Where to watch AFC Asian Cup 2023 Live on US TV

AFC Asian Cup Live on US TVEach continent has it’s own continental international soccer cup competition. Europe has got European Championship, South America has got Copa America, North America has got Gold Cup. Similar to those tournaments, the biggest continent in the Planet Asia has got their own in AFC Asian Cup. Although Asian soccer is way behind the ones of Europe or Latin America, the huge number of fans are the main reason behind the importance of this competition. If you want to watch the AFC Asian Cup 2023 Live from the United States, then check out this article to get the proper direction of where to and how to watch the Asian Cup matches live.

Where Can I Find The AFC Asian Cup Matches Live In United States?

First of all, AFC Asian Cup matches are not available on any of the cable TV networks within USA. Although beIN SPORTS MENA the the company’s Qatar based section does have the broadcasting right of the Asian Cup in Middle East and North Africa, their North American section (headquarter at Miami) will not have the right to televise the mentioned tournament fixtures inside the western most continent of the world. Getting worried? No Way! You’ve got the savior in popular online streaming service DAZN.

DAZN will be the lone broadcaster of AFC Asian Cup matches live in USA. They have acquired the right during the previous edition of the tournament back in 2019. The streaming platform will stream the matches on live and on demand basis. The service is pretty much cheap and offers you loads of soccer matches. You can purchase it on monthly and yearly package. The one month service will cost you 19.99 US Dollar meanwhile the 12 months lengthy yearly package will make you pay 99.99 US Dollar.

How to Get the AFC Asian Cup Actions Live in Canada?

Canadian soccer lovers who want to enjoy the Asian Cup thrillers live inside Canada can watch the competition games live through DAZN Canada. Da Zone’s (according to pronunciation) Canada section will have the rights to stream the matches live to the US neighbors. So, this will be a huge privilege for the shifted Asians who are currently living in Canada, to watch something of their own, even being far away from their original home. DAZN Canada service also can be purchased on monthly as well as yearly basis. The viewers will have to pay 20 Canadian Dollar and 150 Canadian Dollar respectively to enjoy the service. Interestingly, the company also offers the new fans a month lengthy free trial of 30 days. So before subscribing the service, you should definitely enjoy the free trial and find out the pros and cons of this service.

Chart of Live Broadcasting Details of AFC Asian Cup in North America:

Country Broadcasting Source Cost
United States of America DAZN Monthly Subscription Fee 19.99 US Dollar, Yearly Subscription Fee 99.99 US Dollar
Canada DAZN Canada Monthly Subscription Fee 20 Canadian Dollar, Yearly Subscription Fee 150 Canadian Dollar


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