20 Most Popular Sports in America

Now a days sports are one of the most popular sports in the world. Country, nation, religion not a fact to the sports lover people.  For this it’s called universal language. America is such a country where uncountable sports are loved by people. But the fact is that different types of people like different types of sports. Here we listed the top 20 most popular sporting events.

Top 5 popular Sports in America (Check Stats)

Sport Participants Popularity percentage Television viewers Annual attendance Average Attendance
NFL (American Football) 8.9 million 37% 111.9 million 17,177,581 67,100
NBA (Basketball) 30.3 million 11% 50.4 million 21,964,447 17,857
MLB (Baseball) 29.3 million 9% 40.0 million 68,494,752 28,18
MLS (Major League Baseball) 13.6 million 7% 27.3 million 8,676,109 21,305
Ice hockey 3.1 million 4% 27.6 million 21,525,777 17,500

In the upper table we can see that about 37% of US people love to watch American football. The NFL becomes the number 1 popular sporting event. The Television viewers of the game about 111.9 million so far where the live annual audience 17,177,581. With 30.3 million participants Basketball refers to 2nd position. About 11% American love to watch the game. After that the event which snatch people’s attraction most is Baseball. Approximately 9% American like sporting events. The annual audience of the game is about 68,494,752. Here we conferred the all 20 sports basic info in below.

NFL (America Football)

NFL American national Football being the most watching sporting event in the country. Not only in the county day by day it’s popularity spread all over the world. The US lovers are eagerly waiting for the match. Besides watching TV now they are present in the stadium and enjoy the matches very much. Last year the estimated viewers was about 6.1 million (average). Due to the epidemic (Covid-19), the NFL has not taken place in America.

There are 32 franchises in the NFL which are divided into two different conferences. Among the major sports NFL being the highest TV ratings. Specially the Sunday afternoon it being a common routine to the maximum people to enjoy the game on TV. 

NBA (Basketball)

Basketball, the 2nd most popular sport in the USA. US people love the game very much. The TV rating of the last season final match 8.8, where 15.14 million viewers enjoyed the game live. 

However, It is regarded in second position, to make money it’s ranked position of third. About 26 million US people play Basketball. It consists of 30 teams and they play a total 82 games with an annual attendance of 21,964,447 in America. About 11% American love to watch this. 

MLB (Baseball)

Baseball became the 3rd big hit among the American sporting events. After starting the event in the 20th century, it has not walked out it’s popularity so far. It’s called the heart of American culture. The game is the 7th most sporting event in the world. According to MOB records the average viewers was 198,000 in last season.

Baseball is also very popular in America. MLB has become the most popular baseball in the country, with TV viewers being about 40.0 million so far. About 9% of US people like the game very much. The annual attendance of the game 68,494,752.

 MLS (Major League Soccer)

Another popular sporting event considered as MLS, the Major League Soccer. Last season the record viewers was 14.3 million. It is one of the highest paid club football in America. Mostly the younger generations like the game very much. Football is a very popular game all over the world.  America is not alternative to all. They are also strom=ng fans of it. For that they love MLS very much. In this season the league holds 26 teams and plans to forward the number to 28 in next year. Causing CoronaVirus the future of the game is unpredictable this year. 

With an average attendance of 21,000 the game snatched the 4rh position. It became the third most highest av attendance in the USA. Approxmatle 11% of people in America like this game as their favorite game. 

NHL (Ice Hockey)

Ice hockey is a well-known sport in the USA, played on ice. In this game, two teams of skaters hit an ice rink with their sticks and tried to send a well-conceived rubber puck (ball) into their opponent’s net. Each ice hockey team consists of six players. In recent times it is also a very popular game to the US people. According to reports last year about 5.33 million viewers  eagerly enjoy the NHL Stanley Cup games so far.

However, In North America NHL being the major professional hockey league. It consisted of 31 teams, 24 from America and  7 from Canada. Meanwhile the NHL players are not so familiar like NFL stars. But day by day it getting popularity. And soon the game will get the best result in whole country. Only 4% US people like this and the participants of the last year was 3.1 million.


Tennis Known as one of the most popular sports in the world today. It is also known as Lawn tennis in many countries of the world. The US Open gets the high voltage popularity. People love to play Tennis and love to watch Tennis. 

Tennis is a great successful sporting game in America. Since a long time it has brought many successes. America has so many stars Tennis players as well as Billie Jean King, Don Budge who are playing 12 major singles titles.  Chris Evert , Jimmy Connors , Andre Agassi are also very talented tennis guys. 


