Minnesota United Players Salary 2022

Minnesota United Players SalaryMinnesota United is a western conference MLS team that refers to Saint Paul, Minnesota. They are getting ready for the next MLS battle. For that, they are approaching new roosters for this season. The head coach,  Adrian Heath, was very tense about the team’s performance. Actually, he wants to make a proper squad. This season the salary budget increased to $8 million so far. Well, this content will bring you the Minnesota United Players Salary 2022. MLS TV SCHEDULE 2022.

Robin Lod is the highest-paid athlete on the side. He is paid a total of $952,496 along with a $102,500 extra salary. Jan Gregus bagged a $750,000 basic salary and a $133,500 bonus fee. His total compensation was $883,500. He is also an expensive footballer for the team which consists of a $1.81 million market value. 

Osvaldo Alonso joined the side last year in January. After joining the side he performed damn well. The midfielder earns a total of $697,500 along with a $47,500 extension fee. Ike Opara is also an expensive player who plays as a defender for Minnesota. Romain Métanire Hassani Dotson and Chase Gasper are paid the lowest salary which values $56,250. Here we tabled all Minnesota United players’ salaries along with the current market value.

Minnesota United Players Salary 2022

Players Base Salary Extra Paid  Total Compensation Market value
Robin Lod (MF) $849,996 $102,500 $952,496 $1.07 million
Jan Gregus (MF) $750,000 $133,500 $883,500 $1.81 million
Osvaldo Alonso (MF) $650,000 $47,500 $697,500 $454,538
Kevin Molino (MF) $500,004 $46,250 $546,254 $621,711
Ethan Finlay (FW) $400,008 $400,008 $904,308
Ike Opara (DF) $350,000 $17,916 $367,916 $1.36 million
Michael Boxall (DF) $300,000 17,333 $317,333 $596,581
José Aja (DF) $216,000 $216,000 $454,538
Mason Toye (FW) $135,000 $53,000 $188,000 $596,581
Marlon Hairston (MF) $155,004 $155,004 $536,932
Aaron Schoenfeld (FW) $150,000 $5,000 $155,000 $339,115
Pablo Sisniega (GK) $105,000 $105,000 $536,932
Brent Kallman (DF) $118,000 $118,000 $536,932
Matthew Bentley (FW) $72,250 $72,250
Jacori Hayes (MF) $71,662 $7500 $79,162 $536,932
Noah Billingsley (FW) $72,250 $72,250 $56,519
Thomás Chacón (MF) $70,250 $70,250 $2 million
Raheem Edwards (MF) $70,250 $70,250 $283,595
Luis Fernando Amarilla (FW) $59,500 $59,500 $1.81 million
Romain Métanire (DF) $56,250 $56,250 $1.58 million
Chase Gasper (MF) $56,250 $56,250 $454,538
Hassani Dotson (MF) $56,250 $56,250 $621,711

However, Minnesota United is one of the richest clubs with a valuation of $300 million. Just three years ago the team kept a foot in MLS competition as the 22nd team. Last season the team played just awesome. This season they are very hopeful and desired to achieve something better. The players’ salary range is average. It’s not so high and not so low. But the salary limits are under $1 million. Most of the players earn a big hit along with their basic players. 

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