100+ Richest American Athletes (2022)

Richest American AthletesThe United States of America, arguably the most developed country in the world has produced so many famous athletes just like they have yielded a good number of famous actors, rulers, and scientists. The country has enriched the field of sports with its numerous production of sensational athletes in various games. Among the top 10 richest athletes of all time, 8 of them are from the United States. In this article, we will show you the list of the 101 Richest American Athletes based on their Net Worth. 28 RICHEST MUSLIM ATHLETES IN 2022.

The Chart of 100+ Richest American Athletes

Athletes’ Name Net Worth Sports

Top 10 Richest American Athletes

Michael Jordan 2.2 Billion USD Basketball (NBA)
Vince McMahon 2.1 Billion USD WWE, Professional Wrestling
Dwayne The Rock Johnson 800 Million USD WWE
Tiger Woods 800 Million USD Golf
Magic Johnson 600 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Roger Staubach 600 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Junior Bridgeman 600 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Floyd Mayweather 565 Million USD Boxing
Quinn Cook 500 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
LeBron James 500 Million USD Basketball (NBA)

Top 50 (11-50) Richest American Athletes

Michael Buffer 400 Million USD Boxing, Wrestling Promotion
Phil Mickelson 400 Million USD Golf
Shaquille O’Neal 400 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Kobe Bryant 350 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Alex Rodriguez 300 Million USD Baseball
Jack Nicklaus 280 Million USD Golf
George Foreman 250 Million USD Boxing
Dale Earnhardt Jr. 225 Million USD Race Car Driving
Ken Block 200 Million USD Racing
Hakeem Olajuwon 200 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
John Madden 200 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Bob Arum 200 Million USD Boxing Promotion
Oscar De La Hoya 200 Million USD Boxing
Peyton Manning 200 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Richard Childress 200 Million USD NASCAR
Maria Sharapova 195 Million USD Tennis
Derek Jeter 185 Million USD Baseball
Kevin Garnett 180 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Grant Hill 180 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Tom Brady 180 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Tim Duncan 177 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Andre Agassi 175 Million USD Tennis
Kevin Durant 170 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Serena Williams 170 Million USD Tennis
CC Sabathia 155 Million USD Baseball
Jeff Gordon 150 Million USD NASCAR
Pete Sampras 150 Million USD Tennis
Don King 150 Million USD Boxing Promotion
Chris Webber 143.4 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Albert Pujols 140 Million USD Baseball
Ryan Howard 140 Million USD Baseball
Tony Hawk 140 Million USD Skateboarding
Gilbert Arenas 135 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Gary Payton 130 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Drew Brees 130 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Lance Armstrong 125 Million USD Professional Cycling
Russel Westbrook 125 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Sugar Ray Leonard 120 Million USD Boxing
Carlos Boozer 120 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Derrick Rose 115 Million USD Basketball (NBA)

Top 75 (51-75) Richest American Athletes

Dwight Howard 115 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Dwayne Wade 115 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Randy Johnson 115 Million USD Baseball
Chris Bosh 110 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Pedro Martinez 110 Million USD Baseball (MLB)
Chipper Jones 110 Million USD Baseball
Manny Ramirez 110 Million USD Baseball
Fred Couples 105 Million USD Golf
Mike Piazza 101 Million USD Baseball
Carson Palmer 100 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Prince Fielder 100 Million USD Baseball
Brett Favre 100 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Eli Manning 100 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Joe Mauer 100 Million USD Baseball
Chris Paul 95 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Steve Nash 95 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Gary Sheffield 90 Million USD Baseball (MLB)
Zack Greinke 90 Million USD Baseball
Amare Stoudemire 90 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Reggie Miller 90 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
David Robinson 90 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Patrick Ewing 85 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Carmelo Anthony 85 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
David Wright 80 Million USD Baseball
Barry Bonds 80 Million USD Baseball

