Where to watch CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Live on US TV

CONCACAF Gold Cup live on US TVNorth American continental international soccer competition is known as the CONCACAF Gold Cup. The tournament includes national teams from the North and Central American as well as Caribbean regions. However, some guest teams from outside the North American continental region, too participate in this competition. It is the most popular international soccer cup competition after the FIFA World Cup within United States territory. This article will provide guidelines of how to and where to watch and stream CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 live in the United States and Canada.

Where to Watch Gold Cup 2021 Live on TV in English Language in United States?

Popular US based sport broadcasting network FOX Sports Networks currently holds the televising right of the Gold Cup in English language in US. The company will broadcast the matches live in both 2021 as well 2023 edition of this competition. Their cable TV network channels FOX Sports 1 and FOX Sports 2 will televise the games live in America. The channels are available on both Satellite providers Dish Network and DirecTV. The users of Dish Network will found FS1 and FS2 on channel number 150 and 149 respectively. While the DirecTV users will have to press channel number 219 and 618 to watch FS1 and FS2 respectively.

Ways to Enjoy the Gold Cup 2021 Fixtures Live on TV in Spanish Language in USA:

Spanish language users in the country have nothing to worry about enjoying the actions live in Spanish. Another sports specialty service in America named Univision networks have earned the broadcasting right of the 2021 edition in Spanish and Portuguese language inside the country. The company will air the encounters live across various channels of this network. The channel lists include Univision, TUDN as well as UniMas. These channels are also available on both Dish Network and DirecTV which means the satellite TV users will have no problem to get the hold of those mentioned signals.

CONCACAF Gold Cup 2021 Broadcasting Details in America:
Broadcasting Channels Available Through Channel Number
FOX Sports 1 Both Dish Network and DirecTV Channel-150 (Dish), Channel-219 (DirecTV)
FOX Sports 2 Both Dish Network and DirecTV Channel-149 (Dish), Channel-618 (DirecTV)
Univision Both Dish Network and DirecTV Channel-270 or 827 (East), 828 (West, SD) (Dish), Channel-464 (DirecTV)
TUDN Both Dish Network and DirecTV Channel-856 or 397 (Dish), Channel-402 (East), 403 (West, SD) (DirecTV)
UniMas Both Dish Network and DirecTV Channel-271 (SD) or 830 (SD); East; 272 (HD) or 831 (HD); West (Dish); Channel-408 (HD/SD); West (DirecTV)

How Can I Catch The Gold Cup 2021 Live Via Online Streaming in US?

Fans can also catch the Gold Cup 2021 actions live through many online streaming sources. Among them the fuboTV will be the best option for sure. Because they are the only online streaming provider of the Univision network channels in USA. So fuboTV will be the only options where fans will get versatility as both the English and Spanish language versions the of games will be available. The popular streaming source has various plans based on various subscription fee. Their monthly subscription fee ranges from 59.99 US Dollar up to 79.99 US Dollar. Purchase any of the plans and enjoy a month full of unlimited soccer matches.

However, there are plenty more options if you are to catch only the English language broadcasting of the Gold Cup via FOX Sports Network channels. Those sources are:

  • AT&T TV
  • YouTube TV
  • Sling TV
  • Hulu + Live TV

Where Can I Find the CONCACAF Gold Cup Matches Live in Canada:

OneSoccer, a subscription only over the top streaming service has gained the broadcasting right of the Gold Cup matches in Canada. The service which is owned by Mediapro, generally broadcasts matches in English and French language. Thus they are expected to stream the fixtures of the upcoming edition of this continental tournament in both the language. The service is available on diurnal, monthly as well as yearly (season long) packages. The diurnal package lasts 24 hours and costs 5.99 US Dollar. Their monthly and season long packages which lasts one month and 12 months respectively have costings of 9.99 US Dollar and 74.99 USD. In addition to this, the CPL club season ticket holders can purchase the yearly package for just $49.99. However, the company also provides a 30 days free trial for the potential new subscribers to attract newer fans and letting them test out everything before purchasing it.

2021 Gold Cup Matches Online Streaming Details and Costs in North America:
Country Online Streaming Source or Service Available Channels Cost
United States of America fuboTV FOX Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Univision, TUDN, UniMas Monthly Subscription Fee 59.99-79.99 US Dollar
AT&T TV FOX Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 Monthly Subscription Fee 59.99-129.99 US Dollar
YouTube TV FOX Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 Monthly Subscription Fee 64.99 US Dollar
Hulu + Live TV FOX Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 Monthly Subscription Fee 54.99 US Dollar
Sling TV FOX Sports 1, Fox Sports 2 Monthly Subscription Fee 30 US Dollar
Canada OneSoccer OneSoccer Diurnal Subscription Fee 5.99 US Dollar, Monthly Subscription Fee 9.99 US Dollar, Yearly Subscription Fee 74.99 US Dollar, CPL Club Season Ticket Holders Yearly Subscription Fee 49.99 US Dollar.

Other Ways to Enjoy Gold Cup 2021 Actions Live in USA:

The fans without cable TV network or online streaming options, still can watch the Gold Cup games. There are so many local sports bars or pubs in America which air the most of the matches (if not all) live. In fact, we believe this will be the perfect way to watch such mega event fixtures live. Because the fans can come together with their fellow countrymen and support the same team together. This lets them share their emotions for the country and also lets them celebrate together. Moreover, watching the games with so many fellow viewers creates the feeling of watching from the ground. Thus it helps the soccer lovers getting mental refreshments as well.

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