NFL Head Coach Salary (How much they get paid)

NFL, American National Football League the most popular sporting event in the country. The coaches are also the highest-paid coaches in the USA. Every year a big amount of money pays them for their work. And the coaches are getting that for their own ability. If we analyze the top 10 highest earning coaches first the name comes Bill Belichick. The New England Patriots are paid $12 million annually. Pete Carroll is the second name who earns an $11 million annual salary along with $22 million net worth.  With the $10 million annual salary Las Vegas Raiders Jon Gruden holds the third position. Sean Payton, the head coach of the New Orleans Saints, gets a $9.8 million salary per year. Here we are listing all 32 teams’ head coach salaries along with their net worth. NFL TV Schedule.

NFL Head Coach Salary 2022

Name Team Division Annual Salary Net worth
Bill Belichick New England Patriots AFC – East $12 million $35 million
Pete Carroll Seattle Seahawks NFC – West $11 million $22 million
Jon Gruden Las Vegas Raiders AFC- West $10 million $30 million
Sean Payton New Orleans Saints NFC – South $9.8 million $22 million
John Harbaugh Baltimore Ravens AFC – North $9 million $16 million
Matt Rhule Carolina Panthers NFC – South $8.5 million $5 million
Sean McVay Los Angeles Rams NFC – West $8.5 million $7 million
Mike Tomlin Pittsburgh Steelers AFC – North $8 million $20 million
Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons NFC – South $8 million $3 million
Andy Reid Kansas City Chiefs AFC – West $8 million $25 million
Bruce Arians Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFC – South $8 million $10 million
Ron Rivera Washington Redskins NFC – East $7 million $10 million
Kliff Kingsbury Arizona Cardinals NFC – West $5.5 million $5 million
Bill O’Brien Houston Texans AFC – South $5 million $7 million
Joe Judge New York Giants AFC – East $5 million $20 million
Matt LaFleur Green Bay Packers NFC- North $5 million $7 million
Vic Fangio Denver Broncos AFC – West $5 million $4 million
Frank Reich Indianapolis Colts AFC – South $4.5 million $10 million
Doug Pederson Philadelphia Eagles NFC – East $4 million 15 million
Mike McCarthy Dallas Cowboys NFC – East $4 million $9 million
Dan Quinn Atlanta Falcons NFC – South $4.5 million $3 million
Zac Taylor Cincinnati Bengals AFC – North $4,500,000 $15 million
Matt Nagy Chicago Bears NFC – North $100,000 $5 million
Mike Zimmer Minnesota Vikings NFC – North $4, million $6 million
Adam Gase New York Jets AFC – East $5 million $5 million
Mike Vrabel Tennessee Titans AFC – South $3,025,000 $ 10 million
Anthony Lynn Los Angeles Chargers AFC – West $4 million $5 million
Matt Patricia Detroit Lions NFC – North $4 million $3 million
Doug Marrone Jacksonville Jaguars AFC – South $3.3 million $8 million
Kevin Stefanski Cleveland Browns AFC – North $3,500,000 $2 million
Brian Flores Miami Dolphins AFC – East $500000 under review
Kyle Shanahan San Francisco 49ers NFC – West $3 million $4 millio

Bill Belichick

  1. Bill Belichick (New England Patriots)

Bill Belichick being the Head coach of New England Patriots. The 68 years old becomes a greatest coach of all-time. At present he Bill is the highest paid NFL coach so far. His annual salary is $12 million along with a net worth of $35million. It is really a high amount of money. Since the year 2002 to now he able to win 6 championship total. Belichick started his coaching career in the year 1975. In the year 2000 he join the New England Patriots.

  1. Pete Carroll (Seattle Seahawks)

Pete Carroll

Seattle Seahawk head coach Pete Carroll is also the highest paid NFL coach. He is someone the second most NFL coach who gets annual salary at $11 million along with $22 million net worth. Carroll is considered in the top ten ranking list. The 68 years old joined the side in the year 2010. Carroll being the only one of three football coaches who got the record of winning a Super Bowl winning the college football national championship. Pete is a very positive and energetic type of person and this personality makes a very positive impression to the team. 

