Tour de France Prize Money 2021

Tour De France Prize Money

Tour de France is an annual men’s multiple stage bicycle race primarily held in France. The race occasionally passes through nearby countries like other grand tours. The race continues with 21 long stages. The Tour de France 2021 date was changed due to the covid-19 pandemic. The previous date was 2 to 25 July but the date changed to 26 June to 18 July 2021.

The organizers of the Tour de France announced at a press conference at the regional council of Britany in Rennes that the Grand Départ of the 2021 Tour de France will take place in Brest. Finistère’s point will be the host at the start for the 4th time in history.

Around 2.3 million euros will be awarded to the teams and riders, including 500,000 euros to the winner of the final individual general classification. Tour de France has 3.5 billion television viewers and over 12 million spectators annually. It is thrilling and completely free to attend.

Tour de France riders gets awarded in may different process. All those processes are given below with all the details.

01. Stage classification

The winner of every stage earns €11,000 and gains a place on the podium at the end of each day. The top riders based on performance get awarded each stage.

Road stages and individual time trails

Position Amount
1st €11,000
2nd €5,500
3rd €2,800
4th €1,500
5th €830
6th €780
7th €730
8th €670
9th €650
10th €600
11th €540
12th €470
13th €440
14th €340
15th €300
16th €300
17th €300
18th €300
19th €300
20th €300
Total 20 prizes Total = €28,650

20 prizes total is €28,650 per day/stage.

21 stage match will be held so that makes a total amount of €28,650 x 21 = €601,650

02. Final Individual General Classification

Each day the total amount of time taken to finish that stage is added to the cumulative time of all previous races, that is how the fastest rider is determined. The prize money for the fastest rider decreases heavily from 4th place to 19th bt a steady amount is fixed for the 20th to 160th rider.

Prize Money For Fastest Riders

Position Amount
1st €500,000
2nd €200,000
3rd €100,000
4th €70,000
5th €50,000
6th €23,000
7th €11,500
8th €7,600
9th €4,500
10th €3,800
11th €3,000
12th €2,700
13th €2,500
14th €2,100
15th €2,000
16th €1,500
17th €1,300
18th €1,200
19th €1,100
20th to 160th €1,000
Total €1,128,800

For all classified riders

Daily prize for the holder of the yellow jersey

The yellow jersey is worn by the rider at the top of the general classification, which means they have to complete the stage in the least time. Wearing the yellow jersey highlights a cyclist career. But at the end of the game, the jersey eventually goes to the winner.

Each stage yellow jersey holder gets €500

So 2nd to 21st stage total of 20 stage (€500 x 20) = €10,000

03. Points classification

The points classification is a secondary competition in the Tour de France. Points are given for high finishes in a stage and for winning intermediate sprints all those facts are recorded in point classification. The leader of the point classification is indicated by a green jersey. there’s prize money for each intermediate sprint. The points classification is calculated by adding up the points collected in the stage and subtracting penalty points.

Intermediate Sprints (For each sprint)

Position Amount
1st €1,500
2nd €1,000
3rd €500
Total €3,000

Daily Prize For the holder of Green Jersey

The green jersey is rewarded to the rider who is leading the points classification each day

Each stage green jersey holder gets €300

so 2nd to 21st stage total of 20 stage (€300 x 20) = €6,000

Final General Classification 

The final general classification is determined by the final points riders get throughout the race. Depending on the points, the top 8 point gainer gets the prize money for the final general classification.

Prize money depending on final points

Position Amount
1st €25,000
2nd €15,000
3rd €10,000
4th €4,000
5th €3,500
6th €3,000
7th €2,500
8th €2,000
Total €65,000

So the total amount of point classification is = €1,28,000

04. Best Climber classification

The best climber prize is given to the rider that gains the most points for reaching mountain summits first. At the top of many climbs in the Tour, there are points for the riders who climb first over the top. Depending on the term Hors catégorie (HC) which is a French term used in stage bicycle races to designate a climb that is “beyond categorization” the rider gets awarded. For 1st category 3 first riders get awards, for 2nd category 2 first rider and for 3rd and 4th category the first rider gets the extra prize money.

Mountains or Hills

Position HC(Hors catégorie) 1st category 2nd category 3rd category 4th category
1st € 800 € 650 € 500 € 300 € 200
2nd € 450 € 400 € 250 n/a n/a
3rd € 300 € 150 n/a n/a n/a

Daily price for the holder of white and red polka-dotted jersey

The white and red polka-dotted jersey (maillot à pois rouges) is given to the rider with the most mountains points.
Each stage white and red polka-dotted jersey holder gets €300

So 2nd to 21st stage total of 20 stage (€300 x 20) = €6,000

King of the Mountains prize money

The king of the mountain is the title given to the best climber. Mountains points are awarded to riders who finishes the Tour de France’s climbs first. Based on the category of the mountain the points are awarded.

Prize money for king of the mountain 

Position Amount
1st €25,000
2nd €15,000
3rd €10,000
4th €4,000
5th €3,500
6th €3,000
7th €2,500
8th €2,000
Total €65,000

05. Young Rider Classification

Final General Classification (Young rider)

The top 4 final riders in the final young rider classification gets prize money. The highest-placed young rider on each stage can claim a €500 daily prize with a white jersey for next match.

Prize money for final young rider

Position Amount
1st €20,000
2nd €15,000
3rd €10,000
4th €5,000
Total €50,000

Highest-placed young rider can claim a €500 daily prize.

Daily price for the holder of white  jersey

Each stage white jersey holder gets €300

So 2nd to 21st stage total of 20 stage (€300 x 20) = €6,000

06. Team Classification

The best team in the race gets awarded. besides that on each stage, the top placed team gets a prize money.

Final General Classification (team)

Position Amount
1st €50,000
2nd €30,000
3rd €20,000
4th €12,000
5th €8,000
Total €1,20,000

The top-placed team on each stage claims €2,800 in prize money

07. Most Aggressive Rider Classification

Every stage except the time trial and the final stage most aggressive rider in each of the first 19 road stages is rewarded €2,000 per 19 stages. The winner is chosen by a jury. The jury also awards a combativity award to the most aggressive rider at the end of each stage, with this rider allowed to wear a red bib the following race day.

At the end of the race, a Super Combatif award is also handed out – worth €20,000.

08. Special Bonus Prizes

01. The 1st rider at the top of Col de Portet will receive a souvenir henri desgrange award and prize money of €5,000.

02. The 1st rider passing at the top of the Col du Tourmalet will receive Col du Tourmalet award and prize money of €5,000.

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