Where to watch UEFA Champions League 2021-22 Live on US TV

UEFA Champions League Live on US TVUEFA Champions League, undoubtedly the most popular club soccer competition in the planet, has huge number of followers not only in Europe but also in United States. Approximately 22 million fans from USA, watch this highly competitive tournament. The stat indicates how much popularity UCL has gained even in the western most continent. In fact, the number of viewers of this competition in the North American region is increasing with each passing season. In this article we will help you know, where and how to watch, stream and listen UEFA Champions League Live within United States of America.

Where to Watch UEFA Champions League Live on TV in English Language in US?

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CBS Sports has won the broadcasting right of the UCL in English language in United States. The company has replaced TNT who used to televises the game in English in US. Their deal started just with the beginning of the ongoing 2020-21 campaign and they will enjoy the right until the end of the 2023-24 season. CBS will stream all the matches via it’s online streaming platform Paramount+.

The Ways to Enjoy the UCL Fixtures Live on TV in Spanish Language in United States:

Although there has been change in the English language broadcaster, there will be no change in the Spanish language broadcaster of the competition. Univision network will continue televising the UCL encounters live in Spanish language in America. The matches will be aired in Spanish across the network’s various channels: Univision, TUDN and TUDNxtra. In fact, the mentioned network will broadcast all the UCL fixtures throughout the season which means you won’t have to miss any of the targeted fixtures for sure.

The Chart of UCL Fixtures Broadcasters in America:

Channel or Online Streaming Platform Language Game Day Game Time
Paramount+ English Tuesday, Wednesday 12:45 pm ET, 3 pm ET
Univision, TUDN, UniMas, Galavision, TUDNxtra Spanish Tuesday, Wednesday 12:45 pm ET, 3 pm ET

How can I watch UCL Matches Live via Online Streaming in US?

With the progression of modern day technology, there has been change in people’s choice and demand. In the developed countries people are switching towards online streaming over TV due to flexibility and availability of options without compromising the demanded quality. Nowadays, online streaming is best way to watch UCL encounters live in United States.

CBS Sports’ online streaming platform Paramount+ streams all the Champions League fixtures live. So one can watch any of the ongoing games live through this platform. The ad-supported only costs 4.99 US Dollar per month. However, on the yearly basis, the service will cost 49.99 US Dollar for 12 months period. However, the ad-free version is available at 9.99 USD per month and 99.99 USD for a year. Apart from these, they are also providing the advantage from free 7 days trial. So you can check it out before purchasing the service.

On the contrary, popular online streaming source fuboTV will help the fans watching the games live in Spanish language. As it gives them access to the Univision network channels and platforms including Univision, TUDN, TUDNxtra, Galavision, UniMas and plenty more. fuboTV costs you 64.99 US Dollar per month or more based on your plan. However, fuboTV Lation Plan will be enough for you to watch all these encounters live in Spanish. Moreover, this plan is comparatively cheaper as well, because it will cost you just 29.99 US Dollar per month. Just like, Paramount+, fuboTV also offers the free trial of 7 days to the potential new subscriber.

Online Streaming Platforms and Cost for Watching UCL Matches Live in United States:

Channels Language Cost
Paramount+ English 4.99 US Dollar per Month, 49.99 US Dollar per Year (ad-supported); 9.99 US Dollar per Month, 99.99 US Dollar per Year (ad-free)
Univision, TUDN, TUDNxtra Spanish 54.99-79.99 US Dollar per Month
Univision, TUDN, TUDNxtra Spanish 29.99 US Dollar per Month

Champions League Actions in Radio in America:

Radio listeners can listen the 2 of the Champions League matches per match day as a new service named UEFA Matchday Live has been introduced by the authority. The radio lovers in the United States can stream it through UEFA Champions App as well as UEFA Champions Website. The style of this service is that, whenever a goal scored in any game apart from the featured one, the featuring host will take the broadcast from the featured match to the match in which the goal has been scored.

Apart from these, one can also listen the match commentary of the select UCL clashes live through TUDN Radio Network as well as TUDN Radio Channel via SiriusXM.

Other Ways to Watch UCL in US:

The fans in the United States can also watch the UCL encounters live in many pubs and sports bars. There are good number of sports bars and pubs which air the UCL clashes live in America.

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