Lionel Messi Net Worth

Lionel Messi the 6 times Ballon d’Or winner and one of the best players of all time if not the very best, has achieved tremendous success throughout his career. Just like the individual awards, huge amount of money kept coming and it just got better and better over the course of years. Here, we will discuss about the Argentine football magician’s net worth, salary, sponsorship deals along with his other sources of income.

Net Worth:

Lionel Messi Net WorthAs per 2020, the soccer sensation has a net worth of 309 million GBP which is as much as 400 million in US Dollar. We must admit that the number is speculative but yet so close to the real amount of his wealth. In 2019, popular magazine Forbes published the list of highest earning celebrities of the year and they labelled the Argentine not only as the highest earning soccer player but also the top earner among all the athletes in the world. Just in case, if you are interested enough to know his overall position in the list, he stood in the 4th spot just behind 3 celebrities. According to Forbes, Messi was 18 million ahead than his lifetime individual rival Cristiano Ronaldo.


The Argentine skipper’s latest contract which he signed with the Catalans that saw him staying at Camp Nou until at least 2021, made him the highest-earning player in the Spanish top flight. The deal ensured him 500k GBP per week (565k Euro or  610k USD). Prior to this deal, the number 10 used to earn 336k GBP per week (397k Euro or 410k USD). However, there might be change in the amount of salary of the superstar since the next season even if he stays at Barca or moves to another club.

Sponsorship Deals:

If you are that much successful like Leo Messi, then brands won’t find any better option than this to advertise their products. As a result and very much expectedly Messi has a lot of sponsorship deals. The number is quite much to list out and we will focus on the biggest ones. Adidas and Messi have a very long term relationship and just like Messi and Ronaldo are rivals on the pitch, the rivalry off the field continues in form of Adidas and Nike. Reports suggest that, Leo has made a very long term deal with Adidas which will see him representing the brand at least until the end of his playing career or so. However, the exact terms were not revealed and has been kept as a secret.

Apart from this, Leo also has deals with beverage company Pepsi, safety razors and other personal care products company Gillette as well as Turkish airlines. His endorsements were valued as much as 27 million GBP (35 million USD) by Forbes in that year (2019).


A person who is very much introvert, generally talks lesser, also has kept his businesses pretty much private. The media definitely know a little about the Blaugrana captain’s businesses. However, it’s well known that, Leo has invested his money in property. His money has been put into a project named Azahares del Parana and also in an apartment building in the city center of Rosario. However, we believe that there are lot more business activities he might be related to but are possibly being done in private manner.

Charity Works:

Not only good and humble as a footballer but also a very much kind and soft hearted character as a human being. The record goal scorer for Barcelona, has his own organization named “Leo Messi Foundation”. It works for the vulnerable children and their healthcare. During his marriage ceremony with Antonella, his childhood friend and lover, the Barca talisman asked for donations from the guests in stead of wedding gifts. The fund raised were used in welfare of children. Messi is also an ambassador of UNICEF, as the famous organization made him their representative in 2010 with whom he has worked since 2004.

Lionel Andres Messi currently stands 2nd among the soccer players based on net worth. However, he is definitely the highest paid soccer player at the moment based on salary. But in the upcoming seasons there might be changes in the amount of income for this soccer genius as his current contract with his beloved club will come to an end at the end of the ongoing campaign. If he signs a new deal with the Blaugranas, he may stay a few more years at the Catalan capital and if he finally decides to leave then we will not only see him in new colors but also there will be much changes in his salary and income pattern and amounts.

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