NFL Commentators Salary 2022

NFL Commentators SalaryThe NFL being the highest paid sporting event in America and also all over the world. The NFL athletes paid a high amount in yearly, monthly and weekly. As the athlete highly paid, why the announcers behind them. The NFL also paid a high amount to their commentators. According to sources, a sportscaster is paid more than $1 million a year as their annual salary. Among them they got also bonuses for their good job. The different TV networks pay for their activity on different sites. Some announcers cast game play by play. Among them Greg Gumbel is paid so high amount. He earns $4 million as the annual salary along with $16 million net worth. Here we make a list of NFL sportscaster salary and net worth.

NFL Commentators salary

Play by play announcer
Name Annual Salary Net worth
Joe Buck $12+ million $35 million
‎Greg Gumbel ‎$4 million $16 million
Jim Nantz ‎$10.5 Million ‎$15 Million
Kevin Harlan $400,000 ‎$1 Million
Spero Dede ‎$300,000 ‎$2 million
Ian Eagle ‎$200,000 $3 million
Tom McCarthy Under review $2 million
Andrew Catalon: $75,000 $500,000
Analysts Announcer
Name  Annual salary Net worth
Tony Romo $18 million $80 Million
Troy Aikman $18.5 million $65 Million
Adam Archuleta ‎$100,000 ‎$20 million
Tiki Barber: analyst Under review ‎$14 Million
Jay Feely $955,000 $6 million
Rich Gannon ‎$105,000  $8.5 million 
James Lofton ‎$59,097  $24 million 

How much does the Sportscaster earn?

Greg Gumbel

American biggest tv sportscaster Greg Gumbel annually paid ‎$4 million along with the net worth of $16 million. The guy became the NFL highest paid commentators play by play. Besides of American football commentators He also works for NCSS. His earning sources as well work for ESPN, CBS, MSG and also many other sides. NFL TV Schedule.

Jim Nantz

One more biggest sportscaster Jim Natz who being the present NFL commentator earns $15 million dollars as net worth. The North Carolina guy early earns $15 million dollars as far. Since the 90s he has been working for the NCAA as well as men’s basketball and the NFL. The guy is also linked with the PGA. All the work he does for CBS sports. It is the main source of his income. Nantz did a job for KSL TV in Salt Lake City as a sportscaster before joining CBS fixture. 

Kevin Harlan

Kevin Harlan is a very talented radio sports announcer, as well as the US TV sportscaster. The 59 years old has an estimated net worth of $1 million.  The current annual salary of the legend is about  $400,000. In the world’s media he became a well known face. Due to the nature of the profession, he is famous all over the world. His main source of earning money is to play sports play by play. 

Spero Dedes

With CBC Sports working as sports commentators he got the popularity so far. Besides that, he is working for the NBA, along with college basketball. Starting his career life he worked for the Los Angeles Lakers as a play-by-play radio announcer. The estimated net worth of the guy is $2 million as well as an annual salary of $300,000. 

Ian Eagle

Ian Eagle

Essex born Ian Eagle being a famous sports announcer in America at present time. The guy has a net worth of $1 million. Ian works with NCAA men’s basketball, NBA tennis, boxing along with CBS Sports. He earns a yearly ‎$200,000 salary. The previous year net worth was $100,000 – $1 Million so far

 Andrew Catalon

Andrew Catalon

Andrew Catalon is also the highest paid announcer in the NFL. The annual salary of the sportscaster $75,000 and the estimated net worth of $500,000. He is working for CBS Sports Network and as we know it is the biggest sports network in the world. From this source, he earns a very high figure salary at $75,754 annually.

How much the Sports Analysts earn?

Tony Romo

Тоnу Rоmо one of the highest paid commentators all over the world. Аѕ оf Јunе 2020, consisting nеt wоrth about $80 mіllіоn. His yearly salary estimated $17.5 million. When he was child, from then he started earning by participating in several events. Now he is a retired footballer and a famous sportscaster. Along with the football he connected with various types of sporting events as well as Tennis, bаѕkеtbаll,  еtс. 

However, Romo is famous for professional sports in America. Не highly modified his life by achieving numbers of awards. This award made him worldwide famous.  The platform does not create itself. His performance, hard working and dignity helped him to reach this position. 

Adam Archuleta

Adam Archuleta was a famous American footballer. The 42-year-old earns a lot in a year. His annual salary $100,000. The estimated net worth of the former footballer is $20 million. Last season the net worth was $100,000 – $1M from one source. There are many sources of income of this guy. The celebritie’s earning ability so hard and high. Every year his salary from different sources gives him a high figure.

Jay Feely

Jay Feely

Football player salaries range significantly. At the low end, NFL sportscasters earn from $400,000 to $600,000 per year as their salary. And if we talk about the stars, they get more than $50 million. Feely has signed a one year contract for $955,000 with Chicago Bears. The average salary of the $955,000. The net worth of the guy at $6 millionIn. 

Rich Gannon

Rich Gannon leading a very busy year of 2020. According to sources, the guy is trying to reach his net worth. At this time his net worth $8.5 million dollars. It significantly traced very high. As his own ability he get the popularity. However, his yearly salary $105,000 dollars per annum. He is star of CBS Sports and also some other site. 

However, NFL commentators really earns a lot. Every year they add a vast amount of money in their bank account. They have many sources of income along with the cast of games. They make money to cover the game. Everyone has many different sources of money. 


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