Top 100 (76-100) Richest American Athletes

Tom Glavine 80 Million USD Baseball
Juwan Howard 80 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
James Harden 80 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Gerald Wallace 80 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Pat Riley 80 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Jim Thome 80 Million USD Baseball
Carlos Beltran 80 Million USD Baseball
Joe Montana 80 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Carl Crawford 79 Million USD Baseball
Tracy McGrady 75 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Moises Alou 75 Million USD Baseball
Kevin Love 75 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Rashid Wallace 75 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Karl Malone 75 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Dikembe Mutombo 75 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Roger Goodell 75 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Mark Teixeira 75 Million USD Baseball
Vernon Wells 75 Million USD Baseball
Andy Pettitte 75 Million USD Baseball
Jason Kidd 73 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Bobby Abreu 70 Million USD Baseball
Bartolo Colon 70 Million USD Baseball
Greg Maddux 70 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Alonzo Mourning 70 Million USD Basketball (NBA)
Elton Brand 70 Million USD American Football (NFL)
Greg Maddux 70 Million USD Baseball
Bryce Harper 70 Million USD Baseball

Top 10 Wealthiest US-Based Sportspersons with their Net Worth:


11# Michael Buffer:

The ring announcer cum actor is the very first inclusion in our top 10 list as the veteran occupies the 10th place on the chart with his pretty big net worth of 400 million USD.


9# LeBron James:

James is a familiar figure in the sports world. He is considered as one of the greatest ever NBA players. The power forward of the Los Angeles Lakers is at the joint 9th spot among the richest American athletes with his massive net worth of $500 million. He is also the 12th richest athlete in the whole world. The Ohio-born Basketball legend is not only rich but also highly popular in the US Soil.


9# Quinn Cook:

Another NBA representative has made his way into this chart. The 27 years old point guard already owns as much as 500 million USD. Such a heavy amount of lifetime earning has put him in the 9th place on our list along with James.


8# Floyd Mayweather:

One of the best-ever players to play Boxing. The 43 years old who just retired a few years back, has made an enormous lifetime earning of 565 million US Dollars. The Michigan-born superstar stands in the 8th spot among the richest sportsperson produced by the USA. Floyd is also the richest ever Boxer in history.


7# Junior Bridgeman:

The almost-70 veteran is a former Basketball player. Bridgeman is now a famous businessman in the country and kept earning much more after having earned so much throughout his career as a player. The Indiana-born shooting guard started and ended his career with the Milwaukee Bucks. However, he also played for the Los Angeles Clippers for a couple of years. His huge net worth of $600 million has placed him in the 7th spot on the card among the richest American athletes.


6# Roger Staubach:

The highest-earning American Football (NFL) player in history. Roger is one of the best-ever NFL stars of all time. He is nicknamed “Roger the Dodger”, “Captain Comeback” as well as “Captain America”. Although he is 6th on our chart, his net worth is as same as Bridgeman’s ($600 million). The Ohio-born sensation used to play as the Quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys. He played for 10 years for the Cowboys and was crowned the Super Bowl champions 2 times. However, he was not only an NFL star but also a member of the US Navy. He served as a Lieutenant and took part in a tour duty in the Vietnam war.


5# Magic Johnson:

Another NBA star is to make his way into the list. The Los Angeles Lakers legend is 5th on the chart. However, his net worth is 600 million USD which is as much as Roger Staubach’s and Junior Bridgeman’s. Johnson didn’t only wear the Lakers’ shirt but also served them as the coach as well. The point guard had an amazing career which has helped him reaching to such a higher position.


3# Tiger Woods:

Tiger Woods is the highest-earning Golfer ever. Whenever you hear the name Golf, you have to remember his name for sure. Despite being involved in a nasty scandal, Woods have been an inspirational athlete for the young generation. His net worth is around 800 million US Dollars which has helped him set into the 3rd position on this list.