Golf is called the game of the aristocracy and the elite. The difference between golf and other sports is that golf does not have a referee or umpire. Each player records his own number of shots. In America it is 7th most watchable sports and all over the world it’s ranked 8th. 

About 25 million people play Golf in the United States. The PGA America, US Open and  U.S. Women’s Open are very popular in the USA. The PGA of America is also very popular to all. The PGA Championship along with the Women’s PGA Championship also like most sports lovers.

 WWE (Wrestling)

Boxing martial art game in which two people engage in tests of strength, reflexes, and endurance. By wearing  gloves in two hands try to knock out an opponent. To the youngstar specially to the boys, the game is most enjoyable.

Car racing

Car racing is another popular game in America. The motor car racer earns a lot in a year. The betting competition makes the game more interesting. NASCAR, is such a car racing competition which is a very popular sporting event to US people. From the year 2000 the audience of the competition was marked as 2-4 million. Day by day the fan is increasing in a big amount.  


Rugby, the  world’s oldest sporting event. And from then it’s popularity did not decrease. Day by day it increased.  The American people are fond of the game to play and also to watch. The game is also beloved all over the world. According to sources about 1.2 million people in America play Rugby. 


Badminton is also a very popular sporting event. It also plays in Olympic games. From very early it is one of the favorite games in America. A large number of participants about 100,000 people participated in this sport. And world wide the participants are 14,000,000. The stars of the competition earn a very high amount of money as monthly salary. 


Soccer being the most popular sporting event all over the world. A high amount of people in America are fond of it. Millions of USA fans and TV viewers eagerly wait for the various soccer games. In the mid century football took place in America. From then the football lovers increased day by day. 

In 2012 record participants about 17,000,000 players played football in the United States.The game popularity increased a high level in recent years. About 13 million people in the USA play the game. It is popular to all age people from child to ond.

Field Hockey

Ice Hockey Field Hockey is also popular in America. US people always like the category. The game is almost the same on Ice Hockey. The face Ice Hockey plays in Ice and the other side Field hockey takes place in Field. About of 3% people like the game very much.


Riding a bicycle is a common scene in America. Almost every person in the country knows how to ride it. As a personal vehicle they love to use this. But in the field of sports competition the game is also very popular to all. It’s pretty easy to ride and nearly 43,000,000 participants in America take part in the competition. Worldwide about 97,000,000 participants take part in the competition in different competitions. 


Boxing is not so popular in America as it is popular all over the world.  The young age guys like the game so much. In America it’s started getting more popularity in recent years. About 2,000,000 Americans participated in the event in recent years.  Worldwide over 21,000,000 fighters are taking part in the competition. 

However, Boxing becomes an iconic sporting event and also a very successful tournament.  As well as Rocky, The Fighter, Raging Bull  are the biggest teams of the competition. Muhammad Ali the famous boxer from in this country.  Joe Louis and Mike Tyson also a reputed boxer of the nation. 


Lacrosse is a team sport that has seen its popularity increase over the past decade or so not only in America but also throughout the world. In 2012 over 1,000,000 Americans and nearly 12,000,000 people worldwide competed in this team sport that combines elements of soccer, hockey and American football. 


Another popular game in America refers to Volleyball. It plays on various surfaces as well as hardwood floors, sandy beaches and other places. as well. Beach volleyball day by day is getting more popular. From the past few decades it is very popular to all. A notable participant is seen here. 


Cricket is a very popular game all over the world. World Cup cricket in recent period is a high volume game so far. Though America does not take part in the World Cup cricket, day by day the fans in the country are increasing. Cricket is most popular in Asia and also in Australia and Africa. In recent times a notable fan has been seen in America. About 135,000,000 million American viewers like the game. over 90,000 participants taking part in this game. 


Swimming is a very interesting game and also exercise.  The waterbase game is really very enjoyable. In a leisure period US people spend their time swimming. In America various types of swimming competitions are held. The race looked so much enjoyable. In the year recorded 14,000,000 people took part in the competition.  World wide the number is 2,500,000.

Track and Field

About 20,000,000 people take part in the competition of Track and Field. It is also a very popular game in the United states.  There are many types of Track and Field game held in America as well as Marathon, sprinting, hurdles, high jumping, javelin, long jumping and many others. Worldwide the participants were about 20,000,000 in the recent period.

There are also more sporting events which are beloved to the American people such as Badminton, Cricket, ground hockey, boxing, Volleyball and also many so far.

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