3. Jon Gruden (Las Vegas Raiders)

Jon Gruden

Jon Gruden the full name Jon David Gruden being NFL head coach of Las Vegas Raiders. In his career first period he connected with the side from 1998 to 2001. After a long time in 2018 he again joined the side so far. He becomes the third most highest paid NFL head coach. His annual salary is $10 million along with $30 million. In his job career he had worked for ESPN as analyst commentators. His name counts as one of the most successful NFL coaches so far. 

  1. Sean Payton (New Orleans Saints)

Sean Payton

Sean Payton is the 4th most highest paid in NFL head coach list. Since 13 years he adopting the job. Payton leads a very successful coaching career. His current salary about $11 million per year. Sean get the estimated net worth about $22 million. Payton signed $45 million. In 2016 he signed a five years contract extension and the contract kept him with the team Saints till 2021. According to source the contract may extend more two years in future.  

  1. John Harbaugh (Baltimore Ravens)

John Harbaugh

The other American football highest coach who has a net worth of $16 million net worth, is none other than  John Harbaugh. The annual salary of a 57 years old at $9 million. Harbaugh joined the Ravens in 2008. From then he got 128 wins in total including the playoffs. The guy is just awesome. His attitude and personality are really appreciable. In his twelve year coaching career with the team he has been very successful so far. He led only one losing year in his whole coaching career. 

  1. Matt Rhule (Carolina Panthers)

Matt Rhule is another big hit name of American football. Before coaching he was a footballer. At present he is the head coach of  Carolina Panthers. This year his estimated net worth to be $5 million. The owner David Tepper gives a good amount of salary. His annual salary comes to $8.5 million. This season the coach joined the side by signing a seven years contract deal for $62 million. Last experience was not so good for Matt. In 2017 he got just one win, next year only 7 games. Last year the number increased by 11 games. 

  1. Sean McVay (Los Angeles Rams)

One more highest paid American football coach is Sean McVay. The 32 years old earns $8.5 million as an annual salary. His estimated net worth is $7 million.  In his career first he worked as an assistant coach for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was 2008, when he did the job and next year he worked as wide receivers coach in UFL for the club Florida Tuskers. He joined the Los Angeles Rams in 2017 as the team head coach. All of this he becomes the 7th most highest paid NFL coach so far. 

  1. Mike Tomlin

Mike Tomlin is getting an $8 million salary annually by working for the Pittsburgh Steelers as the head coach. He is a iconic coach in NFL history. Mike holding the net worth of $16 million. It is so lovely that he earns a lot at a young age. The 48 years old is not a professional NFL footballer. When he was in school, he participated in the game.In the year 2007 he joined the side as the first coach and from then he has done a great job. No other black was referred to as the head coach of the Steelers. Іn thе уеаr 1995, Міkе Тоmlіn’ѕ соасhіng саrееr bеgаn, but he ѕtаrtеd аѕ a wide rеcеіvеr соасh аt thе Vіrgіnіа Міlіtаrу Іnѕtіtutе. Тhе hеаd соасh wаѕ Віll Ѕtеwаrt. Аrkаnѕаѕ Ѕtаtе Unіvеrѕіtу hired him аѕ а dеfеnѕіvе bасk соасh. Аftеr thаt, Міkе wоrkеd аt thе Unіvеrѕіtу оf Сіnсіnnаtі.

However, Тоmlіn hаѕ led a very ѕuссеѕѕfull time in his NFL coaching career. At the age of 36 he got his first win. And the time being he becomes more aggressive and confident so far.

  1. Dan Quinn (Atlanta Falcons)

Atlanta Falcons head coach Dan Quinn is the highest paid American head coach. As of 2020, the 49 years old is paying $8 million in his annual salary. This year his estimated net worth is about $3 million.

