KFC Big Bash League 2021-22 Prize Money

Big Bash League Prize MoneyAs announced by the Australian Cricket, the Big Bash League season 11 tournament will most likely start in the month of January 2022. Most of the match will be held at night-time. A total of 8 teams will participate in the BBL cricket tournament season 11. In this tournament total of 61 matches will be played. Among them, the top 4 teams will participate in 4 play-off matches and 1 final match.

The Big Bash League takes part in the top 10 leagues in the world with average attendance with a number of 26,528 attending every BBL match on average. The Big Bash League is telecasted in more than 105 countries across the globe on different Broadcasting Networks. Big Bash League is Sold for a massive 920 million US Dollars for Nine Network for a six-year period from 2018-2024 based on the Australian Cricket Broadcasting Rights. Network ten paid $100 million for media rights for five years($20 million per year), BT Sport paid 53,143,360 USD for five years (10,628,672 USD per year), Sony paid 70,802,388 USD for five years (16,180,651 USD per year). In 2017, 1 million tickets were sold, each ticket costs $20, so they earn $20 million per year through tickets.

The BBL tournament’s title sponsor is KFC (a fast-food chicken outlet). They have been the main sponsor for a very long time.

In 2014-15 the budget of the Big Bash League was $290,000 which is prize distributor award money. But everything changed after the cancelation of the T20 Champions League. The prize money tripled. Now the Big Bash League places after IPL and it’s famous among all the cricket fans and is one of the most exciting T20 leagues in the world.

The Prize money of the Big Bash League hasn’t been officially published But based on sources the winning team will get $450,000 Australian Doller while the runners-up will get $220,000. The losing teams in the semi-finals will get $80,000 each and the 5th placed team will get $20,000. Additional prize money ($600,000) will be awarded to the successful team in the tournament. We will update all the official information as soon as they publish.

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Big Bash League Prize Money 2021-22

Stage  Prize Money Details (Australian Currency)
Winner $450,000 (Successful undefeated team – $600,000)
Runner-ups $220,000
Semi-Finalist $80,000 (Each losing team in semi-finals)
5th Place Team $20,000

The players in the Big Bash League are very popular as well they are expensive. Every player’s prize depends on their availability which means for how many matches they are available. Which players are available for the whole season are the most expensive among all others. The salary of each player in the Big Bash League is $42000. All the players who perform exceptionally gets extra just like a man of the match gets a bonus.

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