Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth 2022

Ibrahimovic Net Worth

Being a nightmare for the opposition defenders for more than 2 decades, Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a huge name in the soccer world. In his very long career he has played in Netherlands, Italy, Spain, France, England as well as in MLS in USA. Despite not being able to kiss either of the FIFA WC, UEFA Euro, UCL titles; he will remembered for a long long time mainly due to his acrobatic skills and spectacular goals. In this content, we will discuss about the Zlatan’s net worth, salary, sponsorship deals, businesses and charity works.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Net Worth

How Much is Zlatan Ibrahimovic’s Net Worth in 2022?

Net worth is such a term which is most often speculative and not 100% accurate as any source will inform you. Estimated Zlatan Irahimovic net worth is expected to be around 190 million US Dollar. In other currencies, it’s as much as 137 million GBP or 160 million Euro.

Ibrahimovic Salary:

The former Swedish star is the highest paid player in AC Milan at the moment. According to reports, he receives around 7 million Euro per year from his AC Milan contract. His weekly wage fee is expected to be around 104k Euro per week. The tall figured goal machine bags around 450k Euro per month.

Sponsorship Deals:

The former Paris Saint Germain sensation used to be an official ambassador for Nike in between 2004 to 2014. During that period, he promoted the brand heavily on regular occasion. In return, Nike also used to pay him with a healthy amount of money. However, after launching his own brand in 2016, he hasn’t been an official ambassador for any clothing company any more. In 2016-17 changes happen as he made a boot sponsorship deal with Adidas. Nevertheless, within a year he once again turned to Nike and made the similar sort of deal he made with Adidas. As the new deal didn’t give him the ambassadorial role any more, he didn’t have to post photos of their products on Twitter or Instagram.

However, very lately he was noticed to wear Puma’s football boots. The sources revealed that he wore the Puma Future Spark edition during training and thus it’s expected that, the deal between Zlatan and Puma will be made official soon. The popular figure has also promoted Volvo Cars. He featured in many of their TV ads and also made a public appearance at their factory in Sweden. Apart from these, Ibra also has endorsement deals with Vitamin Well sports drinks, Microsoft Xbox as well as Nivea.


In June 2016, the prolific goal scorer launched his own company named A-Z Sportswear. The company works on selling sportswear for men, women and children. It aims to make sports accessible for all sorts of people. It is also a collaboration of him with Norwegian clothing giant Varner’s head Petter Varner. During his time at Parc des Princes, he also launched perfume named “Ibrahimovic Parfums” along with Olivier Pescheux, a world-leading perfume maker from Givaudan in Paris. It created his own signature scents for men and women. Another interesting fact that the boastful soccer sensation also has his own Android game “Zlatan Legends”, which is a free to download game that offered in app purchases. The quasi-sports game combines quite strange blend of football and racing and one can compete with other players through online.

Charity Works:

Zlatan is definitely overweening but he is not only a heavy earner but also a wholehearted man who has involved himself in various charitable activities. He has worked with UN World Food Programme (WFP) for numerous years. It worked to promote campaigns to increase awareness of the suffering of the people throughout the planet. A campaign named 805 Million Names involved Zlatan tattooing names of 50 starving individuals onto his skin prior to a game of Paris Saint Germain. He labelled the people who suffer from hunger as real champions. Ibra also sent a great message that, people cheer for him but not for those starving people thus he wants to work for them and tattoo their names on his skins. So that, whenever people talk about the great Zlatan, they would remind those starvation sufferers as well.

A team of disable soccer players in his home country was financed by him to go to INAS World Football Championships. People may hate him for being arrogant but all these charitable involvements prove how much good he is as a human being.

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