Neymar Jr Net Worth

This is the era of greatest rivalry between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. But the 3rd name which comes just after the legendary duo, that is: Neymar Da Silva, who is mostly known as Neymar Junior. Although he is yet to match the success which LM10 and CR7 has achieved, but despite being much younger, he has met and even surpass the duo in terms of wage fee. He is also the record holder of highest ever transfer fee in the history of soccer. In this content we will discuss about Neymar Jr’s net worth, salary, sponsorship deals, business and charity works.

Net Worth:

NEYMAR Jr net worthThe Brazilian soccer sensation’s net worth is just a touch below 100 million USD as it stands at 95.5 million US Dollar. The amount is as much as 71.5 million in GBP and 80 million in Euro. Forbes, a popular magazine estimated and revealed the figure. However, it’s way below the ones of Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. However, one must keep in mind that, the pretty young forward is yet to cross halfway point of his soccer career. With years left in his career, fans may expect him to reach the levels of Messi and Cristiano, in term of income. He also made it to the top 10 along with the previously mentioned duo, in the 100 highest earning celebrities of the year, revealed by Forbes.


Authentic sources revealed that, when the winger moved to French capital in 2017, he signed the deal through which he initially used to bag a whopping €36.8 million (41m USD or 32m GBP). His daily income is around 180k Euro while he pockets around 7.5k Euro per hour! The figures are absolutely insane and an average UK man will have to work for more than 87 years to match his monthly salary (around 3 million Euro) which is completely unbelievable.

His latest deal with Barca before leaving the Catalans was 300k per week which increased to a stunning 700k per week when he joined the Ligue 1 giants. That placed him even ahead of the two most successful players of the game. By the way, Forbes confirmed that the Brazilian dropped below his former Barca team mate by 2020 but yet his heavy income placed him ahead of his Portuguese counter part.

Sponsorship Deals:

During his latest year at Barca, he was the only active player in the world, who used to earn more money off the pitch than on the pitch. According to reports, in 2016, Neymar’s income from endorsements was as high as 21 million USD (€18m). In fact, it was 61% of the total income for the prolific goal scorer. Neymar had quite a long partnership with Nike and he featured in various advertisement of the brand throughout the planet but in 2020, the partnership broke down and he signed a new deal with Puma. Although, the length of the deal was not cleared but sources revealed that he will pocket 25 million USD per annum from that deal.

Neymar’s enormous popularity in Brazil, a country with vast area and large population, helped him gaining such big offers and deals from various brands. Apart from Puma, his mention worthy sponsorship deals are: Gillette, Beats Electronics, DAZN, Mastercard, Electronic Arts, McDonald’s, TCL and Red Bull.


Outside of soccer and sponsorship deals, Neymar also has some other sources of income. The popular figure appeared in “xXx: Return of Xander Cage” movie and released his own emojis for download as well.

Charity Works:

The soft hearted Latin is not only a heavy earner but also spends much for various charity works and welfare activities. Instituto Projeto Neymar Jr is a facility in Jardim Gloria, in the city of Praia Grande, which works to assist transforming the lives of poorer children of the area. The facility actually works through educational, artistic and sporting initiatives which aid the development of those children and help them by giving a chance to reach the full potential they have. It is in the neighborhood area where the soccer star spent a long part of his childhood. Currently, it’s serving more than 2000 kids and their families. Neymar also contributed 5 million Brazilian Real to charity to fight against the Covid-19 pandemic. He also donated in clean water projects as well.

Tremendous soccer skills helped Neymar grabbling lucrative offers from clubs while immense popularity assisted him securing mega deals with various brands. Thus the Brazilian soccer master is successful both as a player and a heavy money earning individual. However, all these things combined with such a big heart of him which is leading towards various charitable activities.

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