Copa Del Rey 2020-21 Prize money

Copa Del Rey is an annual knockout football competition in Spanish football, organized by the Royal Spanish Football Federation. It is considered one of the most prestigious trophies in the world. Barcelona and Real Madrid have dominated this competition many times.

Copa Del Rey Prize MoneyIf you want a close idea of what the teams in Copa Del Rey earn you should check out the FA Cup prize money breakdown. Cause the prize money distribution of the Copa Del Rey is similar to FA Cup prize money distribution. The prize money distribution of the Copa Del Rey is not officially published. The FA Cup is slightly higher up in terms of finances but the Copa del Rey finances are a little less. Barcelona won the Copa Del Rey two years ago and they made around £2.2 million from their Copa Del Rey win but comparing that to their Spanish League (£93million) or Champions League (£25million) earnings the prize money is pretty low.

There are two preliminary rounds, 4 qualifying rounds, 6 Cup proper rounds plus semifinal and final each year and following tables show how much money is awarded to teams for winning ties in each round. So depending on what happens in the FA Cup prize money break down a list of estimated prize money is given bellow :

Copa Del Rey 2021-22 Prize Money

Stage/Rounds Winning clubs per round Amount (USD) Amount (GBP)
Champions 1 $2,434,050 £1,800,000
Runner-Ups 1 $1,217,025 £900,000
Semifinal Winners 1 $1,217,025 £900,000
Semifinal Losers 1 $608,512 £450,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 6 4 $486,810 £360,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 5 8 $243,405 £180,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 4 16 $121,702 £90,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 3 32 $91,276 £67,500
Copa Del Rey – Round 2 20 $36,510 £27,000
Copa Del Rey – Round 1 40 $24,340 £18,000
4th Qualifying Round 32 $16,903 £12,500
3rd Qualifying Round 40 $10,141 £7,500
2nd Qualifying Round 80 $6,085 £4,500
1st Qualifying Round 116 $4,056 £3,000
2nd Preliminary Round 160 $2,603 £1,925
1st Preliminary Round 184 $2,028 £1,500

A total of 184 clubs will receive an amount of £1,500 for reaching the 1st preliminary round. among them,160 clubs will receive £1,925 for reaching the 2nd preliminary round. After finishing the preliminary round 116 teams advance to 1st qualifying round and will receive £3,000 and 80 clubs reaching 2nd qualifying round will get £4,500. The top 40 clubs that reach the 3rd qualifying round will receive £7,500 and the 4th qualifying round 32 clubs will get £12,500. Clubs that reach Copa Del Rey round 1 will get £18,000, clubs reaching round 2 will get £27,000, clubs reaching round 3 will receive £67,500, as following round 4,5,6 will receive £90,000, £180,000, £360,000.

The champions of the Copa Del Rey 2021-22 will bag £1,800,000 and the losers of the finals will receive £900,000. The semifinal winner team will receive £900,000 with the losing club receiving £450,000. There are 12 rounds to be played to reach the semifinals.

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