3# Dwayne The Rock Johnson:

Just a few years back he used to be outside of the top 10 richest American athletes. But in the last couple of years, he has emerged as the most progressed star on this list. However, this time, not his athleticism but his acting skills along with tremendous fitness and face value have upgraded him to the 3rd spot among the richest American athletes in 2022 with a net worth of $800 million.


2# Vince McMahon:

One of just two Billionaire athletes in history. Vince McMahon was involved in various sports and has served in many crucial roles throughout his career. He served as a professional wrestling promoter and executive, an American Football executive. But he is renowned worldwide as the Chairman and CEO of the WWE. The highly popular TV show has been his sublime creation and has helped to gain an enormous amount of money. Vincent Kennedy McMahon’s net worth is around 2.1 Billion US Dollars. This large amount of money has made him the 2nd most earning athlete in history.

Special Mentions: Phil Mickelson and Shaquille O’Neal just stand outside the top 10 list. Both of them have a net worth of 400 million USD which has placed them in the 11th and 12th spot respectively. 3 more athletes do have a net worth that is at least equal to or more than $300 million. Recently passed away NBA star, Kobe Bryant had a net worth of 350 million US Dollars. He was followed by WWE superstar cum actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson who had a net worth of $320 million. So Kobe and The Rock sit in the 13th and 14th place respectively. Alex Rodriguez who occupies the 15th spot on the chart has a net worth of 300 million USD. However, Rodrigez is actually the richest ever Baseball player in history.


Who is the wealthiest athlete of all time?

However, after discussing the 10 out of the 11 richest athletes in the United States, you might be asking for the one who is sitting at the very top of the chart. Can you guess who is he? Some of you may assume. Okay, I’m giving you a hint. He is an NBA legend. Oh Yes! Now can certainly guess. He is none but the legendary NBA superstar Michael Jordan, the greatest ever Basketball player or probably the greatest ever athlete to take part in any sport.

Although some of the sources have listed him in the 2nd position just behind Vince McMahon in fact, Jordan is the richest athlete of all time. He had to fight a tough battle against the WWE Chairman to grab the superior spot. In exchange for Vince’s 2.1 Billion net worth, the Brooklyn, New York-born super star’s net worth reads as much as 2.2 Billion USD. This unmatchable amount of lifetime earning has enthroned him as the highest-earning (richest) athlete in the history of any sport. The 6 times NBA champion is now also the honorable owner of the Charlotte Hornets.

How many Americans are enlisted among the 10 richest sportspersons in the world?

As I have mentioned earlier, the country which has produced a huge number of successful actors, scientists as well as politicians, has also yielded a great number of successful athletes in various games. Surprisingly, 7 out of the 10 richest athletes in the world are from the United States of America. It is such an honor for the US people for sure. The only three athletes in the top 10 list who don’t belong to the US are Formula 1 Racer Michael Schumacher and Soccer sensations Cristiano Ronaldo & Leo Messi. Schumacher is German by birth. On the other hand, CR7 is Portuguese and his arch-rival Leo Messi is an Argentine. So there are 80% of Americans among the 10 richest sportspersons of all time.

Apart from this, 63 athletes out of the 100 richest athletes in the world belong to the USA. So the percentage of Americans in the list of the 100 most earning sportspersons in the world, reads as higher as 63% which is simply unbelievable and statistically unparalleled.

Which game has produced the most famous and richest players?

The list of the famous and richest players in the United States includes representatives from different sports. But most numbers of them belong to Basketball (NBA). There are 5 NBA players among the top 10 richest sportspersons. The top 10 also includes an American Footballer (NFL), a Boxer, a Golfer, and one from the WWE. The entire list of the 101 richest athletes mostly enlists a large number of NBA stars. A big number of Baseball players along with some NFL stars are also there. The other sports which have a good number of their representatives in this list are Boxing, Golf and Tennis. However, there is no Soccer player on this list which shows despite being the most attractive and most-watched game on the planet it is comparatively less popular among Americans.

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