Kylian Mbappe Net Worth 2022

FIFA World Cup winner, UEFA Champions League finalist, a nightmare for the defenders and he is yet to age 23! The man who is a very good dribbler, a genuine goal machine, is mostly famous for his sprint speed. Had he featured in the Olympics, who knows, he might have threatened legendary Usain Bolt for the 100 meter sprint Gold medal. Whatever, the superb soccer skills have helped the youngster gaining much popularity, fame and also a lot of money in such a young age. In this content, we will talk about the Kylian Mbappe net worth, salary, sponsorship deals and charity works.

Kylian Mbappe Net Worth:

Kylian Mbappe Net WorthOften a speculative term, you can rarely be 100% sure about any celebrity’s net worth unless you are one of the his managing agent. Very similarly, various sources reveal various net worth of this French sensation. However, most of the sources agree that, his net worth is something around €100-130 million. In other currencies, it’s around 107-140 million USD or 85-110 million GBP. Whatever, more specifically, his current net worth is estimated around €130 million (140 million USD or 110 million GBP). According to Forbes, Kylian earned over 30 million USD (25 million GBP) just in 2019 and the number has increased considerably in 2022, which suggests his net worth is going to increase quite rapidly in the coming years.

Kylian Mbappe Salary:

The speedy forward will receive as much as €60m as his salary per year from his club Paris Saint Germain. Reports suggest that, his weekly salary is around 1.07m Euro per week and 5 million Euro per month. He is definitely the highest-paid footballer in 2022-23. He is also the highest earner among the soccer players of his age as many of them receive even less than half of what he bags.

Kylian Mbappe Sponsorship Deals:

Fabulous soccer skills, well earned popularity and glorious success has handed him some money making sponsorship deals. A good part of his income comes from this source every year. Currently he pockets around 13 million US Dollar per year from endorsements. The biggest deal he has, is with sportswear giant Nike. They are the official sports equipment supplier for him ever since his appearance into the senior level soccer. In July 2017, the contract was extended and it would last long for sure. His personalized boots were also launched on that occasion as well. Mbappe also featured as the lone star in the cover of FIFA21. He also receives quite a healthy amount of money provided by EA Sports. Another sponsorship deal he has is with Hublot. The Geneva based company made the deal which will see the watchmaker company handing him €1 million per annum. The goal machine replaced Jamaican lightning Usain Bolt as the lead ambassador.

Charity Works:

The former AS Monaco star, doesn’t only earn big but also spends much for various charity works. He declared the bonuses from the 2018 FIFA WC, will be donated to the Premiers de Cordees charity which works to organize sports for disable children. Then bringing the WC trophy from Russia, he donated a whopping sum of 300k Euro to the charity. However, according to some other reports, the sum was as high as 550k Euro. The man talked with Time and said that he earns so much money which is more than enough. Thus he wants to spend those money for the ones who need those. He added that, there are many people who suffer a lot and have various diseases. He also thinks that, helping the people in need with money is not that much a big deal for celebrities like them.

The 22 years old also donates the international matches fees he earns by playing for France. He earns around 20k Euro per game and the money is donated to different charities after every game. 25 students from Jean-Renoir College located in Bondy, were also financed by the big hearted young goal machine so that they could go on an educational trip. Mbappe said some good piece of words as well, he thinks all these donated money doesn’t cost him much and neither have negative impacts on their lives but has the ability to change the life of people who are at the receiving end. And most importantly, all these contributions please him very much.

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