 450 Thousand US Dollars
Average Annual Salary of Professional MLB Umpires 235 Thousand US Dollars
Annual Salary of Entry-Level MLB Umpires 150 Thousand US Dollars

MLB Umpire Salary

The annual income of the MLB umpires is based mainly upon 2 facts. First of all their category and then the quality and experience of an umpire. The entry-level MLB officials who are just at the beginning of their career and are less experienced can earn around 150K USD in a year. In addition to this, they also get a few additional perks as well. After having some experience as a rookie, if they do better then they are given contracts and become professional officials. The average annual income for an umpire is around 235K US Dollars. However, the top paid ones bag much more higher than the mentioned amount. They can take home up to 450 thousand USD per year which is quite lucrative.

MLB Umpire’s Match Fee List:

Description Per Match Fees
Match Fees for the Top Paid MLB Umpires 2.5 Thousand US Dollars (Approximately)
Average Match Fees for the MLB Umpires 1.45 Thousand US Dollars

According to reports, the average match fee for the MLB umpires is even less than 15 hundred USD as they only receive 1450 US Dollars for officiating a single MLB game. However, as they gather much more experience and prove their quality as well, they tend to be paid bigger. The top paid officials receive something around 2.5K USD for conducting a major league game. As I have mentioned it earlier, the MLB umpires get lower match fees than the other major tournaments’ officials within the American territory.

Level Based Salary List for a Baseball Umpire:

Level Salary
Career Starting Level 2K to 2.3K US Dollars Per Month
Triple-A 3.9K US Dollars Per Month (20K US Dollars Per Year)
Minor League Umpires 66 US Dollars Per Day

When someone starts his career as a baseball umpire, he can earn 2 thousand to 2.3 thousand USD per month. In Triple-A, they can make it 3.9K USD in a month. However, it can only help them earning 20 thousand in a year as the season only lasts less than 6 months. Apart from these, the minor league umpires can have day by day salary system and only receive 66 US Dollars per day.

Note: If you want to see yourself as a professional baseball umpire, you will have to take part in some programs as a part of your learning phase. Each program will cost you 2.4K US Dollars.

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