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Cristiano Ronaldo, one of the most iconic soccer players in the history of the sports not only renowned for his footballing skills but also his handsome look, tremendous body fitness and gorgeous appearance. Coming from a poor and vulnerable family which used to live in a slum of Madeira, this man has worked hard and that much hard which helped him breaking the shackles of poverty and previous struggling. The man who haven’t had enough food to eat as an adolescent, literally had no shortage of money with the passing of just few years, thanks to his footballing ability and hard work. Here we will discuss about CR7’s net worth, salary, business and charity works.

cristiano ronaldo Net WorthNet Worth:

Cristiano Ronaldo has a net worth of around 363 million GBP which is no less than 500 million in US currency. This huge amount of money comes mainly from football contracts, sponsorship deals along with personal business investments. Just to make you clear, the figure is definitely speculative but obtained from a very much authentic source. In fact, none but the management company of the Portuguese superstar knows about his actual amount of wealth. The list published by Forbes (in 2019) featuring 100 highest earning celebrities of the year, placed Cristiano at the 6th place overall while among the athletes he stood in the 2nd spot just behind his rival LM10. According to the popular magazine, the 5 times Ballon d’Or winner made a heavy income of 109 million USD (84 million GBP) that year (2019).


After having a glorious career at Santiago Bernabeu, Ronaldo moved to Serie A for new challenges. He signed a 4 year lengthy contract with Juventus in 2018 which would see him staying at the Turin until the end of the 2021-22 campaign. Reports suggest that, the deal ensured an yearly income of €30 million (34 million USD or 26 million GBP). Thus, the Portugal national football team skipper will pocket around €120 million just from his salary in this 4 years at the Turin. If we have more calculative look at the deal we can find out that, the 5 times UCL winner has a weekly wage fee of around 575k Euro while he bags around €2.5 million per month.

However, before his shifting to Italy, CR7 used to earn 365k GBP a week (excluding bonuses) during his latest years in Madrid. Although it doesn’t need mentioning but still ensuring you that, Ronaldo is definitely the highest paid player in the Italian top flight by some distance.

Sponsorship Deals:

With that much fame and popularity, brands won’t have many better options than Cristiano to advertise their products. Thus the goal machine does have plenty of sponsorship deals which will need a load of spaces to write down. However, among all, the biggest deal he has, is with sportswear giant Nike. The popular brand has made a lifetime lengthy deal which is actually the company’s 2nd one as they initially made the same sort of deal with NBA sensation LeBron James. Although details were not released about the deal but according to reports, the deal worth around 1 billion US Dollar.

Apart from this, the man with more than 268 million followers on Instagram, has also mention worthy endorsement deals with: Armani, Clear, Egyptian Steel, Herbalife, Italia Independent, Tag Heuer, PokerStars and Castrol.


Ronaldo doesn’t only represent a number of other brands but also has made something of his own. CR7 deals with underwear and various other clothing, leisure as well as home products. The soccer master also has two hotels in his country Portugal named “Pestana CR7”. One of them located at the nation’s capital Lisbon while the other one situated at his home town Funchal. He also invested money in gym business in a partnership with Crunch, an US based health company. The very first outlet which is named as “CR7 Fitness” is at Spanish capital Madrid. The fashionable soccer icon also launched a hair transplant clinic named Insparya in Spain. With the immense popularity he has, we expect him to be very much successful even in the field of business and we also expect investments from him in various other business sectors.

Charity: labelled him as the most charitable sports star in 2015. The site used the soccer sensation’s popularity to promote childhood hunger, obesity and biodiversity. It also helped a 10 year old fan who needed to have a brain surgery, providing the young boy with a donation of 83k USD and 165k donation to a cancer center in Portugal which cured the mother of that boy. Ronaldo also donate a €600k win bonus to an NGO after winning the 2015-16 UCL title with Los Blancos.

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