Copa Libertadores 2021 Prize Money

The CONMEBOL Libertadores is an annual international club football competition organized by CONMEBOL since 1960. The Copa Libertadores is the biggest and most entertaining cup competition among South American clubs.

Copa Libertadores Prize MoneyThe 2022 Copa CONMEBOL Libertadores is the 63rd edition of the CONMEBOL Libertadores tournament organized by CONMEBOL. The season will start with the 1st Round matches on February 8.

The competition has had several formats over the past. In the present format, the tournament consists of eight stages, with the first stage taking place in late January. The four surviving teams from the first three stages join 28 teams in the group stage, which consists of eight groups of four teams each. The eight group winners and eight runners-up enter the knockout stages, which end with the final in November. For the TV schedule: COPA LIBERTADORES 2022 TV SCHEDULE.

Here’s the prize money list of Copa Libertadores 2021:

Copa Libertadores 2021 Prize Money

Stage Number of Teams Amount
Champions 1 $12 million
Runner-ups 1 team losing finalist $6 million
Semi-finals 2 teams losing team in semifinals $1.75 million
Quarter-finals 4 losing teams in quarterfinals $1.2 million
Round of 16 8 losing teams of round of 16 $1.05 million
Group stage Each team $3 million
Eliminated at the third stage Each team lost in 3rd round $550,000
Eliminated at the second stage Each team lost in 2nd round $500,000
Eliminated at the first stage Each team lost in first round $350,000
Fair Play Trophy Award $50,000
Best Player in Tournament $50,000
Top Goal Scorer Bonus $50,000

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The Champions of the Copa Libertadores will bag $12 million and the runners-up team will receive an amount of $6 million. 2 losing teams in the semi-final will receive an amount of $1.75 million with the quarterfinalist 4 teams bagging $1.2 million. 8 losing teams on the round of 16 will receive $1.05 million. Each team will receive $3 million for reaching the group stage. Football teams suffer losses in the first round of qualifiers of Copa Libertadores received $350k. All teams eliminated in the 2nd round of qualifiers received $500k and third-round team.

Not only the teams receive the prize money but also the players will also receive bonuses. There are total 3 awards given throughout the competition. Players get awarded a fair play trophy with $50,000 for fair play. The best player of the tournament will receive $50,000 and the top goal scorer will get $50,000. For worldwide TV rights: COPA LIBERTADORES 2021 TV RIGHTS (WORLDWIDE).

* CONMEBOL president Alejandro Domínguez announced some changes in the tournament during this season’s draw. According to him, the four teams eliminated from the quarterfinals will get $1.5 million each which is $300,000 more than the last season. The two clubs that lose in semifinals also get an improved prize of $2 million. There are no changes in the prize money for the runner-up, which stays at $6 million.

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