NBA Coaches Salary 2021

NBA Coaches Salary

NBA widely refers to one of the most popular sporting events in America. It is also the highest-paid sport in the country. The players of national Basketball paid in high amount. Not only the players, also the coaches of the games paid a high amount of money. NBA coaches earn a big hit every year as an annual salary. Let’s check Gregg Popovich annual earning, as he earns almost $11 million a month. According to his annual compensation, the monthly income of the guy is approximately $1 million. Managing a team is such a tough challenge and it’s really an exact reparation for a manager. Doc Rivers the second most highest-paid NBA head coach who connected with Los Angeles Clippers. However, he gets $10 million yearly. The pacific division head coach monthly income is a few amount less than Popvich. Here we allude to the top 20 highest-paid NBA coaches salary in below.

Salary Structure 2021

Beginner $2 Million
Intermediate $2.8 Million
Professional $3 to $5 Million
Top Professional $7 to $11 Million

Top 20 highest paid NBA coaches salary

Name Club Division Annual Salary
Gregg Popovich San Antonio Spurs Southwest $11 million
Doc Rivers Los Angeles Clippers Pacific $10 million
Jason Kidd (assistant head coach Los Angeles Lakers $8.5 million
Rick Carlisle Dallas Mavericks Southwest $7 million
Scott Brooks Washington Wizards Southeast $7 million
Billy Donovan Oklahoma City Thunder Oklahoma City Thunder $6 million
Dwane Casey Detroit Pistons Central $6 million
Fred Hoiberg New Nebraska $5 million
Steve Kerr Golden State Warriors Pacific $5 million
Luke Walton Sacramento Kings Pacific $5 million
Terry Stotts Portland Trail Blazers Northwest $5 million
Dave Joerger Sacramento Kings  $5 million
Mike D’Antoni Houston Rockets Southwest $4 million
Brad Stevens Boston Celtics Atlantic $3.6 million
Alvin Gentry New Orleans Pelicans Southwest $3.5 million
Erik Spoelstra Miami Heat Southeast $3 million
Tyronn Lue (Assistant head coach) Los Angeles Clippers $3 million
Kenny Atkinson Brooklyn Nets $2.5 million
Brett Brown Philadelphia 76ers Atlantic $2 million
Frank Vogel Los Angeles Lakers Pacific $2 million

Not only the head coaches, but also the assistant coaches are paid in high amount. As well as we can see above the table, Jason Kidd who consistently assists the  Los Angeles Lakers team is paid a mammoth of annual salary $8.5 million. Arguably he earns more than any other head coach. Along with the compensation, he is one of the 10 most highest-paid NBA coaches. And it’s really surprising he has become the top third highest-earning NBA coach so far. There is also one more assistant coach on the list who works for Los Angeles Clippers. He is none other than Tyroon Lue who earns $3 million per year.

However, Dallas Mavericks manager, Rick Carlisle earns $7 million a year. His coaching career started in the year 2002. From then to the present his performance in coaching field is just awesome. There are also many other NBA coaches whom performances are just too good and they really worthy of much for their outstanding work. 

Where some NBA coaches ears a lot, there have many others whom are paid a little amount of wages. However, NBA coaches do not get as much compensation as the NFL managers earn. The highest-earning NBA coaches list are too short to express where the less earning list is too long.

Meanwhile, for any team coaches play a vital role. A team success of 90% depends on a coach as well as they work tired lessly for the team. So the compensation should be suitable for their exertion. 

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