Where to watch Boxing Live on TV

Boxing is an ancient game which attracted men since millennium. The sport was originated thousands of year ago but was modified during the 19th and early 20th century. Fighting loving people often choose to watch boxing and the game has quite a large number of followers in America. According to reports, around 700 million viewers watched boxing on HBO in 2017. In this content, we will give basic info about where to and how to watch and stream boxing live in United States.

Which Channels to Broadcast Boxing Live on US TV?

Boxing Live on US TVTop Rank:

The popular boxing promotional company which started it’s journey back in 1973, is famous for promoting boxers like Muhammad Ali, Oscar De La Hoya, George Foreman, Floyd Mayweather Jr and many more. ESPN network owns the broadcasting right of Top Rank boxing matches and televises a good number of games throughout the campaign.

Premier Boxing Champions:

The ongoing series of televised boxing events connected to Al Haymon. The series got a superb response from the viewers and the number of followers increased year by year which has been a great sign for it’s reputation. PBC fights are broadcast through Fox Sports network channels. Fox televises the matches in English while Fox Deportes delivers the Spanish language version coverage. PBC fights are also available through Showtime.

Chart of Boxing Broadcasting TV Channels in USA:

Broadcasting TV Channel or Network Events or Series Language Version
ESPN Network Top Rank English
Fox Premier Boxing Champions English
Fox Deportes Premier Boxing Champions Spanish
Showtime Premier Boxing Champions English

Online Streaming of Boxing in America:

Boxing lovers in US, have got plenty of options to enjoy boxing actions live. They can catch those actions live through the following source and services:


The online streaming service of ESPN, provides live broadcasting of number of Top Rank boxing fights. Some of the matches are completely exclusive to this platform. The service charges 5.99 US Dollar per month and provides many more sporting actions as well. However, the subscribers can also purchase it on annual plan by paying 49.99 US Dollar.


The online streaming service can be purchased by any one. It will provide loads of boxing actions along with versatility of other programming. The service costs 10.99 US Dollar per month. However, the cable, satellite or online streaming subscribers can also enjoy the boxing actions through Showtime Anytime app, just by getting logged in with proper details, The app doesn’t demand any extra cost at all.


The popular over the top streaming service which has it’s field on various countries, is another good option for the US based viewers to enjoy boxing. DAZN is the broadcasting rightsholder of Golden Boy Promotions and Matchroom Sport Boxing. One can purchase the service by paying 19.99 US Dollar which will ensure them a month service. On the other hand, the 12 months lengthy yearly service will cost 99.99 US Dollar.

WatchESPN or ESPN App gives access to ESPN network contents for free while Fox Sports Go enables the subscribers to enjoy Fox content for free via online streaming. Neither of the apps nor services demand any extra fee but both of them require TV subscription to their fellow channels.

If one doesn’t have cable or satellite TV subscription to ESPN or Fox Sports network channels, he still can enjoy the boxing actions through various online streaming services.


fuboTV contains both ESPN and Fox network channels. Thus it guarantees Top Rank and PBC boxing matches to the subscribers. Moreover, it also carries Fox Deportes through various packages as well. So, the Spanish language users can also enjoy some of the actions in their favorite language as well. fuboTV’s monthly subscription fee starts from 59.99 US Dollar and it also provides 7 days free trial.

AT&T TV Now:

AT&T TV Now also carries both ESPN and Fox Sports network channels and users can watch Top Rank and PBC through this source. It also provides 7 days free trial and has recently decreased the monthly subscription fee rate. Users can purchase the service by paying 54.99 US Dollar for a month.

Hulu+ Live TV:

Hulu+ Live TV too carries ESPN and Fox. Potential new subscribers can enjoy 7 days free trial facility and then they can purchase the monthly package by paying 54.99 US Dollar.

YouTube TV:

This platform too ensures Top Rank and PBC boxing matches through ESPN and Fox. YouTube TV has a monthly subscription fee of 64.99 US Dollar and offers 7 days free trial as well.

Sling TV:

Sling TV’s Orange package carries ESPN while Fox is available through both Orange and Blue packages. The standalone Blue package costs 30 US Dollar per month while the new subscribers can enjoy the service by paying 20 USD for the first month. However, the combo pack cost 45 USD ($35 for the first month). Sling TV offering 3 days free trial and is a pretty much good option to enjoy various sports.

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