WWE commentators Salary 2022

WWE Commentators Salary

WWE widely refers as World Wrestling Entertainment is a very popular sporting event in the world. The Wrestler earns a high figure for each fight but how much the Commentators are paid? They present the show and make it more interesting. They entertain the audience very much. Actually they are very decent people and have a big responsibility with them. A high risk always bringing with them. In every speech what they say during the ring fight is very sensitive. One fault and they are fired. And sometimes, if they talk against the team or player, they pay for this. Despite all these risks they are doing duty with a big smile on their face. Undoubtedly they deserve a good salary or compensation. Check out WWE commentators Salary 2022 (+All Net Worth).

The WWE commentators are paid in different ways. They are paid as the show base salary. Here we conferred the popular WWE commentators salary along with their net worth. HOW MUCH MONEY DO WWE REFEREES MAKE.  

WWE commentators Salary 2022 (+All Net Worth)

Name  Show Annual Salary Net Worth
Michael Cole Smackdown $650,000 $4 million
Booker-T Raw $550,000 $1 Million
Tom Phillips SmackDown $450,000 $1-$5 million
Corey Graves SmackDown $400,000 $650,000 
Justin Roberts SmackDown $400,000 $1 million
Marcelo Rodriguez Raw $300,000
Greg Hamilton SmackDown $300,000 $1-5 Million
Lilian Garcia Raw $250,000 $5 million
Mauro Ranallo NXT $250,000 $1-5 Million
Byron Saxton SmackDown $250,000 $1-5 Million
Lita Mae Young Classic $200,000 $4 million
Vic Joseph NXT $200,000 $500,000
Nigel McGuinness NXT $200,000 $1-5 Million
Funaki Raw $180,000
David Otunga Smack Down $180,000 $14 million
JoJo  Offerman Raw $100,000 $5 million
Kayla Braxton NXT $80,000 $1 million
Mike Rome NXT $40,000 $1.5 million
Christy St. Cloud NXT $40,000
Alicia Taylor NXT $15,000
Kat Marino NXT $15,000
Francesca Brown NXT $15,000

Who are the Top-Paid Commentators in WWE?

Michael Cole full name Sean Michael Coulthard is the highest paid WWE commentator in America. The sportscaster makes annual fee of $650,000. His estimated annual worth is $4 million. He started his commentator career with Smackdown show. Then he jumped to RAW. The previous year he again join Smackdown. 

Robert Booker Tio Huffman is also a very popular commentator in the ring; he is very familiar as Booker-T. As the second highest paid commentator he pocketed $550,000 per annum. On the other hand Thomas Hannifan is paid  $450,000 per year. Thomas ring name Tom Phillips who is very popular to the audience. Some popular faces got a high range of salary per annum. Maximum commentators are former wrestlers. The unknown faces are bagged less. As of 2021, the SmackDown commentators Corey Graves and Justin Roberts bagged $400,000 annually. 

Lilian Garcia is also a familiar commentator and this season she is paid $250,000 along with net worth of $5 million. Lita is one more female WWE commentator who is paid $200,000. She is also very popular and a former female wrestler. 

Whatever the salary amount that is not fixed. It is a flexible basis of weight and match time.  WWE is a completely action game and to Comment the full spots is not an easy task. If any word is against the fighter, they will also be hurt. So obviously they deserve a good salary. HIGHEST PAID NBA COMMENTATORS.

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