La Liga 2020-21 Prize Money

La Liga Prize MoneyLa Liga is the men’s top professional football division league. It is contested by 20 teams, with the three lowest-placed teams at the end of each season relegated to the Segunda División and replaced by the top two teams and a play-off winner in that division.

La Liga is one of the most favorite and most-watched games in the world. People of every age are driven by the thrill of the game. Not all fan can go and watch the full match live. So a huge amount of fans follow this game on Tv or the internet. That’s how a huge amount of share comes to La Liga by selling the Tv Rights.

How is the money is distributed? the full distribution is explained below :

1 50% is shared equally
2 25% is merit money
3 25% is resource money

1. Equal-share: 50% will be distributed equally between all 20 top-flight clubs. Like other leagues this one also has some equal share prize money. Each qualified teams will receive the same amount of money.

2. Merit-Money: 25% will be distributed according to league positions based on last 5 years. The merit money is based on standing points. Not all the teams get the same amount but depending on the merits they receive the money.

3. Resources-Generation: 25% will be distributed according to each team’s capacity of generating resources for example number of official club members, season tickets sold, attendance etc.

The 2020-21 La Liga prize money distribution will follow the upper system.

10 percent of the total La Liga prize money is given to clubs in division two in Spain. The remaining is divided into equal share, merit share, and resource generation.

The final La Liga Prize Money Table For 2020-21:

Team Prize Money
Atlético Madrid €158 million
Real Madrid €154 million
Barcelona €115 million
Sevilla €85 million
Real Sociedad €80 million
Real Betis €77 million
Villarreal €73 million
Celta Vigo €73 million
Athletic Bilbao €66 million
Granada €65 million
Osasuna €63 million
Cádiz €60 million
Valencia €57 million
Levante €55 million
Alavés €54 million
Getafe €52.5 million
Elche €52.5 million
Huesca €50 million
Valladolid €50 million
Eibar €48.5 million

Here’s the La Liga 2019-20 TV Revenue money. How much prize money they got last year.

La Liga 2019-20 TV Revenue money

FC Barcelona €50m €40m + €60m €150m
Atletico Madrid €50m €38m + €40m €128m
Real Madrid €50m €36m + €60m €146m
Valencia €50m €34m + €20m €104m
Getafe €50m €32m + €20m €102m
Sevilla €50m €30m + €20m €100m
Espanyol €50m €28m + €20m €98m
Athletic Bilbao €50m €26m + €18m €94m
Real Sociedad €50m €24m + €20m €94m
Real Betis €50m €22m + €16m €88m
Alaves €50m €20m + €15m €85m
Eibar €50m €18m + €15m €83m
Leganes €50m €16m + €15m €81m
Villareal €50m €14m + €15m €79m
Levante €50m €12m + €12m €74m
Valladoid €50m €10m + €20m €80m
Celta Vigo €50m €8m + €18m €76m
Girona €50m €6m + €12m €68m
Huesca €50m €4m + €9m €63m
Rayo Vallecano €50m €2m + € 10m €62m

The tv money collected will be distributed among the clubs on base of their standings in the La Liga table. After the Total equation of the equal share, Merit standings and resources the total amount can be determined. After all matched being held the total prize money can be determined.

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