Where to watch Australian Open Live on US TV

Australian Open Live on US TVAustralian Open the Melbourne, Australia based Tennis competition is the opening grand slam of the year is a very prestigious and crucial tournament. The 109th edition of the tournament has been scheduled to take place in January, 2021. If the pandemic doesn’t hit back any more, the tournament will start on January 18th and will come to an end on January 31st. The qualifying rounds are to take place from 11th to 15th January. This article will deliver you all the information about how to and where to watch and stream Australian Open live in USA and Canada.

Which Channels to Follow to Watch Australian Open Live on TV in United States?

ESPN network has been the Australian Open broadcaster in US since decades. They gained the right for the first time back in 1984. Up to 2007, they used to televise the matches through ESPN and ESPN2. However, from the 2008, the network shared the broadcasting duties with Tennis Channel, thenceforth a pretty much fresh television network in US. At this moment the major televising channels within US territory are: ESPN2 and Tennis Channel. However, some of the ESPN network televised fixtures are also aired via ESPN and ESPN3.

Viewers in America can enjoy the A.O. games live through the above alluded channels in English language. All these channels are available on the majority of the cable TV providers in the country. Satellite TV users can also find them via Dish Network and DirecTV. However, the Tennis Channel will also be available via satellite C-Band – H2H/4DTV: Galaxy23 (Channel-201, SD); Galaxy13 (Channel-201, HD).

Ways to Find Australian Open Matches Live on Canadian TV:

TSN (The Sports Network) does hold the broadcasting right of Australian Open matches live on TV in Canada. The television network group broadcasts all the matches live in the country across it’s various channels TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4 and TSN5. These channels air the game in English language and are available via satellite TV provider Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct. Plenty of cable TV providers also contain the channels which means you will have no problem to view any of these channels.

Canadian viewers can also enjoy the actions live in French language. TSN’s French language network RDS will televise the matches through RDS and RDS2. Similar to previously mentioned channels, these channels will also be available via Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct and many more cable TV providers. In case of RDS2, if you don’t find it in majority of the cable TV providers, you will get it in Cogeco as well as Videotron.

Chart of Australian Open Broadcasting Channels in USA and Canada:

Country Broadcasting TV Channel Satellite TV Provider Cable TV Provider
United States of America ESPN2, ESPN, ESPN3 DirecTV, Dish Network Majority of the Cable TV Providers in US
Tennis Channel C-Band – H2H / 4DTV, DirecTV, Dish Network Verizon FiOS, Comcast and Most of Others
Canada TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Shaw Direct, Bell Satellite TV Most of the Cable TV Providers in Canada
RDS Shaw Direct, Bell Satellite TV Most of the Cable TV Providers in Canada
RDS2 Cogeco, Videotron

How Can I Catch the Australian Open Actions Live Via Online Streaming in US?

ESPN’s online streaming service ESPN+ is a major online streaming platform for A.O. matches. However, the spectators in USA can activate the service only by subscription. ESPN+ is a wonderful option to watch unlimited soccer as well as crucial Tennis competitions. You can purchase the service with a monthly fee of 5.99 USD or in a yearly basis pack which costs 49.99 USD. Apart from this, you can catch the actions televised through both ESPN and Tennis Channel via various streaming sources. Those are presented in a chart below, with the channels they provide, facilities and costs:

Online Streaming Media Available A.O. Broadcasting Channels Cost
WatchESPN ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 TV Subscription to ESPN Network
fuboTV Tennis Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 59.99-79.99 USD Per Month, Add On “Sports Plus” for $11 More
Sling TV Tennis Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 30 USD Per Month(Sling Orange or Sling Blue), Add On “Sports Extra” for $10 More
AT&T TV Now Tennis Channel, ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 59.99-129.99 USD Per Month
Hulu+ Live TV ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3 54.99 USD Per Month
YouTube TV ESPN, ESPN2, Tennis Channel 64.99 USD Per Month

Online Streaming of A.O. Matches Live in Canada:

Viewers in Canada, can also watch the Australian Open matches live through online streaming. They can stream the matches online via:

  • TSN GO: You can catch the actions both via TSN App and TSN Direct (Direct Pass). To watch via, TSN App, the viewers will need to have TSN network TV subscription. On the contrary, to enjoy matches via TSN Direct, watchers need to purchase the package. The service is available on daily, monthly and 6 months package. 24 hours lengthy Daily pass has a subscription fee of 4.99 Canadian Dollar. The 30 days long monthly pass costs $19.99 CAD while the 6 months package will make you pay $99.95 CAD.
  • RDS GO: Very similar case on this occasion as well. RDS App will provide you the RDS and RDS2 matches live in French. You can enjoy the games in free via this app if you have TV subscription. However, if you don’t have TV subscription then you can purchase RDS Direct. The cost will be as same as it was in case of TSN Direct.
Online Streaming Media Available Channels Cost
TSN App TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Requires TV Subscription (No Extra Cost)
TSN Direct TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, TSN4, TSN5 Daily Subscription Fee 4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD, 6 Months Subscription Fee 99.95 CAD.
RDS App RDS, RDS2 Requires TV Subscription (No Extra Cost)
RDS Direct RDS, RDS2 Daily Subscription Fee 4.99 CAD, Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 CAD.


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