David Beckham Net Worth 2022

David Beckham Net Worth

One of the most popular soccer players in both on and off the field. The former free kick master has gained the immense popularity not only due to his sensational soccer skills but also for gorgeous look and styles. With more than 65 million followers on Instagram, he is one of the most popular and famous athletes in the planet. He hung up his boots more than 7 years ago but still can outdo the top earners of the English top flight in basis of income. In this content we will talk about David Beckham net worth, weekly income, sponsorship deals, businesses and charity works.

David Beckham Net Worth

How Much is David Beckham’s Net Worth?

The speculative term often varies and various sources may make you confused but most authentically his net worth has been estimated around 300 million GBP (450 million USD). The midfielder previously used to earn a lot from soccer contracts but now his income mainly comes from endorsement deals and business investments. His wife Victoria who is also a familiar face in fashion world also earns a lot and contributes to the family. Just like their renowned parents, the couple’s children also started earning from very young age.

David Beckham Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Income:

Sun revealed that, Beckham’s company DB Venture Limited provided as many as 29 million GBP to the former soccer sensation within just 2 years time period during 2016-17. The info interprets that, his yearly income during that period was as high as 14.5 million GBP. According to that figure, former Three Lions skipper’s monthly income is around 1.2 million GBP while he bags around 280k GBP per week. However, the yearly income from business is not constant like the ones from soccer contracts, thus the figure is definitely subject to change.

Sponsorship Deals:

As we have mentioned it earlier, the person in discussion is immensely popular both for on and off the field reasons. His spectacular soccer skills combined with his incredible look and style and thus the brands will rarely get many better options than him to advertise their products. Thus he endorses a number of products. He partnered with comedian Kevin Hart to feature in a number of ads for H&M as he has had successful recent campaign with the clothing retailer. The former UCL winner has deals with Haig Club Whisky and promoted them heavily on his social media accounts. He also has agreement with Tudor watches. Apart from these, Beckham also numerous other past and present deals including: Breitling, Armani, Gillette, Sainsbury’s, Calvin Klein, AIA Group and Pepsi Co.

Nevertheless, Beckham is one of those superstars who have made lifetime deal with Adidas. He made the deal with the sportswear giants back in 2003 which saw him pocketing a whopping 160 million US Dollar. With that deal, he will have to promote the brand for the rest of his life and he can’t work with the brand’s direct rival companies like Puma, Nike, Reebok. Just to add the info, he is the man who has made the Adidas Predator boots famous and helped the brand gaining much popularity.


David, Victoria and Simon Fuller used to share the Beckham Brand Holdings Ltd. David-Victoria couple now fully share it. They have bought out their long term business partner Fuller’s 33% stake for about 38 million GBP (50m USD). Seven Global LLP which was established around the former treble winner’s lifestyle products in partnership with Global Brands Group. The later mentioned one, works with a number of celebrities in their own lines. The Footwork Productions uses the name and image rights of this Real Madrid legend. Beckham also invested his money in football related businesses. He along with his fellow partners launched a MLS team named Inter Miami back in 2018 who were introduced in the America’s most popular soccer competition as an expansion side in 2020.

The man who really had incredible potentiality in soccer, also had a soccer academy named David Beckham Academy which he founded back in 2005. However, in 2009, the sections in both London and Los Angeles were shut down. However, in 2019, he introduced himself as the new shared owner of English non-league club Salford City, along with his former United team mates (class of ’92).

Charity Works:

Beckham also involved himself in various charity works. He served as an ambassador of UNICEF and created his own fund for the organization named “7”. It works to raise money to support it’s work.

Beckham is successful as a soccer star, as a businessman and is a social media sensation. He’s such a role model for the young generation as well as upcoming soccer super stars.

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