Where to watch UEFA Euro 2020 Live on US TV

UEFA Euro 2020 live on US TVUEFA Euro is the continental soccer competition featuring national teams within Europe. It’s the 2nd most popular international soccer competition after the FIFA World Cup. Although the event was scheduled to take place during June and July of 2020, but due to the Corona virus pandemic, the authority was forced to postpone the tournament until 2021. The upcoming edition is going to be a special one and fans across the globe are very much excited about it. This article will provide you complete direction of where to and how to watch and stream UEFA Euro fixtures live in United States.

Where to Watch UEFA Euro Live on TV in English Language in United States?

Popular sporting networks, ESPN as well as ABC shares the English language broadcasting right of UEFA Euro 2020 in United States. There will be a total of 51 fixtures played in this month lengthy competition and all of those fixtures will be broadcast live on TV in US. Among those fixtures, 46 fixtures will be shown via ESPN Network. More clearly, 39 encounters will be televised through ESPN and 7 clashes will be available live on ESPN2. Fans can watch the other 5 fixtures live on ABC. Apart from the live coverage; pre-match program, halftime and post match highlights as well as analysis programs will be televised by ESPN networks. They will also air a recap show on every match night as well.

Nevertheless, all these signals are available through popular satellite television provider Dish Network and DirecTV. Dish Network users will find ABC, ESPN and ESPN2 on channel number 7, 140 and 143 respectively. Meanwhile DirecTV users will find ESPN and ESPN2 on channel number 206 and 209 and ABC on channel number 396.

Network Cable TV Channel Number of Broadcasting Matches Featuring Rounds Available Through Language
ESPN ESPN 39 Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarterfinal, Semifinal, Final Dish Network (Channel-140), DirecTV (Channel 206) English
ESPN2 07 Group Stage Dish Network (Channel-143), DirecTV (Channel-209) English
ABC ABC 05 Group Stage, Round of 16, Quarterfinal Dish Network (Channel-7), DirecTV (Channel-396) English

How to watch Euro 2020 in UK?

BBC and ITV is the major network to coverage this biggest European soccer tournament in United Kingdom.

The Ways to Watch UEFA Euro Live on TV in Spanish Language in US:

Fans in America can also enjoy the European Championship encounters live in Spanish language. They will have to keep their eyes on Univision as well as TUDN to catch the actions live. These two sister channels also, will air all the matches of this competition. Both the channels will be available on Dish Network and DirecTV.

Network TV Channel Number of Broadcasting Matches Available Through Language
Univision Univision All the Matches of the Competition (Combined) Dish Network, DirecTV Spanish

How Can I Stream European Championship Matches Live US?

The matches can be watched live though online streaming source and services as well. The English language version which will be broadcast through ESPN and ABC networks, will be available through:

  • ESPN App and
  • ABC App.

Apart from these, both the English broadcasting channels and Spanish broadcasting channels will be available on various streaming sources. Those are given below:

  • Hulu+ Live TV: This online streaming source will give you access to both ESPN network channels as well as ABC. Through this you can watch all the Euro fixtures live. It will cost 55 US Dollar per month and also gives opportunity of free 7 days trial.
  • Vidgo: It too contains all the English broadcasting channels of Euro 2020. Vidgo will cost 40 US Dollar for a month service and free trial facility is available as well.
  • fuboTV: The best source to watch the European Championship live via online streaming in US. It will give the viewers access to ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, Univision, TUDN; which means all the English and Spanish broadcasting channels of this competition. So this source alone will be enough for the fans in US to watch all the games with versatile options. fuboTV’s monthly subscription fee is 54.99-79.99 US Dollar. However, fuboTV Latino Plan is much more cheaper as it contains the Spanish signals only and the subscribers will have to pay just 29.99 USD. Moreover, the company also provides 7 days free trial to the potential new customer so that they can test things out before they subscribe it.
  • Sling Orange: Although both the ESPN network channels are available through this source, but it doesn’t contain ABC. Sling Orange users have to pay 30 US Dollar for the service of one month.

The Chart of UEFA Euro 2020 Online Streaming Sources Details and Cost:

Online Streaming Source or Services Available Channels Match Commentary Language Number of Available Matches Monthly Subscription Fee Advantage
fuboTV ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, Univision, TUDN Both English and Spanish All the 51 Matches of the Competition 54.99-79.99 US Dollar 7 Days Free Trial, Language Versatility
fuboTV Latino Plan Univision, TUDN Spanish Only All the 51 Matches of the Competition 29.99 US Dollar 7 Days Free Trial
Hulu+ Live TV ESPN, ESPN2, ABC English Only All the 51 Matches of the Competition 55 US Dollar 7 Days Free Trial
Vidgo ESPN, ESPN2, ABC English Only All the 51 Matches of the Competition 40 US Dollar 7 Days Free Trial
Sling Orange ESPN, ESPN2 English Only 46 Out Of 51 Matches 30 US Dollar 7 Days Free Trial

Time Chart of UEFA Euro 2020 Live Matches in America:

Round Match Time (In USA) Match Time (In UK)
Group Stage 9 am ET (Morning), 12 pm ET (Noon), 3 pm ET (Afternoon) 3 pm GMT (Afternoon), 6 pm GMT (Evening), 9 pm GMT (Night)
Round Of 16, Quarterfinal, Semifinal 12 pm ET (Noon), 3 pm ET (Afternoon) 6 pm GMT (Evening), 9 pm GMT (Night)
Final 3 pm ET (Afternoon) 9 pm GMT (Night)

Other Ways to Watch UEFA Euro Matches Live in United States:

Other than the above mentioned ways, the soccer fans can also watch the games in various pubs or sports bars. Major soccer competitions like Euro, World Cup etc. are often shown via so many sports bars and pubs in America. This will help the fans coming together and watching the matches in a much more social way. Firstly, it will provide more fun to the viewers. Secondly, the fans who don’t have cable TV or streaming options at home, too can enjoy the games. Finally, even the occasional soccer fans who rarely watch the soccer games except the major event matches, can also watch this mega tournament without too much hassles.

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