UEFA Euro 2021 Prize Money

UEFA European Championship is the grand stage of European continental football featuring the international teams. The upcoming event will be the 16th edition in the competition history. In fact, the competition was scheduled to take place during June and July, 2020. But the unfortunate outbreak of Corona virus forced the UEFA authority to shift the schedule to 2021. UEFA European Championship take place from 11 June to 11 July 2021. The tournament will still retain the name “UEFA Euro 2020”.

UEFA Euro 2020 prize money has been increased by 24% from the last competition. Top 24 teams from Europe will share a massive amount of prize money 371 million euros. Federations are not obliged by UEFA to share the prize money with players. The prize money is awarded to federations. The players will receive their salaries. Different federations offer bonuses to players for achieving certain objectives.

Euro 2020 was suppose to take place in 8 different countries however UEFA might change that to just 2 countries if pandemic situation won’t improve by March 2021.

UEFA Euro 2021 Prize money (Distribution)

Position Number of teams with details Amount
Champions Awarded to the eventual winners €10 million
Runners-up Awarded to losing team in the final €7 million
Semifinals Awarded to 4 teams who qualify for semifinals €5 million
Quarterfinals Awarded each and every 8 teams in quarterfinals €2.5 million
Round of 16 Awarded to every team in last 16 round. €1.5 million
group stage (winners) Bonus for every win a team get in group stages €1 million
Group stage (Draw) Bonus for every draw a team get in group stages €750,000
Guaranteed fee participation fee for all 24 qualified teams €10 million

If a team win all three group stage games and win the tournament they can pocket €32m. All 24 teams will receive a participating fee of €10m. €1 million for a win and €750,000 for a draw for performance bonuses during the group phase. Reaching the knockout phase There’s no more performance bonuses. Instead teams participating in the round of 16 will receive €1.5 million. €2.5 million will be awarded to each and every 8 teams in quarterfinals. 4 teams who qualify for semifinals will receive €5 million. The 2020 European champions will receive €10m which is 20% more than previous matches while there will be a reward of €7 million for the runners-up.

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