However the guy began  his career in the coaching field in 1994 with the William & Mary Tribe football team. The next year he joined Virginia Military Institute as a defensive coaching line.

In the year 2001, Dan started to walk in the NFL path for San Francisco as a defensive quality control. After 14 years he was promoted to the head coach post and His first team was Atlanta Falcons. From then to present he coached the team. 

  1. Andy Reid (Kansas City Chiefs)

Andy Reid is a professional NFL head coach who earns $8 million as an annual salary. The Kansas City Chiefs boss has an estimated net worth of $20 million. The 62 years old penned a five years contract deal in 2017. The contract deal completed for $40 million  compensation. The deal is attributed as the 10 highest paid head coaches in NFL competition. 

In the nineties Reid worked as an assistant coach for the team Greenbay Packers. His profession as head coach started in 1999 and the team where he did the job was none other than Philadelphia Eagles. He worked there till 2012. In 2013 he jumped to Kansas City Chiefs. He leads a strong and successful seven years with the side. 

  1. Bruce Arians (Tampa Bay Buccaneers)

With the estimated $10 million net worth Bruce Arians is holding 11th position, in the list of highest paid NFL coaches. The American professional football coach earns $8 million from Tampa Bay Buccaneers as annual salary. He worked for Temple from 1983 to 1988 as the head coach. He made his NFL debut as head coach 1989. In career’s first he worked as running backs coach for the team Kansas City Chiefs. He has various sides in his coaching career. Finally he joined the side as a head coach in 2013.

  1. Ron Rivera ( Washington Redskins)

NFC East division team Washington Redskins head Ron Rivera is a very popular American professional football coach and one of the highest paid football coaches so far. He yearly makes $8 million along with an estimated net worth of $12 million. When he was a Carolina Panthers his annual salary was $7 million. In his new career his yearly salary increased $1million. In future the amount to be raised. 

The coaching career of Rivera started in 1997. At the peak of his coaching career he worked for the Chicago Bears as a defensive quality control coach. In the year 1999, he jumped to Philadelphia Eagles as linebackers coach. In 2004, he was named to Rivera Chicago Bears again as defensive coordinator. He joined the San Diego Chargers in 2007. 

Finally in 2011, Rivera established himself as a head coach of the Carolina Panthers. 

  1. Mike McCarthy (Green Bay Packers)

Mike McCarthy is also a NFL coach who has a net worth of $9 million. The annual salary of the guy is $6 million. Mike McCarthy was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in November 1963. McCarthy joined the NFL side in 1993. He started his career here with Kansas City Chiefs, where he worked as offensive quality control assistant from 1993 to 1994. The next year he was promoted as quarterbacks coach and worked there till 1998. In 1999 he joined the Green bay Packers in the same post. 

In the year 2000 to 2004 he worked for Orleans Saints as an offensive coordinator. He has some great achievement in his coaching career. He won a Super Bowl in 2010. The legend became the Motorola NFL Coach of the Year in 2007.

  1. Kliff Kingsbury (Arizona Cardinals)

When we talk about the earnings of NFL coaches, then why is the name of Kliff Kingsbury behind. He is also a talented coach along with $5 million net worth. The Arizona Cardinals pay him a $5.5 salary per year. In 2014 the annual salary was $3.5 million. By signing an extension contract till 2020 he increased his salary by $2 million. 

In the year 2019 he joined the side as a head coach. After joining the side he is paid as the same amount of money. By his talent he is trying to rearrange the team again. 

  1. Bill O’Brien (Houston Texans)

Another top class American professional football coach is Bill O’Brien who works for Houston Texans. The 50 years old earns $5 million annually along with the estimated net worth of $7 million. His coaching career started with Brown University as tight ends coach in 1993. After a year he joined as inside linebackers coach in the same club. In the year 2007 O’Brien linked with the NFL side and the team where he started work was New England Patriots as an assistant, quarterbacks coach, wide receivers coach and also an offensive coordinator. O’Brien joined head coach of the Houston Texans in 2014 and worked there for 6 years long. 

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