BPL 2022 Prize Money

BPL Prize MoneyThe BPL is a professional cricket league consisting of seven franchises. In 2011 The Bangladesh Premier League was formed by the Bangladesh Cricket Board. During February 2012 the first season was held and the games were held across Dhaka and Chittagong. It is the 16th most attended premier league in the world. According to the previous gameplay, the top four teams advance to the playoffs, a single-elimination game and two qualifier games climaxing the Championship game, between the winner of Qualifier 1 and Qualifier 2.

The 2019 BPL was scheduled to originally start on 6 December 2019 and end on 11 January 2020, with the opening ceremony to be held on 3 December 2019. But the tournament was delayed by five days and started on 11 December 2019 and ended on 17 January 2020, with the opening ceremony held on 8 December 2019.

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Prize money of BPL 2019

Stage Amount (BDT) Amount (USD)
Champion 20,000,000 2,36,099
Runners up 75,00,000 88,537
Player of the tournament 4,23,681 5,000
Player of the match 84,736 1,000

In September 2019, BCB President Nazmul Hasan Papon announced in a press conference about certain changes in rules and regulations for the 2019–20 season and eliminating all franchises. The Board wanted to regard the occasion of the 100th birth anniversary of Bangabandhu in 2020 and to pay tribute to him. For that, the tournament name was changed to Bangabandhu BPL for the 2020 season. Since there were no franchises there wasn’t any prize money for the winning team and the Runners Ups. The winning team took the trophy home but there was some prize given throughout this event.

Prize money of Bangabandhu BPL 2020

Stage  Amount (BDT) Amount (USD)
Player of the Match 84,736 1,000
Player of the tournament 84,736 1,000

The 8th season of BPL T20 2021 will be held early in March 2021 and will go on till April 2021. The 8th season of BPL will follow the previous flows of the BPL. The 2020 season was totally different from previous seasons. But it was a tribute the next ones will follow the previous system. No official news related to BPL 2021 prize money has been published. Here’s an estimated list is given:

Prize money of BPL 2021

Stage Amount (BDT) Amount (USD)
Champion 20,000,000 2,36,099
Runners up 75,00,000 88,537
Player of the tournament 4,23,681 5,000
Player of the match 84,736 1,000

The game will follow the points system. The winning team will be awarded 2 points. If there are no results, both teams will be awarded 1 point. 0 point for the losing side. If both teams get equal points, the team with the most number of wins in the double league round will be placed on the top of the points table. If the win ratio is equal between the two teams, the net run rate will help to make the decision. In case of an equal run rate, the team with the higher Wicket Rate will be placed on the top of the table.

Prize money of BPL 2022

Stage Amount (BDT)
Champion 850,000 USD
Runner-up 350,000 USD
3rd 200k USD
4th 150k USD
Man of the match 500k USD
Man of the Tournament 5000K USD
Total Amount 1.5m USD

This tournament is currently at its middle stage. It started on January 21, 2022 and will go on till February 18, 2022.

The Champion of the BPL 2022 will receive an amount of 850,000 USD and the losing team will receive 350,000 USD. The 3ed team will receive 200k USD and 150k USD for the 4th team. Man of the match will receive 500k USD and 5000K USD for the Man of the Tournament.

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