How to watch League Cup 2021-22 Live on TV

EFL Cup live on US TVLeague Cup is a knock-out style soccer competition in England which is among the 3 domestic silverware tournaments where all the 20 Premier League clubs take part. In fact all the 92 English Football League clubs (including EPL clubs) play in this competition. Although this tournament is not that much prioritized by the EPL giants, it still has got it’s own value among the giants as well as the mid table sides. Due to sponsorship reason, currently the competition is named as Carabao Cup. In this article we will discuss how to watch and stream the League (Carabao) Cup live in United States.

How to Watch League (Carabao) Cup Live in United States?

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ESPN’s subscription only online streaming service ESPN+ currently holds the broadcasting right of League Cup within United States territory. This is the only platform to catch the Carabao Cup fixtures live in US. Moreover, ESPN+ is only available via online streaming. Thus, in America, you can’t directly watch the Carabao Cup on TV. However, if you own a smart TV, then you can cast the game there or you can use airplay to watch the matches on your TV set. This season, ESPN+ will stream matches from every round of the tournament. Although every game won’t game be streamed, the select matches (the crucial ones) will be streamed throughout the campaign. The platform is expected to stream 2 matches per match day, each semifinal and the final. Nevertheless, in Canada, DAZN, an over the top online streaming platform holds the broadcasting right of the Carabao Cup.

Where Can I Get ESPN+ and How Much Will It Cost?

The popular online streaming service of ESPN, is available on Samsung Smart TVs, Apple and Android Services, Fire TV, Oculus Go, Playstation 4, Roku, Xbox One as well as Google Chromecast. ESPN+ doesn’t cost much as you will have to pay just only 5.99 US Dollar per month. However, if you subscribe it annually, then you will get it in further cheaper rate. In that case, the subscriber will have to pay 49.99 USD for 12 months service. The platform will offer loads of soccer match including the high voltage ones throughout the season. On the other hand, for the Canadian viewers, DAZN will cost 20 Canadian Dollar per month. In case of yearly subscription, it will cost 150 Canadian Dollar for 12 months period. More interestingly, it gives 30 days free trial to the potential new subscribers, before they purchase the service.

Chart of League Cup Broadcasters and Cost in North America:

Online Streaming Source or Platform Country Monthly Subscription Fee
ESPN+ USA 5.99 US Dollar
DAZN Canada 20 Canadian Dollar

When to Watch the English League Cup Matches Live?

The League Cup matches are generally played on select Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Generally the earlier games of the day start on 12:30 pm Eastern Time. Meanwhile the subsequent games kick off at 2:45 pm ET and 3 pm ET respectively. Although the fixtures are played on select Tuesdays and Wednesdays, only the Final takes place on a select Saturday.

Chart of Broadcasting Time of League Cup in America:

Match Day Match Time (In USA) Online Streaming Platform
Select Tuesdays Lunch Time (12:30 pm ET) ESPN+, DAZN
Select Tuesdays Afternoon (2:45 pm ET) ESPN+, DAZN
Select Tuesdays Afternoon (3 pm ET) ESPN+, DAZN
Select Wednesdays Lunch Time (12:30 pm ET) ESPN+, DAZN
Select Wednesdays Afternoon (2:45 pm ET) ESPN+, DAZN
Select Wednesdays Afternoon (3 pm ET) ESPN+, DAZN
Select Saturday Time Yet To Be Finalized ESPN+, DAZN

Other Ways to Enjoy Carabao Cup Actions Live in US:

The viewers in USA can look for the local pubs or sports bars where they can watch the league cup games of specific clubs. Various EPL giants mention the name of the pubs where the fans can watch the club’s game together. Apart from these, some of the club websites air their team’s match commentary in radio format. Although the fans can’t actually watch the games there but they actually can listen the ongoing match conditions live through those websites.

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