Where to watch FA Cup 2021-22 Live on US TV

FA Cup Live on US TVESPN+ will stream every FA Cup 2022 fixture live in the USA. FA Cup is the 2nd most popular as well as crucial domestic soccer competition in England just after English Premier League. This old tournament is also the most prestigious cup style soccer competition of English football. The knockout style tournament has got so many viewers across the globe including United States. Generally FA Cup takes place during the 2nd half of the English domestic soccer season from November to May. This article will tell you and give direction of where to and how to watch and stream FA Cup actions live in United States and Canada. FA CUP TV SCHEDULE 2022.

Where Can I Find FA Cup Fixtures Live on TV in United States?

ESPN the most popular sporting network in the planet, holds the broadcasting right of FA Cup in United States. After acquiring the right back in 2018, they made a 3 year deal to air the matches in US. Thus they will enjoy the right until the end of the ongoing 2020-21 season. The company broadcasts a total of 79 matches throughout the season across various channels and platforms. In fact, they mainly broadcast the select matches through their subscription only online streaming service ESPN+. However, they also air some of the select matches through their regular cable TV network channels ESPN and ESPN2 although number is very small comparing to the one streamed by their online streaming platform. PREMIER LEAGUE TV SCHEDULE 2022.

ESPN and ESPN2 both the channels are available through popular satellite television provider Dish Network and DirecTV. Dish Network users can found the channels on channel number 140 and 143 respectively meanwhile DirecTV users will found them on channel number 206 and 209 respectively. The tournament fixtures are available only in English language within United States which means there will be no availability of Spanish language commentary.

Ways to Watch FA Cup Matches Live on TV in Canada:

The Canadian viewers can get the actions live through English language sports specialty service Sportsnet network. The network will televise the matches through two of their channels named Sportsnet One and Sportsnet World. The fans in Canada, too will get only the English language broadcasting as the Spanish language broadcasting won’t be available. Bell Satellite TV users will found the SD version of Sportsnet One on channel number 418 and the HD version on channel number 1409. The SD and HD versions of Sportsnet World will be found on channel number 420 and 1402 respectively.

On the contrary, if you are a Shaw Direct user then for the SD version of Sportsnet One, press channel number 414 or 110 and for the HD version press channel number 107 or 607. For Sportsnet World, press 460 or 433 (SD) and 121 or 621 (HD). However, just like ESPN, Sportsnet’s contract with the FA too will come to an end at the finishing of the 2020-21 season.

Chart of Broadcasting Details of FA Cup in North America:

Cable TV Channel Available Through Country
ESPN Dish Network (Channel 140), DirecTV (Channel 206) United States of America
ESPN2 Dish Network (Channel 143), DirecTV (Channel 209) United States of America
Sportsnet One Bell Satellite TV (SD-418, HD-1409), Shaw Direct (SD-414/110, HD-107/607). Canada
Sportsnet World Bell Satellite TV (SD-420, HD-1402), Shaw Direct (SD-460/434, HD-121/621) Canada

How Can I Watch FA Cup Via Online Streaming In USA and How Much Will It Cost?

As we have mentioned earlier, ESPN+ the subscription only streaming platform of ESPN, is the main broadcaster of FA Cup in USA. So it will be the best and the only way to stream or watch FA Cup matches live (other than some of the on TV fixtures on ESPN and ESPN2) in America. So streaming will be the best option for you, if you are to enjoy vast majority of the FA Cup encounters live here in US. ESPN+ costs 5.99 US Dollar for service of one month. However, it also can be subscribed a bit cheaply on yearly basis. In that case, the 12 months service will cost just 49.99 US Dollar which will be pretty much handy for you.

If you are concern about where to get ESPN+, then you can get it through plenty of sources. Those are: Fire TV, Samsung Smart TVs, Oculus Go, Apple and Android Services, Xbox One, Google Chromecast, Roku as well as Playstation 4.

The Process of Watching FA Cup Live Via Streaming in Canada:

The viewers in Canada can also enjoy the actions live through streaming. Sportsnet’s online streaming platform, Sportsnet NOW is the online streaming source of FA Cup in Canada. Watchers can purchase either Sportsnet NOW or any one of their Sportsnet NOW+ packages to enjoy the FA Cup Live. SN NOW costs 19.99 Canadian Dollar per month. Meanwhile the SN NOW+ has weekly, monthly as well as yearly subscription packages costing 9.99, 27.99 and 249.99 Canadian Dollar respectively.

Chart of Online Streaming Details of FA Cup in North America:

Country Online Streaming Source or Service Cost
United States of America ESPN+ Monthly Subscription Fee 5.99 US Dollar, Yearly Subscription Fee 49.99 US Dollar
Canada Sportsnet NOW Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 Canadian Dollar
Sportsnet NOW+ Weekly Subscription Fee 9.99 Canadian Dollar, Monthly Subscription Fee 27.99 Canadian Dollar, Yearly Subscription Fee 249.99 Canadian Dollar

Other Ways to Watch FA Cup Matches Live in America:

Fans in USA, who aren’t the subscribers of ESPN+ can still watch the FA Cup actions live in various local pubs or sports bars. The official websites of many clubs often mentions the list of the pubs where fans can come together and watch the matches of that specific club. Apart from these, so many English giant clubs as well as mediocre clubs do have official supporters club in America. By interacting with those clubs, you can have proper idea about finding the ideal pubs where you can watch the live matches of that club. Moreover, some of the clubs do air the match commentaries in Audio format through their official websites. So the fans can search for any of these options to enjoy the most thrilling English soccer cup competition.

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