Where to Watch Copa America 2021 Live on US TV

Copa America live in US TVCopa America is the South American continental international soccer cup competition. Having started the journey back in 1916, Copa America is considered as the oldest soccer competition in the planet. The 47th edition of this cup tournament was scheduled to take place in 2020 but due to the unfortunate outbreak of Corona virus pandemic, the tournament has been rescheduled to be played in 2021. In this article, we will give you the guideline of how to and where to watch and stream Copa America 2021 live in United States and Canada.

Where Can I Watch Copa America Live in English Language in US?

ESPN held the English language broadcasting right of the previous edition of Copa America within United States. They aired the game through their online streaming service ESPN+. The subscription only streaming platform broadcast the fixtures both in English and Portuguese language. Although the final deal for the upcoming edition didn’t happen so far, ESPN+ is expected to retain the right once again. The service can be purchased both on monthly as well as yearly package. The monthly subscription fee of the service is 5.99 US Dollar meanwhile the yearly service cost is 49.99 US Dollar.

Ways of Watching Spanish Language Coverage Live on TV in United States:

NBC’s Telemundo was the lone Spanish language broadcaster of Copa America’s previous edition in America. Telemundo combined with ESPN+ televised all the 26 fixtures of the latest edition of the competition here in USA. However, the deal hasn’t been confirmed yet but Telemundo was interested to bid again to regain the right and we expect them to do so. The channel is available through Satellite provider Dish Network as well as DirecTV. Dish Network users can find the channel on channel number 835 (East, SD) or 836 (West, SD). On the contrary, DirecTV users will have to press the channel number 406 (East, SD) or 407 (West, SD).

Where to Watch Copa America 2021 Live on TV in Canada?

Although the broadcasting right in USA for the upcoming edition hasn’t been confirmed yet, the televising right in the Canada has been finalized. Popular sports specialty services TSN (TSN1, TSN2, TSN3) and RDS will air the matches live in English language in Canada. The mentioned channels will be available through popular Canadian satellite television service: Bell Satellite TV as well as Shaw Direct. Apart from these, TVA Sports will air the fixtures live here in Canada in French language.

Broadcasting Details of Copa America in North America:

Country Broadcasting Channels or Source Available Through
United States of America ESPN+ Oculus Go, Roku, Apple and Android devices, Samsung Smart TVs, Fire TV, Google Chromecast, Playstation 4, and Xbox One consoles
Telemundo Dish Network and DirecTV
Canada TSN1, TSN2, TSN3, RDS Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct
TVAS1, TVAS2, TVAS3 Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct

How Can I Stream Copa America Fixtures Live In USA?

Soccer fans in United fans are often fond of watching the matches live through online streaming. Just like other domestics or international soccer competitions, they also can watch this competition matches live via the same process. As we have already motioned, if retains, ESPN+ will be the English language online streaming source in America. However, for the Spanish language version of the live Copa America matches, the watchers often can choose fuboTV as their very first choice streaming source. Because, if Telemundo regains the televising right, then the signal will only be available via fuboTV. The popular source’s monthly packages starts from 59.99 US Dollar and is up to 79.99 USD at this moment. You can purchase any of these plans and enjoy the Copa America live in United States.

Online Streaming Source or Service Available Channels Subscription Fee
ESPN+ 5.99 US Dollar Per Month, 49.99 US Dollar Per Year
fuboTV Telemundo 59.99-79.99 US Dollar Per Month

Other Ways to Enjoy Copa America Live in USA:

Fans who neither have cable TV connection nor online streaming source subscriptions, can still have ways to watch the Copa America live in USA. They can found many local pubs or sports bars where the matches are broadcast live. In fact, these pubs generally airs most of the matches if not all so it pretty much ensures you don’t miss to catch any single minute of the actions. Moreover, the pubs will be a perfect option for the viewers to watch such kind of mega tournaments. Because, there so many fans come together and enjoy the programs live.

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